Botox vs. Dysport vs. Xeomin: How to Choose the Right Drug

Oh, if there was a universal remedy that can return and keep youth! But even such a serious procedure as the introduction of botulinum toxin makes us experience the agony of choice! If you have not yet decided which drugs to choose, be good for you to learn about the similarities and the fundamental differences between Botox and Dysport Xseomina.

What do drugs have in common

Botox is not the only remedy that is used for beauty injections. Dysport injections and Kseomina have the same effect. All these drugs block the neuromuscular connection in the introduction to paralyze the muscles, therefore, smooth out wrinkles.

There is no better among these means. They are equally coping with the task, the differences only in detail. Botulinum toxin therapy is used in cosmetology and medicine to eliminate the following problems:

  • expression lines
  • hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • blepharospasm
  • a hemifacial spasm
  • paralytic strabismus
  • spastic dysphonia
  • bruxism
  • spasm of the sphincter of the rectum
  • spastic bladder
  • nervous tic
  • a migraine
  • vaginismus
  • dystonia of the extremities

In medicine, these drugs are allowed to be used after 2 years. Usually, patients are children with cerebral palsy. Botulinum toxin therapy emerged as a method of treatment of ophthalmic diseases caused by muscle spasms. It was then noticed the wrinkles.

In cosmetology, means are used more than 20 years. Doctors recommend starting a course of procedures after 30 years, even if wrinkles have not yet appeared, as prevention. But people with active facial expressions age-related changes appear earlier, so beauty injections are available from 18 years.


For the first time, the active ingredient of drugs for the therapy brought out in 1946. There were prerequisites for the creation of Botox. In the 80-is of XX century, the tool was used for medical purposes, and in 1987 noticed its effect on wrinkles. For their smoothing injections of beauty began to be applied in the USA in 1989.

The manufacturers of Botox has varied as the study drug. Now the release is engaged in the American company Allergan. It is the tool of the USA considered the discoverer of the injection of youth.

The French company Ipsen engaged in the production of Dysport-an analog of Botox in the 80s.

The Germans also decided not to lag behind progress and created their own tool, calling it Xaomena. In Germany, the drug is manufactured by Merz Aesthetics since 2001 and is applied in Russia since 2008. Many prefer Xeomin because they believe in German quality.


The basis of all 3 drugs is the same active substance – botulinum toxin type A. it is produced by bacteria, and in large quantities, it causes food poisoning. But in preparations for injection of youth, the dosage is small, so the poison is for the benefit of the beauty.

The means the different molecular weight of the toxin. Botox it is 900 kDa (kilodalton) Dysport 500 kDa, Xeomin – 150 kDa. The lower this figure, the greater the diffusion of the drug, that is, the degree of its migration to neighboring tissues.

This property has a dual attitude. On the one hand, the higher the diffusion, the larger the area can be covered by a single injection, that is, fewer injections are required. On the other hand, in the unskilled hands of the drug can uncontrollably “spread”, causing side effects in the form of asymmetry of facial features or ptosis (omission) of tissues.

For the toxin to act predictably, it must be stabilized. This requires additional components. The main thing in all 3 drugs is albumin-a protein produced in the human body. The substance is obtained from donor plasma, blood or serum.

There is an opinion that infectious diseases can be transmitted through albumin, but manufacturers claim that this is not so. The donor material is being tested, so there is no risk of infection. Over the years of botulinum toxin therapy, there has not been a single case of transmission of infections through albumin.

The concentration of this protein in the preparations is different. Botox 500 micrograms of albumin, Dysport 125 mcg, Xeomin – 1 mg. of this substance – bound molecules of toxin, restriction of diffusion. The more albumin, the more predictable and mild the effect of the drug.

In addition to protein, there are other additional substances in the preparations. Botox is sodium chloride (900 mg), Dysport lactose (2.5 mg), Xeomin – sucrose (4.7 g). There is no special difference in them, but the effect of beauty injections can be negative if a person is allergic to one of these substances.

Storage conditions

Bottles with Botox and Dysport can be stored at a temperature of +2-8 degrees Celsius. French toxin can not be frozen, and the American is allowed to keep at -5 degrees Celsius and below.

Although the requirements differ from state to state, for example, in the United States Botox bottles are stored only at positive temperature.

The shelf life of the funds is 2 years, but in America to the Dysport apply other rules – it can be stored only 12 months under all conditions. To Kseomin impose other requirements. It can be stored at room temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius. The period of activity of the drug increased to 3 years.

All funds are stored in a dark place in closed packages. After opening the toxin loses its properties within 3-4 hours.

Because of this, it is necessary to ensure that the cosmetologist diluted the drug before the session. It can not be stored in the typed syringes, even in the refrigerator – the result after such a procedure will not.

When the effect is noticeable

Do not expect that wrinkles will be smoothed immediately after the procedure. It takes time for the toxin to “take its place.” After injection of Botox, it happens 4-5 days after the injections Kseomina and Dysport – 2-3 days. But the drugs have a delayed effect, that is, finally wrinkles will be smoothed by 12-14 day.

The durability of the result is different, but not much. After injections of American toxin, the smoothness of the face will remain for 3-6 months, Dysport is active, on average, 5 months, and after Xeomin wrinkles will not be 3-4 months, a maximum of six months.

The duration of the drug depends not only on the composition. The duration of the effect is affected by the speed of metabolism, compliance with the recommendations of the beautician, the dosage of the drug.

The more units were introduced, the longer the face will be smooth, but in this case, the main thing – do not overdo it. If you specifically introduce more drug than you need, your face will freeze in a lifeless mask – you will not be able to show any emotion.

In some people (1-2%) botulinum toxin therapy does not affect. If once the drug was administered incorrectly-the dosage was exceeded, or the interval of 4 months between procedures was not observed, the immune system produces antibodies to the toxin. With its subsequent introduction, they attack foreign cells, and wrinkles will remain in place.

Risk of addiction

If you regularly undergo the procedure, to botulinum toxin can be addictive. The skin slows down the natural processes, so without another “dose” of poison wrinkles become deeper, finally lost elasticity.

Because of this, you have to constantly go to the procedure to look at least at your age. The risk of addiction is higher in Botox and Dysport, and the German drug on this point differs from analogs in a positive way.

Sometimes there are statements that “positive addiction” develops to toxins, that is, the more regular procedures take place, the longer the effect will last. Botulinum toxins do not have a cumulative effect, so the statement is a myth.

Perhaps psychological addiction to drugs. Man so like to see in the mirror-smooth face that as soon as the action of the toxin, the client is written again to the beautician. Regular procedures are allowed, but they can be done no more than 2-3 times a year. Schedule better to discuss with the beautician, because this may be limited.

Side effects and complications

Any medical device has side effects. After any injections, beauty can arise muscular weakness, head pain. Injection sites can hurt for several days, the skin swells slightly, sometimes blushes. In some cases, developing problems with the gastrointestinal tract, which are untreated in 2-3 days.

Botulinum toxins have been used for more than a decade, so all the tricks of the procedure have been studied, cosmetologists take into account the criteria of a particular client. The risk of serious complications is minimal, but it is still there. And it depends not on the drug itself, but on the following factors:

  • the experience of the beautician
  • client’s implementation of all recommendations
  • the individual characteristics of the body

Usually, complications occur when the doctor incorrectly calculated the dosage of the drug or chose the wrong injection points. Before the procedure, the beautician should examine the client, his facial muscles. Problem areas and areas that cannot be relaxed to prevent asymmetry and ptosis are identified.

Due to non-compliance with some rules after the procedure by the client can also develop complications. Usually, they are associated with the fact that the drug spreads and concentrates on certain areas, which is why the facial features are distorted. Personal intolerance of funds is rare.

Against its background, there is usually an Allergy, which is why it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment and accelerate the excretion of the toxin.

The biggest risk of side effects in Dysport. It has more diffusion than Botox and Xeomin. With the drug more difficult to work, and after the introduction of the more critical he responds to the failure to comply with the recommendations.

Price comparison

Unit Botox costs an average of 5-10 dollar, Dysport 3-5 dollar, Xseomina-from 7 dollar and above. On average, the total cost of the session is approximately the same, because the price is multiplied by the number of units.

The amount depends on the city and the margins of the clinic. Buy the drug yourself to save money will not work-funds for botulinum sell only to cosmetologists upon presentation of a certificate of training.


Side effects and complications of all three drugs are the same. Usually, all clients tolerate the procedure well, and there is no discomfort. Sometimes the following side effects develop:

  • redness, swelling, pain at injection sites
  • a headache
  • a temporary violation of the sensitivity
  • a sense of tightness
  • weakness, drowsiness
  • small bruises in the places of injections.

All side effects pass within 2-3 days without additional treatment. But, for example, if a headache interferes with the usual things, you can drink analgesic.

In rare cases, there are more serious complications:

  • the effect of a lifeless wax mask on the face
  • loss of sensitivity
  • asymmetry of facial features
  • an omission of tissues, especially the upper eyelid
  • visual impairment, diplopia( double vision), lacrimation;
  • speech disorders, swallowing, uncontrolled salivation
  • allergy
  • migraines.

Complications will either pass themselves 2-3 weeks after the occurrence or disappear when the drug stops acting. While there are no methods for neutralizing the toxin, you can only speed up the process of excretion – more often in the bath, eat food with vitamin B, undergo cosmetic procedures, facial massage.