Can You Smoke With Invisalign?

If earlier it was possible to correct various bite pathologies only by installing a bracket system, now orthodontists can offer alternative solutions.

If you are afraid of the need for more than a year of wearing braces, and you want to make the treatment as seamlessly as possible, then you fit aligners Invisalign. Today we will tell you in detail about this modern technology of bite correction.

Feature of system

Invisalign mouthguards are a modern solution for those who want to keep the bite correction secret from others. In contrast to the classical systems, the movement of teeth occurs with the help of completely transparent aligners made of biopolymers. Their form is created by special computer programs. Virtual 3D model, obtained with the help of digital images of teeth, allows achieving maximum accuracy.

Teeth throughout a person’s life retain the ability to mobility. This property is used by orthodontists to move them to the desired position. Invisalign aligners must be changed every 2-3 weeks. An individual set of treatment consists of 20-30 aligners depending on the complexity of the malocclusion

. Each new pair of aligners brings the patient closer to the desired beautiful smile. The result is predicted in advance – during the correction, the teeth move along a strictly specified path. The average duration of treatment is from 1 to 2 years.

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Indications for wearing

The Invisalign system guarantees excellent results. And the patient can see them on the computer monitor even before the correction. With aligners Invisalign can fix some common pathologies of the bite:

• Trema and diastema – gap between teeth;
• moderate crowding, in which teeth rotate around the axis due to lack of space;
• different types of abnormal bite: mesial, cross, prognathic, straight, open.

Invisalign aligners can cope with almost all the most common malocclusion if they are not too much. But with serious pathologies, it is still preferable to use standard bracket systems.

Can you smoke with Invisalign?

Though the Invisalign trays are removable and you can smoke or use tobacco products while still undergoing therapy, it is a really bad idea. The tobacco may stain the aligner trays, and it can also result in significant problems along with your overall health and wellness. Considering that the tobacco may get caught in the aligner menu, it may lead to your teeth being exposed to tobacco daily, which may make problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and acidic erosion prone to.

To be able to avoid major dental health issues, say no to tobacco products as you’re experiencing Invisalign treatment.

comparison of braces and aligners

The Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign is a great alternative to braces. Compared with the classical orthodontic structures, this system has many advantages, so it is increasingly chosen to eliminate various defects of the bite. Consider the main advantages of the treatment with aligners Invisalign.

They are completely invisible to the teeth. You can see them only from a very close distance. Since the bite correction lasts at least a year, this figure is very important for people. Due to the invisibility of the system, the patient does not experience psychological discomfort when wearing it.

Mouthguards can be removed and worn at any time. For example, for hygienic procedures or before an important business meeting.

The thickness of the aligners is very small; they have a completely smooth surface, so do not violate the diction and do not cause physical discomfort. Getting used to the system is very fast, as it is not accompanied by painful sensations.

During the meal, the mouthguards are removed, so there are no restrictions in the diet.
The system is extremely easy to care for, unlike standard braces. At the time of brushing the mouthguards are removed so that you can carry out hygienic procedures as usual. The product itself is enough to wash with warm running water.

The polymer from which the system is made does not cause allergic reactions even in the most sensitive patients.
High efficiency. With the help of transparent aligners, you can achieve very good results with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Even before the first pair of aligners is installed, the patient can see on the computer monitor what his teeth will look like after the correction is completed. This gives an excellent incentive for treatment.

In most cases, the Invisalign system can successfully replace the braces. Only in the case of complex malocclusion is recommended to adhere to the standard treatment regimen. The only drawback of the system can be called its high cost, which is due to the complexity of manufacturing mouthguards.

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Stage of treatment

To the dentition became smooth and beautiful, you need to go through all the stages of correction, strictly following the recommendations of the orthodontist.

First, the specialist conducts a visual inspection, makes a preliminary diagnosis, decides on the possibility of using aligners.

Then x-ray examination is carried out; dental casts are made, dental computed tomography.
All the results of the examination are sent to the laboratory, where a treatment regimen is developed by individual parameters.

With the help of a special laser installation in the laboratory, a set of mouthguards is made.
At the next orthodontist’s appointment, the first pair of aligners is put on. It will need to be worn for about two weeks, after which the course will go to the next couple.

On average, the replacement of aligners is made once every two to three weeks. Periodically, you will need to visit an orthodontist to monitor the dynamics of bite correction.

After all sets of mouthguards are over, you need to visit the orthodontist again to assess the final result of treatment.

Mouthguards are made individually taking into account the cast of teeth and physiological characteristics of the patient. This allows you to achieve the fastest results and accurately predict the course of treatment.


Despite the effectiveness of the Invisalign aligners and minimal discomfort while wearing them, there are a few contraindications. It is not recommended to resort to this method of treatment in the following cases:

• in the period of the mixed occlusion;
• in the presence of impacted teeth;
• in skeletal forms of malocclusion;
• if the patient is diagnosed with mental illness.

In other cases, the use of transparent aligners is an excellent alternative to bracket systems.

Care and wearing features

After the patient receives a set of mouthguards, the specialist gives him recommendations on the use of the system and care for it. They must be observed to the treatment took place strictly according to the plan.

The time of wearing the aligners should reach 23 hours a day. That is, they can be removed only briefly during meals or hygienic procedures.

At mealtimes aligners definitely, need to remove.

After eating, before you put on the aligners, you must carefully brush your teeth.
The product should be washed regularly with warm running water. It is unacceptable to use hot water for this purpose.

Periodically, Kappa is recommended to be treated with non-aggressive antiseptic solutions.
It is impossible to miss the prescribed orthodontist, as the course of treatment requires constant monitoring.
Keep mouthguards can only be in a specially designed for this case.

Subject to all the recommendations of the doctor, the treatment will be carried out according to the planned scheme. In contrast to the bracket systems, which significantly complicate the hygienic procedures, there is no increased likelihood of caries and gum disease.

Invisalign is a modern method of orthodontic treatment without psychological discomfort for the patient. With it you can find a beautiful smile, hiding from others the fact of treatment. Make sure the effectiveness of the system will help you the final video, in which you will find not only a description of the aligners but also a few examples before and after treatment.