Cryotherapy for Weight Loss: Is it Helpful?

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy has evolved from two words “Cryo” which means cold, ice or frost. Therapy means treatment, in any case, use of cold or ice stimulus to treat would be cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy for weight loss is not new our ancestors have been using it for centuries. For example, the application of ice or cold (Localized Cryotherapy) on injuries.

As it constricts the blood vessels, which in turn reduces the flow of blood and lightens pain, soreness and swelling.

A difference in Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and Partial-Body Cryotherapy (PBC)
There are in general two techniques in the market for cryotherapy. Whole Body Cryotherapy and Partial Body Cryotherapy, the major differences are:

• Temperature: In WBC temperature are reduced up to -110°C while in PBC -160°C

• Body Exposure: Head is exposed to cold stimulus in WBC but not in PBC

• Source of Cold: Liquid nitrogen gas is used in PBC while compressor in WBC.

What are the effects of Cryotherapy

The whole body circulation is pressurized delivering more blood in areas of damage flushing waste and bad cells replacing with good blood which can stimulate regeneration and by improving skin tone.

• Anti-inflammatory cytokines are released as part of the cold shot chemical process these counter pro-inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation

• A range of motion improvements are immediate as the movement of blood and waste in and out of the area of injury or pain are temporarily relieved for the chemical process

• Elevates mood, energy level and breaks pain receptor signals offering immediate relief for hours 2 days depending on the condition

• Muscles relax from the vacancy and flushing processes as the blood flow in major arteries begin to gather for release

• The study has shown that Whole-body cryotherapy significantly improved of depressive and anxiety disorders

Cryotherapy for Weight Loss:

It is that cryotherapy burns up to 800 calories per session. The theory is that a body goes through harsh conditions, which activate the “fight and flight “mechanisms and increase metabolism rate and drive more energy to muscles and narrowing blood vessels. So extra energy burning (calories).

Cryotherapy for  weight loss Participants’ Reviews

cryotherapy for weight loss

Brook Rewa says,

I feel renewed I’m heading back after cryotherapy it’s been about you know 20 minutes my feet are still really cold my butt feels good if anything I guess like maybe my calves.

Mike Smith says,

Definitely, I do not think it burns 800 plus calories but, overall it did feel good.

Cryotherapy: New Health Trend?

Nowadays we see a brand new trend in Hollywood, A bunch of celebrities and athletes have experienced cryotherapies. Such as Linda Carpenter, Ranbir Kapoor, Tony Robins, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Daniel Craig, and sports stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Vardy and Sam Warburton.

How much Cryotherapy Cost?

Cryotherapy for weight loss, price depends upon your state or country, however sometimes, it price 50-100$ per session. Of course, there a lot of coupons, offers, and packages.


A closer look demonstrates that a lot of claims have not much scientific evidence. Especially, there is no credible and independent study out there that WBC is effective for weight loss and obesity as a preventive measure.

Although it definitely has some short-term aids that have long been standard practice among health professionals.

It is very clear that there is no single solution to weight loss. Most of the shreds of evidence rely on pain relief and inflammation conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and injuries.

Of course, the current dearth of scientific evidence supporting WBC does not mean that we will not eventually find the real benefits from WBC. There just has not been enough scientific studies yet.

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