Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss Is Actually Works?

As people’s living standards continue to improve, the food they eat every day is vibrant. However, there is no way to go out for sports for various reasons. As a result, the number of obese people is also very large. Many people are obese because of overnutrition. Moreover, there is a lack of exercise.

We also know that if a person looks very fat, it will not only affect the appearance of this person but may eventually bring us great harm — for example, chronic disease. Therefore, losing weight is not just for appearance, but also for our health.

Many people know that cupping can lose weight. However, I don’t know what the principle of cupping is to lose weight. Cupping weight loss is the most common way to lose weight in Chinese medicine. It gives our pores a full opening by the powerful suction when cupping. After that, the toxins and waste in the body can be expelled quickly.

What is Cupping?

Cupping to lose weight is to stimulate the acupoints, adjust the meridians to strengthen the function of the spleen and kidney, and help the righteousness to achieve weight loss. Cupping and losing weight is a safe, effective, and non-rebounding method of losing weight.

Not only can dialectical treatment, regulate the whole, dredge the meridians, promote the body’s metabolism, and achieve the overall weight loss effect.

Moreover, it is possible to select acupoint according to the position of obesity, local acupoints to follow the path, promote local metabolism, and eliminate the effect of local fat to achieve local weight loss, that is, the effect that people usually say “what to reduce where to reduce.”

Cupping can stimulate the slow self-discipline of obese people, make the function active, and increase energy consumption. In combination with heavy burning essential oil or slimming essential oil at the same time of cupping, the toxin and excess fat produced by metabolism can be accelerated, and the body can be excreted more effectively so that the weight loss effect can be extremely extreme.

Cupping is the extraction of the air inside the tank, resulting in negative pressure inside the tank, the edge of the can adhere to the surface of the skin, pulling the nerves, muscles, blood vessels and subcutaneous glands, can cause a series of nerve and endocrine system reactions, regulate vasomotor function and The permeability of the blood vessel wall, thereby improving systemic blood circulation.

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Weight loss therapy

Back acupuncture

Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss Is Actually Works?

The following acupuncture points are cupped on the acupuncture points by flash fire method, leaving the tank for 10 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week.

The spleen point:  The heat of the spleen and stomach.

Abdominal acupuncture

The following acupuncture points, using the flash fire method, left the cans at the acupoints for 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

Middle acupoint (above the navel) Efficacy: gather and conduct water and fat. Daheng points (located on the right side of the navel) Efficacy: Detoxification through the abdomen, conditioning the spleen and stomach. Guanyuan Point (below the navel) Efficacy: Recruit the effect of the small intestine through blood and blood.

Lower extremity acupuncture

The following acupuncture points are selected for the appropriate position, and the cans are sucked on the acupuncture points by the flash fire method to leave the cans for 5 minutes. 2 to 3 times a week.
Blood Sea Cave (the one above the figure) Effect: Lose weight, clear blood and dampness.

Specific methods for cupping and losing weight

Therefore, it has a certain therapeutic effect on lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation. Cupping can also be used on acupuncture points in the human body to treat headaches, dizziness, eye swelling, cough, wheezing, abdominal pain, etc., and more cans can be used at the same time.

Unlike traditional cupping, vacuum cupping therapy is used. Vacuum is the effect of negative vacuum pressure on the human body, stimulating acupuncture points, loosening the sputum, opening the meridians, ventilating blood, enhancing cell activity, improving the internal circulation, accelerating the accumulation and decomposition of fat accumulated in the body. In addition to the body fat can be subtracted, it also has a certain effect on deep fat.

Principle Of Using Cupping

The principle of using the cupping method to lose weight is: the strong suction force of cupping makes the pores of the sweat fully open, the function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands is stimulated and strengthened, and the aging cells on the surface of the skin fall off, so that the toxins and wastes in the body are accelerated to be discharged!

Through the suction of the local parts, the meridians can be dredged, the blood can be balanced, the endocrine can be adjusted, the blood circulation and lymph circulation can be accelerated, the gastrointestinal motility can be promoted, the digestive function can be improved, the metabolism of the body can be accelerated, and heat production and fat consumption can be increased.

Subtracting the body surface fat can also reduce the excess fat in the body, to achieve safe, health care, and does not harm the physiological fast weight loss.

By stimulating meridians and acupoints to adjust the functions of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal cortex and sympathetic-adrenal medulla, the basal metabolic rate is accelerated, thereby promoting fat metabolism, increasing heat production, and accumulating accumulated fat; further adjusting, perfecting, and repairing The body is in balance.

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Cupping to lose weight

By strengthening the righteousness, stimulating the acupoints, adjusting the meridians, strengthening the function of the spleen and kidney, helping the righteousness, and eliminating the evils stagnating in the body through the dredging effect of the meridians, not only can achieve the overall weight loss effect, but also eliminate the local fat to achieve local weight loss purpose.

First: weight loss through cupping can effectively regulate the metabolic process of lipids. In the body of obesity patients, the lipid peroxide is higher than the normal value. After cupping and getting through the body to lose weight, it can reduce the lipid peroxide content in the human body and accelerate the metabolism of fat, thus achieving the purpose of weight loss.

Second: It can correct the abnormal appetite of the patient. By regulating the nervous system, it can inhibit excessive secretion of gastric acid and achieve the purpose of no fatigue and no hunger. After cupping, the emptying of the stomach slows down, the stomach is not empty, and naturally, there is a feeling of fullness, and you may not want to eat anything.

Third: It is to effectively regulate endocrine disorders. The incidence of endocrine disorders in obese patients is extremely high. Why do women who have children have fat, not only overnutrition but also break the endocrine balance after giving birth, causing weight gain? When women reach menopause, endocrine disorders also cause weight gain.

In the use of cupping to lose weight, the regulation of the “hypothalamic pituitary adrenal cortex” and “sympathetic adrenal cortex” two systems to correct the endocrine disorders, and accelerate the metabolism of fat, thus achieving the purpose of weight loss.

Cupping weight loss is different from drug weight loss, etc. The effect of drugs usually has a certain period, and cupping weight loss is to play an internal role by adjusting the patient’s internal function, so it generally does not gain weight soon after cupping weight loss treatment stops. In other words, cupping loses weight generally does not rebound.

Cupping and weight loss has been the focus of domestic and foreign scholars, and it is currently one of the most effective ways to lose weight. In particular, cupping treatment of obesity caused by endocrine disorders, simple obesity, etc., can quickly reduce excess fat, tighten the skin, no slack, no wrinkles, and does not affect the health of the body.

Cupping weight loss is suitable for long-term weight loss invalid, drug weight loss failure, with obese patients without diet, no need for large exercise, no pain.

Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss  Precautions

Ordinary attention

1, anemia, heart disease can not lose weight.
2, skin allergies, mild rash, eczema can not lose weight (more hair needs to be scraped off).
3, the menstrual period can not be reduced. Do not want to lose weight before menstruation, because water, salt, and sodium are stored in the body. You can only lose weight after menstruation is clean. During the menstrual period, the cups are also lost.
4, constipation is not willing to lose weight (first conditioning and then lose weight).
5, cold, diarrhea does not want to lose weight.
6, excessive fatigue, getting angry and not willing to lose weight.
7, age 50 years and older, slow metabolism, do not want to lose weight.
8, the menstrual stop, the weight is slower.
9. Obese people are all yin and yang imbalances.
10, those with high expectations should not be reduced, especially those who want to shape themselves, it is very likely that the purpose will not be achieved but leave the scars caused by the lack of cans (the author personally feel this pain), and therefore irregular menstruation. The eye socket is deep (because the water is removed). In short, unless you are too fat to be able to take a try.

Pay attention to

1. Do not overeat at any time.
2. Remember not to eat or drink anything for 3 hours before going to bed. Be aware that this is the top priority to contain the rebound.
3, to maintain a good body, it is best to choose a single diet a week (dinner).
4, dinner and sleeping time must be separated by 3 hours to sleep.
5, after dinner, banned: high starch, dessert, fried, high-salt, spicy, eat mainly light.
6, don’t forget that you are healthy and charming after losing weight, please maintain your health, do not easily destroy it.
7, the rebound is eaten, as long as the above rules, the beautiful and charming body will always belong to you.

Essential nutrients in cupping diet recipes:

Vitamin E, iodine

The essential nutrient for cupping diet recipes is iodine. Because iodine is an indispensable element of thyroid secretion. The thyroid gland plays an important role in promoting the synthesis of human proteins and fats. It is very important to properly supplement vitamin E or iodine for the purpose of burning fat. Wheat germ, potatoes, and seaweed are all very good foods.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is necessary for girls who want to lose weight. Because it can very effectively promote fat burning, such as cashew nuts, peanuts, walnuts are good choices.


If you overeat to lose weight, it may cause visceral failure. Especially if the blood sugar is too low, it will cause the loss of potassium. Causes the emergence of edema problems. So when cupping and losing weight, such as potatoes and pumpkins, you should eat more.


Many people don’t like to add protein when they lose weight. It is not right. If you want to improve fat burning, then the protein must be ingested. For example, sesame and other food.

Three meals recipe

Cupping weight loss breakfast:

Sugar-free soy milk, oatmeal, and eggs.
If you don’t like sugar-free soy milk, you can drink water, but don’t eat staple food, don’t eat anything like glutinous rice dumplings and red bean cake.

Cupping weight loss lunch:

Vegetables, one to two or two rice, one kind of meat.

Vegetables are essential, they can eat some meat, and less oil can do. If you want to eat roast chicken, roast duck, etc., then tear off the outer layer of thick oil and eat the meat inside. Fish is a good choice. No matter what, chicken, duck, and fish, only choose the same dish.

Cupping weight loss dinner:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, can be eaten raw, can also be cold, but do not put sugar and cold salad. Put a little salt and vinegar on the line.

Cupping diet is harsh, eating very little at the time of dinner, assuming you are very hungry, don’t hold back, hypoglycemia and stomach problems are very terrible, so you can add meals, such as eating an apple, cucumber, and tomato. It can also be used as food for meals. Also, yogurt is the best choice.
Blood Sea Cave (the one above the figure) Effect: Lose weight, clear blood and dampness.