Detox: 6 Quick Ways to Remove THC From Your System

How to remove THC from the system, if you have to test for narcotic substances? If you use cannabis, then THC remains in the blood for a long time. We will tell you how to speed up the cleaning process.

How to arrange a detox? 

Regardless of whether you want to clean the body or you are informed that there will be a drug test, there are several ways to speed up the process. We admit that none of these methods is a guarantee.

Detox: 6 Quick Ways to Remove THC From Your SystemCannabis traces can stay in your body longer than most other substances. This complicates the task. Here are the 6 fastest ways to remove THC from the body.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable and fast way. Detox takes time. The best way to remove THC from the body is to stop smoking marijuana and wait 2-3 weeks. But if you got hot, then there are such radical means as synthetic urine, detox, and detox tablets.

If you often use marijuana, you need at least a few weeks of abstinence. THC is stored in fat cells: it takes some time to remove the body’s cannabinoid.

When you exercise and burn fat, the CAG is released into the bloodstream. The detox period depends on how long and how often you have consumed cannabis.

THC can be detected in tests of a marijuana smoker, even after 77 days of abstinence. Some experts say that 2-3 months is enough to clean the system.

Here are rough estimates of how long you will have to refrain from cannabis to take a standard drug test:
• Urine: 30 to 77 days for frequent consumers,
10 to 30 days for regular consumers
• Blood: 1 to 7 days
• Hair: 90 days
• Saliva: 1 to 7 days

Factors that affect the amount of time it takes to detox:
• Your metabolism
• The frequency of playing sports
• Body mass index (BMI) (the higher the index, the longer it will take)
• Frequency cannabis
• The intensity of the controlled cannabis
• The number of cannabis
• Test Parameters

Detox is a serious matter. The body of each person responds differently to various possible detox methods. It is important to know how your body reacts with detox to do everything safely and with health benefits.

Check with your doctor if you are going to try a detox.

Here are six of the fastest ways to detox THC

1. Fruit Pectin

Use fruit pectin. It is a fast and reliable method that is often used to improve the results of a blood, urine or saliva test. Fruit pectin is like jam, jam, sweet gel. For this detox method, mix a packet of fruit pectin with any drink and drink a few days before the test.

High-fiber pectin prevents THC from entering the urine or bloodstream. Pectin causes fat-soluble TGCs to leave the body. We are forced to admit that this method is unlikely to be suitable for marijuana users with experience.

Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of fiber, including pectin.
Also, this method can cause indigestion or even constipation. Fiber is not digested in the digestive system and is excreted through the feces.

Pectin is one of the methods that can be used before drug tests, but it does not give any guarantees.

2.Detox drinks.

Detox drinks are another popular way to improve your chances of passing a cannabis test. Detox drinks remove toxins from the body. Most of these drinks contain natural diuretics, laxatives, high doses of vitamins and medicinal herbs.

For different people, some drinks may be more effective than others, because each person’s body reacts differently. Such drinks are recommended to be consumed several days or hours before the test, following the instructions on the package.

3. Sports loads

If you have a week before the drug test, sports loads can help you burn fat cells and clear your body of THC. Running is the best exercise for those who want to pass the test. Active running burns fat cells that contain THC.
Detox: 6 Quick Ways to Remove THC From Your System
It should be understood that athletic activity releases THC into the blood, and therefore it is not recommended to play sports 24 hours before the test.
A 2013 study found that exercise can increase plasma THC levels by 15%.
On the day of the test, it is better to skip the hike to the gym.

4. Sauna

This method can be tried, although there is no guarantee that perspiration will effectively eliminate THC. Saunas and sweating are considered a great way to detox. Scientific studies have proven that saunas can help eliminate uric acid, sodium, and lactic acid. A 2012 study found that the sauna was an excellent way to detox those who used methamphetamine. Patients received vitamins of group B and steamed in the sauna four hours a day.

Detox: 6 quick ways to remove THC from your system

Another study showed that the sauna and B vitamins help to rehabilitate patients who are exposed to toxins.
Is sauna an effective detox from THC? Probably not.
Diet and abstinence are much more effective and scientifically proven.

Also, there are contraindications for the use of the sauna. People with heart disease are not recommended to overheat.
In the sauna, it is essential to drink plenty of water and other beverages, such as coconut water.

5. Water 

Washout (heavy drinking) improves your chances of passing a urine test. You can drink a lot of water and then your urine will be less concentrated. Dilution is a simple, but inefficient and unreliable method.

Detox: 6 quick ways to remove THC from your system

Many failed the test results if they relied only on this method. It is better to combine with others. Of course, drinking plenty of dough a day will improve your chances, but will not give a full guarantee. Some laboratories set standards, and if the urine for the test is not sufficiently concentrated, you may be asked to retake the sample.

Detox drinks often include:
• Creatine
• Vitamins B (dye)

During the test, it is recommended to collect a urine sample in the middle of the stream. Do not collect the sample from the beginning or the end, as both of them have higher concentrations of THC.
Another disadvantage of this method is that abundant drinking can wash sodium and potassium out of the body.

6. Healthy Diet

Detox: 6 quick ways to remove THC from your system
A healthy diet is one way to remove THC from the body. Include green leaf salads in your diet a few days before the test. High fiber foods are essential for body cleansing.
Fruits and vegetables are natural sources of pectin and make the gastrointestinal tract work better.

Believe it or not, most of the TGC metabolites are excreted with feces.
It is not recommended to use laxatives due to side effects. It is better to include in the dietary fiber. It also recommends magnesium, which is a natural stool softener and is safe at a moderate dose.

Fruits and vegetables also contain trace elements that can help in the detoxification process. Choose vegetables rich in vitamins.

You can try a few days before the test:

• Vitamins B
• Zinc
• Activated carbon
• Magnesium

It is important to note that these supplements should be taken by the directions on the package. Vitamins and supplements are useful for supporting natural biological processes.
For example, B vitamins are beneficial for the body’s natural detoxification process.
Activated carbon removes toxins and fatty compounds from the digestive tract.
Magnesium has a laxative effect.

We also recommend that you consult with your doctor before experimenting with detox methods, especially such as sauna.