How Long Does a Hangover Last?

A hangover is a painful condition for a person in which the body is freed from the toxic oxidation products of ethyl alcohol. It is inevitable if large doses of alcohol are taken the day before. If the patient has developed a severe hangover, how long this condition lasts, the narcologist will explain. The speed of release of toxic compounds is not always the same; it is difficult to say how long each unpleasant symptom passes from several hours to days or even more.

Internal factors affecting the duration of a hangover

It is impossible to answer exactly how many days the hangover lasts since the organism of each person is individual. However, experts call some factors that have a direct impact on the rate of purification of the body from the decay products of ethanol. The main ones are:

  • age;
  • floor;
  • body features;
  • activity level;
  • body mass.

It is known that big men survive the hangover condition much easier than fragile girls. It is because in the blood of a person with low body weight and asthenic physique there will be an increased concentration of ethyl alcohol. It is for this reason that he will get drunk faster. If the alcohol itself is more, then a lot of its decay products are formed, which determines the severity of the hangover syndrome.

Another factor affecting the speed of cleansing the body is associated with the flow of metabolic processes inside the body. The faster the metabolism, the more efficient the oxidation of ethyl alcohol. It means that all toxic products will quickly leave tissues and organs. As a rule, metabolic processes occur more intensively in young people who lead an active lifestyle. In this case, the hangover syndrome can last only a few hours.

The dependence of the duration of a hangover from external factors

Accurate information about how long the state of the hangover syndrome lasts will not be given by any specialist. Be sure to take into account the individual characteristics of the person, as well as some external factors. So, first of all, pay attention to the drink itself. Term hangover directly depends on:

  • fortresses;
  • the presence of gases;
  • adding dyes or preservatives;
  • the presence of sugars.

burn fatIt is proved that the more different substances are part of, the worse this alcohol affects the body as a whole. It explains the heavy hangover after drinking a large amount of beer, even though this drink is in the group of low alcohol. At the same time, there are cases when intoxication after consuming high-quality v

odka did not last long. It is because the drink contains only high-quality ethyl alcohol without extraneous additives that increase the poisoning of the body.


A hangover will last a long time if a person drinks a lot, but at the same time barely eats. In such a situation, a large amount of ethyl alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream, which leads not only to severe intoxication but also to an increase in the duration of the hangover syndrome, since it is much more difficult to withdraw significant amounts of toxic substances.

For hangover

To say exactly how many hours the hangover will last, many experts find it difficult. The average duration of this condition is one day, but in severe cases, it can drag on for several days. It usually occurs in chronic alcoholism. If a person does not suffer from drunkenness, then the hangover should pass the next day, but when the unpleasant symptoms do not subside longer, it is best to contact a specialist. An experienced narcologist will explain how long the hangover lasts after a heavy binge or drinking a small amount of alcohol.

For all the unpleasant symptoms to disappear completely, the body needs to be completely cleansed from ethyl alcohol. When intoxicated with this substance, this substance has a negative effect on the work of practically all organ systems, but the products that result from its oxidation are also dangerous.

Acetaldehyde, acetic acid and ketone bodies begin to accumulate in the human body. For the hangover to pass, they must be completely removed from all organs and tissues. This can take from 3-4 hours to several days. The speed of withdrawal of toxins is also affected by how long the bout itself lasts. The longer a person drinks, the higher the concentration of dangerous compounds in their bloodstream. For this reason, prolonged drinking is dangerous to health. During a binge, severe alcohol poisoning occurs, often irreversible. In other words, specialists are not always able to fully restore human health.

The main signs of a hangover

If a person takes large amounts of alcohol, then the next day he will probably feel bad. The conversion of ethyl alcohol to acetaldehyde and acetic acid usually takes 6 to 12 hours. This means that if the feast was in the evening, then the hangover will come in the morning.

At the beginning of the removal from the body of its toxic substances indicates a lot. In particular, a person almost always suffers from a severe headache. Other common symptoms of a hangover include:

  • dizziness;
  • weakness;
  • nervousness;
  • irritability;
  • fatigue;
  • chills;
  • hand tremor;
  • feeling of thirst;
  • swelling;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • stomachache.

All the listed signs signal that a part of the cells of the body is destroyed due to the influence of ethanol. Also, there is a pronounced intoxication of dangerous compounds, and the body is trying to get rid of them on their own.

Symptoms can occur with varying intensity. The degree of severity is influenced by the length of the binge. The longer a person has consumed alcohol, the more difficult it is for him to tolerate the symptoms of the hangover. In some situations, do not do without medical care. So, after a binge that lasted more than a week, specialized droppers, whose compositions are selected strictly individually, help well.

The best ways to eliminate hangover

If you do not take any measures, the hangover can last almost a day. During this period, human performance decreases due to increased irritability and severe fatigue. Improve well-being can, if you use the advice of experts:

1. A person with a hangover can suffer from nausea or even vomiting, which undoubtedly affects the appetite. However, the right food will speed up metabolism. This means that toxic substances leave the body faster, so it is best to eat after alcohol abuse. Various soups, light meat, cereals are useful.

2. Drink plenty of liquid is not necessary. There is already a surplus of water in the tissues, so it is best to take an electrolyte solution, for example, Regidron. It will restore the salt balance, which will lead to improved health.

3. Moderate exercise can also be beneficial, but on the condition that the person has no heart problems. Light charging will accelerate all metabolic processes and contribute to the rapid removal of poisons from the body.

4. It is better to refuse from desire to hang up. Relief in the repeated taking of alcohol will be temporary, but at the same time the risk of developing addiction increases many times over.

If all rules are followed, then within 5-6 hours after awakening a person will feel better. These tips are irrelevant for those who drink for a long time. It will not be possible to determine how long the waste takes after a heavy binge. In this situation, you will need to contact a specialized clinic and work with a narcologist.

What affects the duration of a hangover

With the same amount of alcohol drunk, middle-aged men are more likely to suffer a hangover than women. This is due to the peculiarity of metabolic processes of representatives of different genders. The duration of recovery is determined by the presence of comorbidities. If there are problems with the digestive organs, heart and blood vessels, then a long hangover syndrome will be a natural phenomenon for a person who has pathologies.

The loss

Drunk volume and strength of the drink are of great importance. If a person during a feast actively snacks, the consequences of poisoning will not be so dangerous. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, the hangover can last for a very long time, and its manifestations will be unusually heavy.

Some believe that if you eat more fatty foods, you can avoid a serious hangover. In fact, excessively high-calorie food overloads the liver and complicates the hangover. A glass of milk or a small piece of butter before an alcohol party will help to prevent poisoning.

How long the hangover lasts depends on many factors, including:

  • age – alcohol is especially dangerous for the elderly and children. Mature people tolerate poisoning more easily, and their hangover usually goes away the next day;
  • the quality of alcohol – if a person does not drink too good alcohol, then he can be poisoned not only with ethanol, but also with other components that make up the drink. As far as a quality product is concerned, it is so much easier to survive the morning sickness, if there is any;
  • build – fat people can drink a lot of alcohol and will feel much better than thin lovers of strong drinks that consume less ethyl;
  • preceding the use of alcohol – if a person drinks daily, even in small quantities, then there is no full sobering, which means that the body is constantly under stress. In this case, the hangover does not pass immediately, and the patient will recover several days.

We should separately talk about chronic alcoholics. How long the hangover lasts after a hard-drinking is difficult to say offhand. However, the recovery, in this case, takes a long period. Protracted alcohol syndrome may last for about a week. How many days it takes to recover from a long bout depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. The main symptoms usually disappear within 4-5 days. Irritability and depression can persist for 10 days, and the puffiness and dented appearance often lasts up to a couple of months.


Quick recovery methods

A hangover is not the worst condition; it is much harder to tolerate alcohol withdrawal, which is also known as withdrawal syndrome. In this case, the person experiences not only the characteristic signs of a hangover but also manifestations of delirium tremens. There may be hallucinations and panic attacks. It is impossible to say for sure how long an abstinence syndrome lasts. However, during this period, the patient requires skilled medical care.

With minor poisoning, proven methods of traditional medicine will help:

  • taking brine or mineral water;
  • eating watermelon, cucumbers or strawberries;
  • soothing broths for sound sleep.


Malaise will be faster if you drink activated charcoal or any other enterosorbent. Not bad proved “Smekta” and “Enterosgel”. How long the hangover lasts is determined by the degree of intoxication in each particular case. Alcoholics with the experience, in which the concentration of ethyl in the blood exceeds the limit, are the hardest. In such a state, an alcoholic can sing or throw himself into a fight, become loud or start to laugh long does hangover last

Seeing a person in a state of binge drinking and being unable to assist him is extremely difficult. Narcologists are sure that the real treatment is impossible without the initiative of an alcoholic, but if that does not come out of oblivion, then recovery may not start. In this case, drugs against alcoholism, offered on the Internet with anonymous delivery, will help.

After how many days the patient will feel better, depends on his desire and willpower. If you completely give up alcohol and begin complex detoxification of the body, then the malaise will be overcome faster. The work of internal organs will improve, consciousness will become clearer, interest in life will appear. With minor ethanol poisoning, a good and healthy sleep will help you best. To prevent dehydration and restore salt balance, it is necessary to drink more rehydration solutions or mineral water.

What to do if your stomach hurts with a hangover

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After vodka, the digestive system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract suffer the most.

A strong alcoholic drink changes the structure of their mucous membranes, and the gastric juice continues to affect the already damaged areas. That is why often with a hangover does not work the stomach; there is heaviness, discomfort, and pain in the abdomen.

How to start a hangover stomach with drugs:

  • “Gastal.” It is recommended to take when abusing and poisoning with ethanol. It relieves the stomach of excess acid, reduces the activity of gastric juice, anesthetizes. Daily intake – 1-2 tablets one hour after a meal. Be sure to take 1 tablet at bedtime;
  • “Fosfalyugel”. It is prescribed for alcohol poisoning, if the stomach does not work, intestinal upset, diarrhea is observed. Neutralizes hydrochloric acid, envelops the gastrointestinal tract. The amount of active ingredient per day – 2 bags 3 times;
  • Maalox. Normalizes the production of bile, eliminates the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, restores the bowels. Adsorbs toxic substances, the remnants of the disintegration of ethyl alcohol. Daily dosage – 2-3 tablets or 5-10 ml of suspension.

These drugs only anesthetize and normalize the work of the digestive organs.

Systematic damage with ethanol destroys the microflora of the stomach and intestines, contributes to diseases like ulcer, pancreatitis, and gastritis.

Vomiting after vodka

psychic empath

The source of vomiting and nausea from a hangover is a lack of potassium ions, a deficiency of magnesium, calcium, a violation of carbohydrate, electrolyte and acid-base metabolism.

How can you stop nausea and vomiting after vodka:

  • Zorex It will help get rid of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and intoxication of the body. Normalizes the liver, breaks down ethanol residues to safe compounds, promotes their removal with urine. Restores fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Daily intake – 250 mg 2 times;
  • “Motilium”. Eliminates gagging and nausea after poisoning, triggered by various sources. Lowers the activity of dopamine receptors and their effects on the gastrointestinal tract. The dosage of the drug per day is 10-20 mg 3-4 times;
  • tincture of wormwood. Herbal medicine relieves vomiting caused by disorders of the biliary tract and the liver. Daily dose – 15-20 drops before meals 3 times.

If antiemetic drugs do not have the desired effect, you should consult a doctor.

There is a possibility of severe alcohol intoxication, and there is a need to conduct a qualified drug treatment in the hospital.

Badly hurt and dizzy with a hangover

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A migraine, severe head syndrome, temporal and aching pain accompany any abstinence syndrome after a large amount of alcohol drunk.

Ethanol dysfunction of the brain is the main cause of this condition.

How to quickly get rid of dizziness after alcohol:

  • “Vertigohel”. Homeopathic remedy that eliminates dizziness and headache. Daily dosage – 1 tablet 3 times;
  • Vinpocetine. Restores cerebral circulation, provides oxygen to the tissues, lowers blood viscosity. Eliminates headache, tinnitus, it is recommended when hangover and severe migraine. Dosage per day – 15 mg 3 times;
  • “Betaserk.” Normalizes blood pressure, improves blood circulation, increases serotonin levels. Does not have a sedative effect. The amount of active ingredient per day – 16 drops 2-4 times.

After a long reception of vodka, a hangover and its symptoms can be observed for a long time. If the head does not cease to spin, loss of consciousness is possible; you need to urgently use medical care, call a doctor at the house.

After a hard hangover, my heart hurts

To provoke the destruction of red blood cells, the onset of hemolytic anemia, cause complications like cardiomyopathy and heart attack, just 30 grams of ethyl alcohol or vodka will be enough to enter the body.

And after alcohol poisoning and withdrawal syndrome the risk of these diseases increases many times.

What to take with a hard hangover from the heart:

  • “Panangin Forte”. Restores the heart rate. Contains potassium and magnesium cations, which prevent the occurrence of arrhythmias, heart failure, normalize metabolic processes in the myocardium. The dosage per day should not exceed 1 tablet 3 times;
  • Riboxin. It is recommended to take in diseases of the cardiovascular system, which arose on the background of alcohol dependence or a hangover. It improves coronary circulation, increases the energy balance of the myocardium, provides a full supply of oxygen to the cells and tissues. Daily intake – 1.2 grams 3 times;
  • Mildronat. Widely used in chronic alcoholism. Reduces the risk of angina, activates metabolic processes and energy balance in the area of the myocardium. Therefore, if the hangover is severe, there are pronounced symptoms of heart failure, acute chest pain, it is necessary to take the drug 0.5 grams per day 4 times.

If you have a diagnosis of angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack, it is better to immediately call an ambulance, to report the deterioration of his condition.

After a hard hangover, low and high blood pressure

blood pressure

Ethyl alcohol affects the tone of blood vessels that are responsible for arterial blood pressure. Once in the body, it leads first to expansion, and then to their sharp narrowing during alcohol intoxication. Tachycardia appears the blood circulation is disturbed, there is a risk of bleeding in the brain.

What drugs can be taken with blood pressure jumps from a hangover after vodka:

  • “Glycine”. In narcology, it is used to prevent vegetative-vascular disorders, has an antidepressant effect, eliminates the toxic effect of ethanol on the work of the central nervous system. Daily dosage – 100 mg 3 times;
  • Bisoprolol. Decreases heart rate and myocardial oxygen demand. Effective remedy for arterial hypertension.
  • “Limontar”. Increases blood pressure, accelerates the elimination of ethanol from the body. Dosage per day – 0.25 grams 4 times;
  • “Kapotopril”. Lowers blood pressure, improves myocardial blood circulation, increases coronary blood flow. The daily amount of the active substance – 12.5 mg 3 times.

Changes in blood pressure can be caused not only by violations of the heart and vascular diseases.

Renal or hepatic impairment, hormonal imbalances and emotional overstrain also affect performance. Accurate diagnosis is needed, determining the cause for further treatment.

Convulsions with hangover

Uncontrolled tremor or poor coordination of movements provokes alcohol poisoning with ethanol, which is contained in strong vodka.

Often accompanied by convulsions:

  • damage to the central nervous system. Depression of receptors by ethyl compounds;
  • lack of magnesium and potassium salts. Electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, dehydration;
  • mental disorders. Arise as a consequence of the action of acetaldehyde on neurons and brain cells;
  • microcirculation disorders. Oxygen starvation of the myocardium, blood clots, circulatory failure.

This must be taken into account before searching for a solution to the problem of muscle cramps and contractions.

What you need and can drink with a hangover when shaking:

  • “Baclofen.” It inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses, calms the central nervous system in affective states caused by ethanol. Relieves cramps, cramps. Daily intake – 5 mg 3 times;
  • Baklosan. It reduces and partially suppresses the transmission of nerve impulses, weakens spasms, convulsions provoked by intoxication of the central nervous system after alcohol intake. The dosage of the drug per day is 5 mg 2-3 times;
  • “Relanium”. It has an anticonvulsant and sedative effect on hangovers. Reduces the excitability of the brain and suppresses vestibular reflexes. The first day of the reception is carried out in a dosage of 5-10 mg 3 times.

If the condition does not improve, it is urgent to call an ambulance. Attacks of unnatural nerve spasms in the muscles may indicate an imminent epileptic seizure. To cope with it yourself is impossible — high risk to health and life.

Anxiety and fear after a hard hangover

Unexplained anxiety that occurs during withdrawal syndrome is caused by a disruption of the central nervous system, a decrease in the level of dopamine and the happiness hormone serotonin.

How to get rid of feelings of fear and anxiety with a hangover:

  • Carbamazepine. Removes neuralgic manifestations from a hangover, as anxiety, sleep disturbance, irritability. Reception on 200 grams 3 times a day;
  • “Noofen”. Often used to treat the effects of alcohol dependence in the form of insomnia, stress, vestibular disorders. It prevents asthenia, fatigue syndrome, reduces the degree of headache, feelings of heaviness, relieves migraines. Dosage on the first day – 250-500 grams 3 times. At bedtime, 750 grams of the drug is recommended;
  • Anvifen. The tool for ethanol intoxication eliminates mental and nervous disorders. Daily intake – 0.25-0.5 grams 3 times. To fall asleep, you must take 0.75 grams of the drug.

If the hangover is strong, these medicines will help get rid of not only the fear of death, anxiety, anxiety, but also normalize mental activity, restore the work of the central nervous system. Do not have sedative and sedative effect.


Alcoholism is always accompanied by hard drinking. After them, there is a hangover.

Booze is a continuous period during which a person consumes alcohol.

The longer this period and the higher the degree of alcohol that a person drinks, the heavier the hangover will be. In some cases, a stroke or heart attack can occur.

Therefore it is very important to know how and with the help of which drugs to get out of this state.

During a binge, a person suffering from alcoholism is not able to control himself and keep track of what quality and in what quantities he takes alcohol.

How many days does a hangover last? It mainly depends on how many days the booze lasted and how much alcohol was drunk.

Signs of

But before answering the question of how long a hangover lasts, it is necessary to understand the symptoms and causes of this syndrome.

Symptoms that often accompany hangover syndrome:

– Severe headaches in the frontal area and in the temples. This suggests that blood pressure rises. It is advisable to measure blood pressure meter and take measures to reduce it.

– Muscle pain.

– Also often nausea and vomiting. This indicates poisoning and severe intoxication in the body.

– Increased sensitivity to bright light, difficult to open eyes.

– Chills, in some cases, body temperature may rise.

– In general, a person always feels weak and unwell.

Why does a hangover appear?

The cause of a hangover is ethyl alcohol, which is added to almost all types of alcohol. Ethanol dehydrates the body. Therefore, a person feels thirst, which must be quenched. A large amount of useful minerals is excreted from the body through urine, so a limp state after bingeing is guaranteed. Of course, the liver suffers, for which the greatest blow falls, with which it is unable to cope. And this leads to a decrease in blood glucose and causes lethargy and chills.

And characteristically, light-colored alcohol (vodka, tequila, martini) causes a hangover syndrome less often than dark-colored drinks (brandy, rum, etc.). The latter contains more chemicals. But again, it all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed.

Duration of a hangover depends on what?

How long does a hangover last? Alcohol can cause irreversible damage to your internal organs. First of all, the heart, liver, and respiratory organs are affected. Alcohol can lead to the formation of malignant tumors in the mouth and esophageal cancer. It can also cause asthma and epilepsy. A hangover can last from one day to several. What does the duration depend on?

– From age, that is, the younger the body, the easier it is for him to cope with the removal of alcohol from the body.

– From the floor. Women are much harder to get out of binge than men.

– From health. The healthier the body, the easier it will suffer a hangover syndrome.

– On the amount of alcohol that was drunk. The less you drank in the evening, the easier you will endure a hangover.

– From the length of the binge. Accordingly, the more days you drank, the longer you will cope with this painful syndrome.

Another important factor is the physiological and psychological characteristics of each organism. There are such diseases, in the presence of which the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

One day hard drinking

How long does a hangover last? Now we will answer this question. Also, consider some of the nuances.

Let’s start with the smallest and consider how long the hangover lasts after a day of binge drinking. From several hours to one day. In rare cases, up to two days. All again depends on the above factors. But the short hangover time doesn’t mean weakly flowing symptoms. As soon as you feel nauseous, it is advisable to drink an absorbent or clean the stomach. In no event it is impossible the next day after drinking to load the body with heavy and unhealthy food. It is better to eat broth or light soup and crackers. And a lot of liquid is needed. Therefore, drink water, tea, compote (from dried fruit). You also need to take a pain pill and, of course, you need a dream.

But the hangover after binge proceeds somewhat more complicated, and its symptoms are more pronounced.

Two days binge

How long does a hangover last after a two-day binge? Usually, up to two or three days. Sleep disorders, apathy and lethargy are added to the main painful symptoms. A person needs more time to get out of this state than after a one-day booze. As in this case, the attack with ethyl alcohol lasts a longer time. In this case, it would be good to take a contrast shower. The body will invigorate. Then the immune system will begin to more effectively resist the ravages.

There is also a severe form of the hangover after a long binge, which can often escalate into another booze. Such a symptom indicates a severe form of alcoholism in humans, which should be addressed.

Long binge

How long hangover after a long bout? From two to several days. Usually a person goes on his own. And it happens that he can not cope and starts drinking again, as alcohol alleviates his condition. Symptoms of a hangover after a long binge are much harder than after short drunkenness. The main symptoms are irritability, insomnia, apathy, psychosis, excitability of the nervous system and many others. Such hangovers should be treated in special institutions with the help of droppers under the supervision of health workers.

How to prevent a hangover?

Of course, doctors warn about the dangers of alcohol to the body. But many, unfortunately, do not listen and continue to drink, despite the dire consequences. And if you still decide to drink alcohol, then try to take all the necessary measures to prevent the hangover.

First, drink one type of alcohol. Do not mix. This is much worse. It is necessary to eat well, especially eat more fatty foods. It will envelop the stomach, which will lower the absorption of ethanol into the blood.

Before you start drinking, drink at least half an hour some absorbent. This may be activated carbon or its analogs. If you still have drunk too much, then try to cause an emetic reaction. It is advisable to do this by consuming a small amount of potassium permanganate. After that, rinse the stomach well with the same potassium permanganate or just with water. If you follow these simple rules, you will wake up fresh and healthy in the morning. But this applies to those who plan a short-term drinking. For alcoholics, these tips do not apply. Although they also need it. After all, during long hard drinking periods people voluntarily refuse to eat, because they do not feel hunger.

How to deal with a hangover?

But if the hangover still came, then you should immediately try to take activated charcoal, which absorbs and removes all toxins from the body. Then it is desirable to drink painkillers.

If you are worried about the heart, you must take the appropriate drugs. At the same time drink plenty of water. It would be good to take sedatives. Or you can drink tea with mint. Well quenches thirst and relieves the painful condition of cucumber pickle. Be sure to take a loading dose of vitamins. This will help your immune system to fight toxins that have accumulated in different parts of your body.

What factors depends on the duration of the hangover

The hangover syndrome is the result of the effects of alcohol on all body systems. The duration of this state is not fixed and is determined by the characteristics of the human body. First of all, it is the body’s ability to process toxins and remove them, and the faster this process takes, the less the duration of the hangover syndrome. There are also several factors affecting the time of the hangover syndrome:

  1. Type of liquor. If you drink high-alcoholic drinks, then the severity of the process of sobering up will be harder and longer. Also, the flavorings consumed by beverages also affect the “healing” process. For example, dark beer will lead to a heavier hangover than vodka.
  2. The amount of alcohol drunk. For example, if the same person drinks 100 ml of vodka, the removal of alcohol from the human body lasts about 5 hours and 50 minutes, and if 300 ml is approximately 17 hours and 25 minutes.
  3. The quality and quantity of snacks. If you drink alcohol on a full stomach, have a good bite to drink alcohol, then the hangover is much faster. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, then the hangover can last up to a day or more, and with a good snack, it can pass in a few hours.
  4. Gender person. Under the same conditions, the amount of alcohol in women hangover lasts longer, and the symptoms are usually more severe.
  5. The complex of man. A man of larger physique does not get drunk longer; he has a weaker hangover syndrome, alcohol disappears more easily. Therefore, the duration of a hangover he has less than puny.
  6. Health status. If the human body is weakened by diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart, or it suffers from migraines, high blood pressure, then naturally, the hangover syndrome will manifest itself more severely and longer. You may need the help of a cardiologist, urologist, or other specialists to provide him with special medicines. Symptoms of a hangover, in this case, can not be eliminated in one day.
  7. In addition to these factors, the duration of a hangover can be affected by age, individual susceptibility to alcohol.
  8. The duration of the hangover is highly dependent on how long the person drinks. If he drinks every day and in large quantities, then he may need about 2 weeks for a full sobering. Moreover, the headache passes on the second and even the third day, the state of depression and depression in him can be observed within 5-6 days, and the swelling of the face, in severe cases, can pass only after 30-40 days.

How to get rid of a hangover faster

The state of a hangover can be avoided or, at least, made it less long and heavy, if previously, before the feast begins:

  • Drink activated carbon. It absorbs alcohol molecules due to its porous structure, which contributes to their rapid elimination through the intestines and the weakening of the toxic effect. How much coal may be needed depends on the amount of alcohol that a person has to drink.
  • On the second day after drinking a person, thirst (a sign of dehydration) suffers. To alleviate the hangover, you need to drink a lot – better than mineral water without gas, tea or plain water.
  • A good remedy for a hangover is the cucumber or cabbage pickle. It contains the salt needed to restore the water-salt balance. A glass of pickle or tomato juice will quickly get rid of edema. After that, you can drink water or dogrose infusion.
  • Sour milk has a beneficial effect on the body. It helps cleanse the body of toxins and, also, is rich in nutrients.
  • It is useful to eat watermelon, strawberries. They have a diuretic effect so that the alcohol will leave with urine. Also, the body needs vitamins to recover. The hangover will go faster; the mood will improve.
  • The most effective remedy for a hangover is a strong long sleep. If a person wakes up for 8 hours, then takes a douche and drinks a glass of strong sweet tea, then in the morning, the hangover syndrome will leave without a trace.

Pharmacy drugs from pomelo have an antitoxic, analgesic, tonic effect. Taking these drugs makes it easier to survive the hangover syndrome, and feel better this very day. These include:

  • Zorex.
  • Medichronal.
  • Antipohmelin.
  • Alka-Seltzer.

Unfortunately, the exact answer to the question of how long the hangover syndrome will last is very difficult. There is no specific answer to this question, all individually.
A hangover is easier, like many diseases, to prevent than to cure. Below are a few recommendations on how to avoid a hangover:

  • do not drink alcoholic beverages;
  • if you cannot drink, then at least don’t drink much;
  • if you still have to drink a lot, then try to use any one drink, not mixing with others;
  • if it is clear that a hangover cannot be avoided, then do not go to bed right away, but take a walk, get some fresh air, eat something, drink more pure water without gas;
  • do not add soda to wine, beer, vodka;
  • if you drink alcohol, then drink increasing the strength of drinks, and not vice versa.

If the feast is not to be avoided, then preventive measures should be taken, for example:

  • drink 50 grams of strong alcohol, so that the enzymes are produced stronger and contribute to the neutralization of alcohol;
  • snack after taking 50 grams of alcohol, but not much, just light food;
  • drink 1-2 tablets of activated carbon per 10 kg of mass or Smekta, according to the instructions;
  • At night, take 2-3 tablets of Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) to activate the liver.

And finally: “To avoid a hangover, it’s better not to drink at all!”

Factors affecting the duration of hangover symptoms

Your body is not in a position to cope with this amount or quality of booze painlessly. As a result – poisoning with alcohol toxins and the terrible state of health. A person may experience a headache, irritability, tremor (tremors), pain in the muscles of the extremities, dry mouth, thirst, loss of appetite, nausea. Often the hangover syndrome is accompanied by reddening of the eyes, pallor of the skin, puffiness, a painful reaction to light and various sounds. The severity of symptoms, their presence and duration depend on many factors:

  • Quantities and quality characteristics of alcohol consumed (volume, strength, the degree of purification, etc.).
  • The regime of the use of alcoholic drinks (speeds of the use of portions, alternation with a high-calorie snack).
  • A man drinks or a woman. The female body has a lower metabolic rate, breaks down alcohol more slowly, it takes more time to remove the decay products. Therefore, in women, hangover syndrome lasts longer.
  • The individual capacity of the body to process ethyl alcohol. The highest ethanol concentration is reached in about an hour from the start of alcohol consumption. Oddly enough, signs of a hangover appear when part of the alcohol has already left the body.
  • The presence of chronic disease in humans.
  • The age of the drinker, etc.

It should be added that in addition to the above factors, it is important when and how adequate measures are taken by a person to eliminate painful symptoms.

Hangover syndrome can last from an hour to several days. The most difficult situations develop when using poor-quality alcoholic beverages or alcohol-containing liquids that are not intended for internal use. Then the symptoms of poisoning can not be removed for a long time – up to two weeks. The edema lasts the longest, and the patient’s depression continues. One of the most disturbing signs is swelling of the legs. It may indicate the appearance of chronic heart failure and requires an additional medical examination.

Scientists from the UK, comprehensively investigating the syndrome of a hangover, concluded that, on average, the symptoms of alcohol poisoning have a duration of about 9 hours and 45 minutes. Surprising was the fact that at 29 years young people suffer this condition more severely than older and younger and almost 30 minutes longer.

Examples of the duration of periods of alcohol intoxication

The more weight the drinker has, the less he will suffer from signs of a hangover. Consider this statement in the following example: after drinking 300 g of vodka (with the traditional 40% ethyl alcohol content), symptoms of intoxication in a man with a weight of 70 kg will last about 14 hours and 50 minutes, and with a body weight of 100 kg – 10 hours and 30 minutes. With 6% beer is even more interesting – a 70-pound person will suffer 2 hours and 15 minutes, and with a weight of 100 kg – almost an hour less. It is very important to know your norm, so that minute weakness does not turn into a blow to health.

Accordingly, the higher the alcohol content in alcohol, the harder the effects of poisoning, the longer the painful sensations, swelling, nausea, etc., take. A man weighing 80 kg after 500 g of 4% beer hangover syndrome will, on average, pass 2 hours and 15 minutes later, and after the same volume of cognac (42%), the state of health will be much worse and will end only after 24 hours. But this is not a reason to assert that beer alcoholism destroys the body less. In reality, its portions significantly exceed the number of consumed more strong drinks.

Of course, these data are based on the calculations and research of scientists about relatively healthy people. If it happened that you didn’t calculate a portion of alcohol, and after a while you felt sick and overwhelmed, you don’t have to sit, testing the capabilities of your body, looking at your watch, waiting for you to finally feel better.

Take active steps to speed up the process of release from accumulated toxins.

Against the background of stress, overwork, avitaminosis, seasonal weakening of the protective capabilities, the usual hangover can provoke the development of complications of the cardiovascular, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, problems with the liver, kidneys and other vital organs.

How to shorten the hangover period?

You should not tune in to the passive expectation of recovery, help the body to cope with intoxication, strengthen it after alcohol shock. The hangover syndrome is recommended to be treated in the following order: first, you should remove the maximum amount of toxins from the body, the next step is to eliminate the painful manifestations, and finally – supporting measures: nutrition, replenishment with vitamins. Choose what suits you best, ways you trust. Make full use of modern medical preparations, improvised means, folk recipes.

Try to completely clean the digestive system of undigested food and alcohol. If you feel sick – do not hold back, a cool enema with chamomile will also help you. Vomiting does not stop – then a pill of Cerukula is useful. Having calmed a stomach, restore the water-salt balance, drink a brine glass checked by many people, eat a salty (not pickled) cucumber, you can also use a little sauerkraut. If you are not feeling well, invite a doctor who will supply an IV drip for direct delivery of a solution of salts and glucose to the blood.

Drink more pure water; it will compensate for the lack of moisture, will help in the removal of harmful elements. For the same purpose, sorbents will be useful, which you will find at hand: activated carbon, White coal, Enterosgel, and so on. A shower at a comfortable temperature will wash away toxins from your skin, refresh you, and invigorate you.

An aspirin tablet will help alleviate a headache, speed up the removal of also toxins. And if you take it even before you go to bed, then the next morning will become brighter and without pain. But be careful: acetylsalicylic acid is irritating to the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. Later do not forget to eat, give preference to healthy foods that the stomach can easily digest: broth, soup, dairy products. Avoid fried, smoked, fat.

Helpful advice

Unfortunately, the unpleasant hangover syndrome lasts longer than drinking alcohol itself. Therefore, being in a situation in which it is impossible to refuse Sabantuy, drink a little with a good snack. Alcohol slowly, in small portions will be ingested. And that, in turn, will have time to recycle the maximum amount of toxic substances. People with experience argue that in this case, the hangover syndrome goes almost unnoticed.

Main symptoms

Why the drunken alcoholic with such zeal tends to hang up? The fact is that it is overwhelmed by many unpleasant symptoms, and such anguish may continue for several days.

In a person who rarely exceeds the normal amount of alcohol consumed, this condition does not always occur. It is usually characterized by headaches, general weakness, and aversion to any alcohol.

However, if ethyl alcohol enters the human body in large quantities and often, the following symptoms appear:

  • severe nausea, often vomiting;
  • irritability, emotional instability;
  • shaking limbs;
  • body aches, fever;
  • symptoms of delirium tremens and hallucinations are frequent;
  • There are often problems with appetite.

After long drunkenness, the person feels so bad that his hands automatically reach for a new dose of alcohol. That’s just to allow alcohol intake on such days is not worth it, because then the vicious circle can never be interrupted. In such situations, doctors recommend restraining, refusing even the lowest doses of alcohol.

What happens to the body during this period? Due to the long-term and strong effects of ethyl alcohol, disturbances in the work of the heart, liver, and brain are observed. Signals from the spinal cord are interrupted by the brain, which causes tremor. The body is trying in an emergency mode to get rid of toxins, therefore, against the background of vomiting, diarrhea often occurs.

This alarming state sometimes lasts for a week, and the state of health of a drunken alcoholic turns out to be so bad that the situation can even turn out to be fatal.

How long does abstinence syndrome last?

Say how many days the hangover lasts, even an experienced doctor cannot. Here the following factors come into force:

  • the period of dependence on alcohol, because the longer a person drinks, the harder it is for him to get out of the binge;
  • individual characteristics of the organism;
  • the duration of this particular binge;
  • the nature of the consumed drinks, because if a person drank cheap vodka or tinctures of dubious quality, he could also poison his body against the background of a usual hangover.

How long does this syndrome last for a person who rarely drinks? Usually, with a one-time excess of the rate of alcohol consumed, the duration of a hangover is one day, not more. Sometimes this period turns out to be even less: some people feel only a slight headache, which disappears 2-3 hours after waking up.

Sometimes a person doesn’t have a hangover at all, but how long it takes for people who often abuse a lot of alcoholic beverages is impossible to say. There are cases when the syndrome lasted a month, but this happens if a person has been abusing alcohol for years.

Chronic intoxication leads to a gradual deterioration of the whole body.

On average, unpleasant sensations torment a person from 2 to 14 days. Here everything depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the dose of ethyl alcohol used and the duration of the existing dependence.

To say exactly what the timeline for recovery, you need to know how long the bout lasts, what drinks were consumed during this period. For an unpleasant feeling to pass, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules of nutrition and daily life.

Ways to reduce hangover

Having learned how many days the breaking will take place, a person usually finds himself so shocked that he starts searching for ways to heal. Here it is immediately important to indicate that repeated drinking of alcohol should be excluded from the options for improving well-being. The new intake of ethyl alcohol will not end with anything good.

What methods, in this case, are advised to use doctors and supporters of traditional medicine?

  1. To quickly remove toxins and decomposition products of ethyl alcohol from the body, you need to drink plenty of water, preferably up to 4 liters daily.
  2. You also need a balanced diet, preferring fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, and light broths. But from the use of heavy and fatty dishes should be abandoned.
  3. In this state, you can drink a decoction of anise fruits, as well as hypericum and wormwood.
  4. It is recommended to eat more chocolate, drink cocoa, green tea with chamomile or lemon balm.
  5. Also, doctors recommend more walking in the fresh air, playing sports.

You can use a variety of drugs, saving from a hangover. Alko Seltzer, Alko Prost, and other means are very popular.

Many admirers of traditional medicine believe that a bath or a contrast shower can help get rid of the alarming symptoms. Due to such procedures, it is possible to promptly remove all toxins from the body.

Here are just abusing the procedures should not be those people who suffer from chronic heart disease or circulatory system.

It is also recommended to eat right throughout this difficult period. All body systems are now working in emergency mode, so you should not overload the stomach. It is best to eat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, low-fat broths. It is important to monitor the condition of feces: if a person suffers from diarrhea or, conversely, constipation, then you need to develop a suitable diet to eliminate diarrhea.

A hangover lasting several weeks is rather a rarity, a complication to which one can bring oneself to frequent abuse of alcoholic beverages. However, the two-day torment should not be ignored. This problem greatly reduces the human performance, affects his mood, so you should abandon the abuse of such beverages.