How Long Does Phentermine Stay in Your Blood?

How traces of phentermine are found in the body?

Physicians identify the effects of drug use in the body by using specialized tests. Examines urine, saliva, and blood. The test scores depend on the time taken by the psychoactive substance: the more regularly a person uses it, the longer amphetamine will be removed from the body.

With frequent use of the drug, its residues in the biological fluid can last up to 3-4 weeks since the last dose. In the hair, Phentermine is usually delayed for a long time; it is possible to reveal traces of its reception, examining the hair, up to 1.5-2 months after the last dose.

Phentermine is especially dangerous for a nursing mom, the drug easily enters the milk and enters the body of the child. From breast milk the drug leaves without a trace after 2-3 days.

How much is Phentermine in the urine?

How Long Does Phentermine Stay in Your Blood?

A common method for detecting traces of a drug is urinalysis.

Phentermine substance shows traces of its presence in different ways, depending on the duration of its use:

  1. With a single sample of the drug, its derivatives remain in the urine for 8-9 days.
  2. If a person is a malicious lover of a psychoactive substance, his traces can be found for 3-4 months since the last use.

It has been observed that Phentermine is longer excreted from people who are overweight especially with its systematic use.

In this case, traces of the presence of the drug will persist in the urine up to six months.

How long does phentermine stay in your blood?

How Long Does Phentermine Stay in Your Blood?

Doctors in the practice of medical practice, there is such a term as “half-life.” That is, this is the time during which half of the drug used will be removed from the body.

In Phentermine supplements, the half-life from the blood is about 10-11 hours.

Thus, it can be said that Phentermine completely disappears from the circulatory system in a day. But, due to the proven effect of the accumulation of such a substance, traces of the drug can be detected by a blood test after 10-12 days, and in some cases, the hair dryer stays in the blood even for 20 days.

When Phentermine enters the bloodstream, the drug undergoes some transformations. Its derivatives, confirming the fact of taking the drug, manifested in the urine. We can say that urinalysis becomes the most effective method for determining Phentermine hobbies.

What is phentermine?

The problem of excess weight in the modern world is becoming very common and serious. The fact is that due to improper diet, stress, as well as a modern lifestyle, a person has very little time to monitor normal metabolism and its weight. Because of this, there is such a problem as overweight.

This problem is serious, as it is reflected in two directions at once – both moral and physical. That is, overweight undermines health, and also has a high impact on the psychological state of a person.

Due to the high prevalence, as well as a fairly serious consequence of this problem, scientists are constantly developing new methods to combat obesity. One of the most successful and powerful techniques to combat obesity is the drug Phentermine.

Phentermine is a drug that is designed to treat people who are overweight. Phentermine is a sympathomimetic medicinal substance, an amphetamine derivative that reduces appetite.

Phentermine is an excellent alternative means of surgery, as well as other painful and debilitating means of overweight. Thanks to the use of Phentermine, you can control the feeling of hunger. Phentermine is the first FDA approved treatment for obesity by suppressing appetite.

Phentermine was created specifically to ensure that people who are overweight can get rid of their illness most quickly, safely and easily. Usually, Phentermine is used in cases where other, less powerful means have not brought any result. Phentermine is the last opportunity to lose weight and start a new, healthy and young life.

How to use?

Phentermine is used for the medical treatment of dietary obesity in combination with diet and regular exercise. Indications for the administration of the drug is a BMI not lower than 30, in special cases – not lower than 27.

Attention! Phentermine is a potent drug, so it should be taken under the supervision of a qualified professional. Assigning anorectics, calculating the dosage and duration of the course of treatment, the doctor takes into account the cause of obesity and the general condition of the patient. For example, if the formation of excess weight is associated with a hormonal disease, or the patient has pathologies precluding the use of sympathomimetic amines, taking this medication may be useless or even harmful.

For optimum results, Phentermine should be taken 1–2 hours before meals or between meals. It is advisable to do this in the morning, then throughout the day hunger will not be felt, and night sleep will not be disturbed.

The standard daily dose of the drug is 37.5 mg, that is, one capsule or tablet. It is used at one time, without chewing, drinking water. In some cases, the desired effect is given by taking half the dose – 18.75 mg.

The duration of the course of therapy is usually 3-4 weeks, if necessary, it can be extended to 12 weeks, but no more.

Contraindications, side effects

Restrictions to receive Phentermine are:

  • minor age;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • individual hypersensitivity to sympathomimetic amines or auxiliary components of this drug;
  • hypertension 2-3 degrees;
  • glaucoma;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • glucose-galactose malabsorption;
  • addiction to a drug or drug addiction;
  • a tendency to agitation (state of emotional over-excitement);
  • taking MAO inhibitors.

Important! Patients taking any of the drugs with psychotropic effects, including Phentermine, are not recommended to perform work that requires increased attention or a quick reaction during treatment (for example, you should refrain from driving vehicles).

Phentermine can give some side effects; the most dangerous is the development of physical and mental dependence.

The structure of this sympathomimetic amine is close to the CNS stimulator amphetamine, which is characterized by the development of withdrawal syndrome (withdrawal syndrome). Abrupt cessation of medication leads to a deterioration of the general condition and dysphoria (a state opposite to euphoria).

Side effects also include:

  • a headache;
  • dizziness;
  • insomnia, anxiety;
  • rapid pulse;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • bad taste or dry mouth;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • a decrease in sexual desire.

If the side effects are pronounced and permanent, anorectics should be stopped.

Composition and mechanism of action

Phentermine, or 2-methyl-amphetamine (empirical formula C10H15N), is a centrally acting anorectic. As an antagonist of receptors that stimulate the feeling of hunger (they are located in the hypothalamus of the brain), Phentermine suppresses appetite and prolongs the saturation period.

Unlike its related amphetamine structure, this sympathomimetic amine does not cause a state of euphoria.

As a result of blocking AgRP neurons, which are responsible for the feeling of hunger, a person loses his appetite.

Daily food intake is reduced, the body receives fewer calories, and is forced to use fat reserves to ensure energy needs. There is evidence that this amine contributes to a slight increase in body temperature, which also has a positive effect on the process of losing weight.

Effect of the drug

Since phentermine is a derivative of amphetamine, its action is based on the stimulation of the brain and central nervous system.

Phentermine’s attachment to the amphetamine series has a very beneficial effect on its effectiveness, due to which this drug is the most used and popular remedy for getting rid of excess weight. And now consider the action itself Phentermine.

When a feeling of hunger arises to the brain, impulses begin to move toward the brain center. The effect of Phentermine is to intercept and block these pulses.

Thus, they do not reach the brain center, and a person does not have a feeling of hunger, and a desire to consume food. But to maintain vitality, a person needs energy, which is extracted from fat stores.

Due to this, the person quickly loses weight. You can control your sense of hunger and eat whenever you want. The fact is that Phentermine does not act like many other pills that work for rapid loss of fluid from the body, after which the weight is returned in double size.

Not !!! Phentermine uses only your fats and slowly destroys them. Thus you lose weight.

Positive results are given by a combination of taking Phentermine and light, not exhausting diets, as well as physical exertion.

Phentermine – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Phentermine be used for Obesity in people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, and obesity in people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes?

Yes, obesity in people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes, and obesity in people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes are the most common uses for Phentermine.

Please do not use Phentermine for obesity in people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, and obesity in people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes without first consulting your doctor.

Click here and view the survey results to find out exactly how other users are using Phentermine.

Should I use this product on an empty stomach, before a meal or after a meal? users have reported taking Phentermine on an empty stomach. However, this information may not be appropriate for your particular situation.

Please consult your health care provider to schedule an appointment. Click here and view the results of the survey to find out what other users are saying about the optimal time to take Phentermine.

Is it safe to operate or operate heavy equipment when using this product?

If you feel drowsiness, dizziness, hypotension, or a headache while taking Phentermine, then you may need to give up driving and heavy industrial equipment. You must give up driving if taking a drug makes you drowsy, dizzy, or hypotensive.

Doctors recommend stopping drinking alcohol with such drugs because alcohol significantly increases the side effects and drowsiness. Please check your body’s response when taking Phentermine. Be sure to contact your doctor for advice, taking into account the characteristics of your body and general health.

Is this medicine addictive or addictive?

Most drugs are not addictive or addictive. In most cases, the state classifies addictive drugs as controlled vacation drugs.

For example, H or X in India and II-V in the USA. Please review the information on the product packaging to ensure that this drug is not controlled. Also, do not self-medicate and do not accustom your body to medicines without consulting your doctor.

Can I stop using this product immediately or do I need to slowly stop using it?

Reception of some drugs should be stopped gradually due to the presence of the effect of recovery. Be sure to contact your health care provider for advice based on the characteristics of your body, general health, and other medical products that you take.