How Long Does Scopolamine Stay in Your System?

The world of plants has a huge variety. What only instances you will not find in the open spaces of the planet. And many of them have beneficial medicinal properties.

Although we should not forget about those, who are actively used by drug addicts, today, many plants can have a stupefying effect. And one of them is scopolamine.


General information

Scopolamine is a unique plant from which the drug of the same name is obtained, which has no smell, taste or even color. The plant is widely distributed in Colombia, so many people are involved in the production of narcotic drugs from it.

If you rely on proven facts, you can find out that scopolamine drugs are incredibly popular. More than 50,000 cases of its use were recorded only in the germination area.

Most often it is used to commit criminal acts. The reason for this unusual effect of the action. Inhaling a small amount of it you can get a temporary clouding of the mind, amnesia. It is the effect of scammers use. By carefully examining the victim, they make them obedient.


To do this, it is enough to force a person to use a little of the drug. After that, he can tell all the necessary information himself, give a bank account number or help to find hidden jewelry in the house.

Many girls were victims of sexual slavery. Scopolamine preparations turn a person into an unthinking machine. Unhappy against his conscious will is capable of doing various rash acts.

Scopolamine drug is often added to food, water victims. However, such actions can lead to an overdose and cause death.

How Long Does Scopolamine Stay in Your System?

The absorption from the patch on the skin of the arm or ear is too little to influence pupil size. Most surely you touched on the patch and rubbed your eyes, probably without being aware of these.

The result ought to be gone by 24 hours following the last time you touched your eyes with all the medication on your fingers.

History of scopolamine

The first mentions of the drug appeared in 1880. German scientist Albert Ladenburg was able first to isolate the alkaloid from a plant. Originally, scopolamine was used to create various medical preparations. For a long time, it was used as a kind of anesthesia for women in labor. This practice has existed for 60 years. After which the harm was done to both the mother and the baby.

Also, it was practiced as a remedy against asthma, bronchitis caused by smoking. Later the negative side of using the component was proved. Many drugs of scopolamine were withdrawn from sale.

Scopolamine can be bought today in some pharmacies, but only as a component of medicine. Finding a plant in its pure form is difficult. Until 1990, it could be easily purchased in the USA even without a prescription.


Scopolamine: application

Methods of using substances can be very diverse: subcutaneously, intravenously, orally, as a patch and even eye drops. There are special patches with the content of this component. Thanks to him, nausea and seasickness are prevented.

Its main advantage is the high duration of the effect – it can drag on for three days. To do this, apply for the plate behind the back wall of the ear. As for eye drops and pills, then you should follow the instructions.

Scopolamine: medical use

This substance is in current demand for medical purposes. Experts use it for the following purposes:

  • preventing the onset of seasickness;
  • treatment of intestinal spasms;
  • in ophthalmology;
  • treatment of depression;
  • pain relief;
  • for the organization of anesthesia.

Also, allocate secondary use. For example, to get rid of fluid in the lungs, sinuses. Often, such activities are carried out before operations. Also, tinctures are used to remove the gastrointestinal tract.

A unique plant is part of many drugs. Usually, its dosage is limited to the minimum amount, which avoids a negative impact on the human body. Eye drops based on the plant component are used for mydriasis, accommodation, and treatment of some serious eye disorders.

Scopolamine: An Antidepressant Effect

Studying a unique plant constantly allows you to discover all its new features. Recent studies have been able to prove that scopolamine is an excellent anti-depression agent. Moreover, its effectiveness was higher than from many proven drugs over the years.

Therapy, conducted with the use of a plant-based medication, made it possible to get rid of even severe depression, to overcome the likelihood of recurrence. Positive dynamics of the state is noticed already 3 days after the first application.

Scopolamine can only be bought by a specialist. Therefore, it is forbidden to self-medicate. An experienced physician should conduct a thorough study by which will be able to prescribe a quality treatment.

Side effects

Scopolamine is a drug that can provoke anticholinergic effects. What can contribute to the development of the following side effects:

  • dry mouth;
  • speech impairment;
  • the feeling of thirst;
  • visual impairment;
  • constipation;
  • problems urinating;
  • anxiety;
  • tachycardia.

In case of overdose, fever, hallucinations, and delirium may occur. Scopolamine instructions indicate that such reactions can occur only when using the drug orally or parenterally. With extreme caution should use the drug to divers. A side effect can be a strong pain in the eyes that occurs when diving below 50-60 feet.


We must not forget that scopolamine is a drug, so even a small dosage can have a negative impact on your well-being. Excellent evidence of this is the statistics of the tragic cases in Colombia.

Every 5 applications ended with urgent medical care. Today it is actively used as a high-quality medicine. That’s just because of the active use of non-traditional purposes; you can buy it only by prescription.

Use in interrogations and for criminal purposes

Due to its unique impact, in 1950 it was actively used as a “truth serum.” Such actions could not be called lawful, because people were seriously harmed. Therefore, the use of plants for this purpose is considered prohibited.

Scopolamine has often been involved in the story as a negative character. He was often used by gangsters to carry out his dark deeds. In many criminal reports, there is a mention of the substance.

It is usually added to the victim’s drink. Only gangsters conceived are not able to give the necessary dosage, which provokes an overdose.

Even a small amount of powder can cause an accident to fall out of life for a day. Sometimes such experiments end in death. To avoid such outcomes, it is worth refraining from taking alcoholic drinks from the hands of strangers.

Interesting Facts

Due to its broad history, many interesting facts have accumulated around scopolamine:

  • The appearance of hallucinations was often perceived as magic. Because of what the plant began to actively use to perform magical rituals, witches sabbath, and similar events;
  • It was used as a means to extract secret information. Without unnecessary torture, the victim could tell all the secrets;
  • the drug was used by the CIA;
  • due to the effect of overwhelming nausea in combination with other medications prescribed astronauts.

Thus, it is difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions. Around the plant goes a lot of conflicting opinions. For some, it is useful, while others can cause many serious problems.

Mechanism of action

The active ingredient of the drug – scopolamine in its effect on peripheral holinoreactive systems is close to atropine.

As well as atropine, it causes a disturbance of visual perception (accommodation paralysis), relaxation of smooth muscles, increased heart rate (the number of heart contractions increases), a decrease in secretion of digestive and sweat glands, and dilated pupils.

Usually, the drug causes a calming effect, may have a hypnotic effect. Scopolamine can also cause amnesia – loss of memory.

The drug eliminates pain, helps to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus, bladder, urinary tract, has a pronounced antispasmodic effect.

The action of the drug is also aimed at suppressing the secretion of bronchial glands and relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchi. With the introduction of the drug in the eye and parenteral administration, the circular muscle of the iris is relaxed; sometimes, it can increase intraocular pressure.

Indications for use

The drug Scopolamine is used in neurological practice – for the treatment of parkinsonism, in psychiatry – as a sedative, in surgery to prepare for anesthesia, along with painkillers (morphine, promedol).

The drug Scopolamine is also used as a sedative and antiemetic (with motion sickness), iridocyclitis (inflammation of the iris and cornea), as well as with inflammation of the iris (iritis), and for diagnostic purposes for dilating the pupils (atropine substitute).

The active substance of the drug acts on peripheral cholinergic systems (similar to atropine). Like atropine, the active ingredient causes dilated pupils, increased heart rate, impaired visual perception (accommodation paralysis), inhibits the secretion of sweat and digestive glands, and smooth muscle relaxation.

The drug Scopolamine has a central anticholinergic effect. As a rule, it has a calming effect: it may have a hypnotic effect, reduces motor activity. Scopolamine causes amnesia (memory loss), which is a characteristic property of this substance.


Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients of the drug. Considering individual sensitivity to scopolamine is necessary. In some cases, the usual dose does not cause a sedative, but a stimulating effect, hallucinations (visions, delusions) and other adverse reactions.
The drug should not be taken in patients with glaucoma (open-angle and angle-closure), with keratoconus, as well as children.

The drug should not be used in the treatment of pregnant and lactating women since the effect of the drug on the body has not been studied sufficiently.

Read more in the official instructions of the drug.

Interaction with other drugs and alcohol

The drug enhances the hypnotic and sedative effects of phenobarbital, magnesium sulfate, sodium examining. Increases the risk of side effects while taking with amantadine, MAO inhibitors, haloperidol, phenothiazine, tricyclic antidepressants.

Enhances the effect of analgesics, sedative drugs, anxiolytic drugs, tranquilizers in the treatment of pain associated with spasms of smooth muscles. In cases of vascular spasms with combined treatment, it enhances the effect of sedentary and antihypertensive drugs.

Do not use Scopolamine for the treatment and prevention of kinetosis, along with other drugs.