How Long Does Spice Stay in Your System?

Many young, frivolous people naively believe that there are soft drugs that you can safely refuse. They also have a widespread opinion that some herbal drug products leave the body very quickly and after some time not a single test can detect their traces. This erroneous and dangerous opinion also applies to one of the common drugs – the spice.

This type of narcotic substance is a specific set of dry herbs with psychotropic effects. Herbal ingredients to enhance the effect of exposure is impregnated with various additional narcotic compounds.

Spice drugs are widespread and some people care about the question of how much the spice lasts in the urine and blood. And how to speed up the process of cleansing the body.

Something about the drug

Spice – one of the varieties of the smoking mixture. It is a potent narcotic drug that combines synthetic drugs with a different active composition. Like most narcotic drugs, the spice is known for its powerful effects on the human nervous system and brain.

The essence of the action of a psychoactive substance is based on the influence of the work of the central nervous system. The use of such drugs leads to a complete change in the state of the psyche of the individual.

Apparent harmlessness

When Europe became acquainted with this smoking mixture, it presented no threat at first. People believed that the spice is a natural drug and moreover, it brings some benefit to the body. But this turned out to be a profound delusion. From the very first dose, Spice begins to destroy the brain, depriving the individual of his mind.

Narcotic poison instantly penetrates into the cells of internal organs, blood vessels and is hardly excreted from the body. Spice heavy smoker is extremely difficult to return to a healthy lifestyle.

It has been established that the destructive effect of spice on the body is several dozen times higher than heroin, which is considered one of the most potent drugs.

The danger of this tool lies in its apparent harmlessness. People believe that such weed cannot be dangerous because it smokes and is not injected into the body by injection. Young, frivolous individuals try spice and instantly become deadly addicted – this drug is addictive almost immediately.

Effects of drug use

Spice poisoning is extremely common, this smoking mixture not only causes irreparable and irreversible harm to health but also often leads to death. Passion for this harmless-looking grass in 100% of cases leads to the development of dementia in a person and can provoke the appearance of deep schizophrenia.

Narcologists, studying the effects of spice use, classify adverse changes in the body as follows:

Mental disorders: deterioration of memory, thought processes, a significant drop in the level of intelligence.
Spice in frequent cases leads to activation of cancer cells and the development of oncological processes.

The functioning of the reproductive organs suffers, leading to the sterility of women and the complete impotence of men.

The danger of smoking mixture carries its scale spread. This drug may have a chemical formula. It all depends on the type of additional additive, which is impregnated with vegetable mass. Speaking about how much the spice keeps in the blood or urine, one should take into account its final chemical formula.

How is the check for spice?

Testing for the identification of the use of precisely spice mixture has not yet been created. Standard tests used by narcologists help to determine the presence of residues of narcotic substances in a person’s biological fluid that was used to process psychotropic herbs.

The spice test for detecting drug metabolites is based on the study of various human liquid media:

  • urine;
  • blood;
  • saliva.

There are also specialized, narrow-profile techniques that reveal the remains of potent narcotic substances in the human body. The most objective is the study of the nails and hair of the individual (in these biomaterials, narcotic metabolites can persist for years). But such analyzes are rarely carried out because of the too high cost of the event.

What determines the duration of stay in the body of drugs?

It is rather difficult to give a concrete answer to such a vital question. After all, spice is a drug with “different faces.” Determine approximately how long the spice is held in the body, should be based on the presence of some additional factors. In particular, the following affects the time of spice mix output:

  • age of the person
  • the quality of the smoking mixture
  • an initial state of health
  • a dose of the drug used
  • duration of use
  • the activity of the organs of the excretory system
  • the intensity of metabolic processes occurring in the body.

Based on all of the above, you can determine only approximately how much spice residues will be in the body of a particular person. If the smoking mixture is used regularly, then its metabolites in the urine will persist for more than a month. But with a single sample of the drug, its remnants will be detected within 5-7 days.

Since the spice is a multicomponent compound, even narcologists cannot give an exact answer about the time during which the human body will be considered “unclean.” As for the blood test, in this biological fluid, the remnants of the smoking psychotropic mass will be traced for 2–3 months.

Any narcotic drug, characterized by a strong psychotropic effect, tends to accumulate (absorb) fat cells. Therefore, the drug metabolites will gradually be released into the blood (this process takes quite a long time).

The Basics Of The Smoking Mix

The time of withdrawal of spice metabolites directly depends on the basis on which the drug was created. Experts identify four main types of additional ingredients, which is soaked plant base.

Methamphetamines. Amphetamine derivative, having the appearance of white crystalline powder. It is also further enriched with various chemical additives, which several times increase the psychotropic effect. Methamphetamine is a powerful psychostimulant with a high degree of dependence.

Synthetic cannabinoids. Fat-soluble terpene phenol derivatives. These supplements have one of the highest cumulative effects.

Synthetic opiates. Drugs that have a powerful effect on the nervous system. It is one of the most dangerous varieties of the drug. These compounds are addictive and lead to numerous irreversible processes in the body.
Toxic substances.

These supplements to the plant mixture lead to a global lesion of the central nervous system and the death of brain cells (due to this, a psychotropic effect is achieved).

The consequences of using such a drug are irreversible. Even considering that toxic substances eventually flush out of the internal systems, the body remains in a comatose. In this case, the condition of the addict can be improved only by blood transfusion.

It is impossible to figure out exactly which additive the spice is processed by itself. It requires a specialized chemical laboratory and the use of appropriate reagents.

Methamphetamine Based Spice Time

Methamphetamine in its pure form leaves almost no traces. After using it once, this connection is completely removed from the internal organs in 7-8 hours. With regular use of spice based on it, a physician may suspect traces of the drug not even by metabolites, but by the characteristic disruption of the production of certain hormones and severe depression that is present in the spice addict.

Time of withdrawal of spice based on cannabinoids

How Long Does Spice Stay in Your System?

If the grass is “filled” with this substance, the average period of removal of its residues from the body will occur throughout 10-12 hours. You can and accelerate the process of purification by blood transfusion and revitalization of liver enzymes. How long does such a drug last in the urine? Narcologists can detect traces of cannabis as follows:

  1. When using express lab: up to 24 hours.
  2. I am exploring the biomaterial in a fully equipped and equipped laboratory: up to 48 hours.
  3. It should be borne in mind that derivatives of cannabinoids tend to accumulate in bone and adipose tissue.
  4. Therefore, traces of spice by this supplement can persist in hair and nails up to 6-7 months.

Opiate-based Spice Time

Compared to natural, synthetic opiate derivatives are absorbed much faster by the body and act more efficiently. But also instantly displayed. On average, this time is 24-26 hours. But the time of purification can be increased, it all depends on the specifics of the opiate composition. Therefore, it is difficult to predict exactly when the human body will become “clean” in this case.

Average withdrawal time

Underground manufacturers of spice smoking mixtures, of course, do not give any guarantees for a drug, do not describe what exactly it is made of and in what quantity additional residues are added to plant raw materials. Therefore, it is impossible to say when the last metabolites of the spice will leave the body.

On average, the time for cleansing the body of narcotic residues in the blood is within 8-12 hours. In the presence of a weak liver, concomitant diseases and a long term consumption of the spice, this time increases to 15-26 hours.

In urine, residual spice mixtures can last much longer: up to 3-7 days. With any problems with metabolism, the period is increased. The remains of the spice in the bone tissue can remain for years, in the fat cells, traces of the drug are found even after six months since the last use of the spice.

How to speed up the purification process?

Are there ways to speed up the release of the body from smoking drug metabolites? There are no specific and effective methods for this.

Only in the case of an urgent hospitalization of a drug addict to the clinic and conducting resuscitation actions for him, physicians speed up the purification by large-scale infusion by the method of infusion therapy of detoxification solutions and blood transfusion.

But you can try to speed up the cleansing of the body from the remnants of the spice. To do this, follow these tips:

  1. Completely stop smoking spice.
  2. Drink more fluids. It is better to use plain non-carbonated water. Medicinal infusions and decoctions of chicory, peppermint, St. John’s wort, and lemon balm help in cleansing.
  3. To exclude liquids such as coffee, cola, carbonated drinks and black tea from the menu. Green tea with the addition of lemon will be an excellent antioxidant. But do not get carried away with them when there are heart problems (green tea contains caffeine).
  4. To cleanse the intestines in the menu, you must include foods rich in fiber. Vegetables and fruits of green color will become useful, diversify a diet with basil, parsley, salad, and spinach.
    To improve the functioning of the liver, you can use drugs whose tasks include resuscitation and restoration of the organ.
  5. It should involve the skin-excretory system. After all, a certain part of toxins and slags leaves the body with sweat. To speed up the detoxification process, it is better to return to the steam room and how to sweat. Increased cleansing can be achieved by applying a contrast shower and intense exercise.