How much time to meditate and when

Meditation has a beneficial effect not only on the mind but also on the body. It must also be in the right state in order to get all the benefits from the process. Therefore, it is very important to determine the best time for a meditation session, when you can take the right position, relax all the muscles of the body and concentrate on achieving spiritual balance.

At a time when meditation sessions will become an important part of your daily life, you will easily cope with various tasks, while maintaining a conscious state, and always remember the main goal and act accordingly to the internal plan. It remains a small matter – you only need to choose your personal time for meditation.
Morning – meditate with the sunrise

The morning I meditate with the sunrise

Traditionally, the best time for meditation is early in the morning, namely the sunrise. We feel the need to start the day as best as possible, recharge with positive energy and set the necessary internal pace. At this time of day, being in silence, we are able to feel the harmony with nature, let it through. The greatest effect of meditation you will achieve being well rested after a full, healthy sleep.

It is easier to meditate in the morning than in the afternoon or evening. The hurricane of thoughts has not yet captured you, you almost do not think about anything serious. Another thing-the day when your mind is forced to think a lot and focus on solving many problems. It will be extremely difficult to calm this flow of thoughts in the middle of the working day.

Conscious and profound meditation is only possible with complete peace of mind.

Therefore, the time immediately after sleep is the most favorable for meditation. Many people who are seriously engaged in spiritual self-development and seek to understand the Truth choose this time. For city dwellers, the early ascent may seem overwhelming. But it is worth at least once to Wake up together with the sun and meditate, and you will appreciate the magic of this time of day.

Evening night meditation

In the evening you can also meditate. After work, we especially want to relax, analyze the day, draw conclusions and restore peace of mind. The perfect time to do this is 60 minutes before sunset or an hour after. But this is not a strict law. If you want to meditate before going to bed, this is your choice. Just remember that you need to have the right attitude, for example, to relax and calm. The process of meditation can cheer you up a little, so start at least a couple of hours before bedtime.

If you can not sleep for a long time, meditation before going to bed will be especially useful. You can make the immersion process longer and use special meditative music for better effect. You can meditate at night, if you are active at this time of day. The silence around will only contribute to relaxation. If you give it at least 10 – 15 minutes, such a short meditation session at night will save you from having to take various medications for insomnia and other AIDS.

Your sleep will be calm, sweet and without nightmares, your mind will be filled with divine, bright thoughts, and in the morning you will be happy to meet a new day.

The duration of the regular session

You need time to take the right posture, think easily and focus on your inner state. In addition, the quality and depth of meditation may vary throughout the process, so everyone will have their own duration of meditation. To achieve a really deep meditative state is possible only through the full acceptance and forgiveness of all thoughts and anxieties that may interfere with the process. Only after liberation will come the phase of true meditation and you will be able to enjoy what is happening.

5 minutes, 20, or meditation 24 hours a day-you will understand how much time you need personally. Regularity is an important condition. Develop a habit of meditating every day, and even better – at the same time. Our mind is very flexible and resourceful, so accustom him to this state. Give meditation the same amount of time and do not lower the selected minimum bar. So you will meditate consciously and reach a good concentration. It is better to conduct sessions a little daily than a few times a week, but for a long time. Skipping the session, you will not achieve the desired and quick results.

How much time to meditate?

To begin, establish yourself in short meditations, from 5 to 15 minutes. Then add each time for a few minutes. Model the duration of the session until you feel the opportunity, desire and until you reach the most comfortable limit. Experiment with what times you want to relax. Start with once a day, and then increase to two or even three times. The main thing-do not overdo it with the pace.

Move carefully and gradually. Don’t meditate in fits and starts, and fully and regularly. And during the session, listen to your body – it will tell you how much time it takes to fully reconnect with the inner self.

And do not try to overcome the bar too much for you, do not overdo it. Let the development process be slow, but certainly stable. Create a meditation schedule and stick to it. Soon you will not need a lot of time and effort to find the right condition. You can sit in a comfortable position, stop thinking intensively and immerse yourself in the process of meditation. And if you really want to achieve good results, you need to focus on the quality of practice, not on how much time you give it.
Tips to note:

How much time to meditate and when

It is very difficult to concentrate during the day, as there are many distractions around. Choose a quieter time;
Although the urban environment is not saturated with beneficial spiritual vibrations, meditating early in the morning you feel calm and peaceful;

In the hot season due to the great sweating it is difficult and tiresome to meditate three times a day. But if you are used to this mode – do not deny yourself the pleasure;

Regardless of the place and time, the meditative state should appear without any effort, by itself;
Sunday is the best day for deep, long meditation, as the mind rests and is not oversaturated with excessive anxiety as in working days;

It is best to start practicing meditation in the winter or early spring. This is a very good time to open your mind;
During meditation, you can not be distracted and think about how much time has passed. You can use a timer or an alarm clock that will remind you that it’s time to return to reality. This will help you focus on the lesson;
If you get used to meditating every day at the same time, you will not be tempted to miss sessions.

If you have set a goal to learn to meditate correctly, to get benefit and pleasure from this process, you should listen to your inner voice and act according to your impulses. Don’t have time to think and plan, and choose the time. Just start practicing today. Try to meditate in the morning, afternoon, evening and even at night. Or maybe you will like this activity so much that you will achieve mastery in the shortest possible time and become a guru of meditation.

When you really enjoy the process of immersion in yourself and begin to accept and understand this state, the choice of the right time will no longer be relevant. You will want to meditate always.