How to Clean Lungs After Smoking Too Much?

Lungs, after years of exposure to tobacco smoke, any person who deliberately gave up smoking, thinks about the time, methods, and how to clean the lungs after smoking with folk remedies at home.

It is believed that the body itself can cope with any pollution and clean up, perhaps this statement is true, but it will take a very long time for the process of self-cleaning, for which you can earn a lot of ills from accumulated toxins.

Cleaning the lungs after smoking should be carried out in an accelerated mode; for a qualitative renovation of the body and the respiratory system, it is not necessary to stay in the hospital; most methods of purification are suitable for use at home with inhalers or numerous folk remedies.

The first month the body actively cleanses the lungs of nicotine and tar, and other pollutants on its own, such activity is manifested by a strong cough and expectoration of sputum. Further, when breathing becomes a little fresh, oxygen freely enters the brain and blood, the body begins to think that everything is already well and weakens its fight against pollution of the lungs.

The phlegm and infecte mucus on the walls of the lungs is not all the pollution that cigarette smoke leaves behind, the problem is much more global.

Therefore, it is important to cleanse the bronchi and lungs while quitting a bad habit. In general, complete purification can be achieved in a year or two; in some cases, it will take more time.

Why do you need to clean the lungs

Everyone understands that the effect of nicotine on the body is only negative and a person does not get any benefit from smoking.

The tar released during the smoking process blocks the filtering properties of the lungs, which can cause all harmful substances to enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

An adequate person who understands and imagines in paints, what harm he causes to himself by smoking, will certainly have in his thoughts, quickly get rid of harmful addiction, it is important only to make a firm decision and not deviate from the set course. Otherwise, you may be forced to quit suddenly causing serious illness.

The harm that smoking causes to the body:

  1. Strong psychological and physical dependence on habit. Understanding the killing harm done to oneself does not help a person to quit smoking. Most often, habit and dependence are stronger than the craving for a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to properly set yourself up for failure;
  2. first of all, the harmful effects of tobacco smoke affect the nervous system;
  3. Further, nicotine is ingested, causes a sharp jump in adrenaline. This release contributes to vasospasm, causes hypertension, can lead to an instantaneous stroke, and even a heart attack;
  4. carcinogens and toxic substances emitted by tobacco smoke can cause cancer of the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract and lungs;
  5. while smoking, male sexual function suffers; long-term infatuation with a harmful habit can lead to impotence or a problem with ejaculation;
  6. the lungs suffer from nicotine much worse than the above; horrible diseases such as pulmonary emphysema, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, and cancer are often found in smokers;
  7. Pregnant women who smoke are at risk of delaying the development of the fetus. Many smokers born babies suffer from pathologies of the respiratory system, lack of body weight, delay in psychological and physical development.

Methods of cleansing the lungs and bronchi from nicotine, tar, carcinogens, and toxins

  1. Purification of the lungs by folk remedies, using herbs, decoctions, and infusions. These methods have a good effect and a lot of positive feedback;
  2. Cleansing the lungs after quitting smoking with breathing exercises. Breathing exercises for cleansing the lungs and aerobika have earned a good reputation as an aid in cleansing the lungs from nicotine;
  3. many foods help speed up the process of cleaning the lungs after quitting a bad habit;
  4. medical devices, make the removal and detachment of sputum soft and fast;
  5. cleaning the lungs and bronchi may be accompanied by trips to the bath or steam room;
  6. Sport and exercise help clean the lungs of nicotine.

Rules for the purification of the smoker’s respiratory system

To cleanse the bronchi and lungs, a former smoker needs to follow a few rules:

  1. Smoking cessation involves the complete elimination of tobacco smoke from your life. Purification of the lungs and bronchi will not give any results if even one cigarette is smoked per week. On the contrary, such cleaning of the lungs of a smoker can only exacerbate the harmful effects of tobacco;
  2. for the purification of the lungs and bronchi to be successful, it is necessary to approach this process comprehensively;
  3. can not be in smoky rooms;
  4. It is possible to remove toxins accumulated in the whole body after smoking by folk methods. First, you need to bring the daily use of pure water to two liters per day, water will help remove harmful substances from the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, etc.

Cleaning the smoker’s lungs with folk remedies

Smoker’s lungs cleansing with folk remedies is an affordable method and implementation. Complete cleansing of the respiratory tract is possible only with an integrated approach; folk remedies for cleansing the lungs of the smoker can be based food or on medicinal herbs.

Most people speak well of popular methods of cleansing the lungs at home. Especially recommends folk methods G. Malakhov.

Cleaning the lungs of the smoker at home with the help of folk remedies can be carried out using the following recipes:

Mix black tea, mint leaves, valerian and chicory in proportions 1: 1, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist the agent for 10 minutes. Take this tool should be when exacerbation of craving for smoking; besides, it can clear the bronchi from the soot accumulated over the years.

Odea tablespoon of a dry mixture of violet and oregano is poured with a glass of boiling water and left to infuse for one hour. This infusion is taken twice a day for 1⁄2 cups before a meal in a course per week.

Methods of cleansing the lungs after smoking at home traditional medicine

It is better to select a drug that will help in the purification of the lungs from nicotine with a doctor, after taking tests and a snapshot of the lungs. Many drugs for peeling off mucus and phlegm excretion include vitamin trace elements that help in the recovery of the body.

Effective cleansing of the lungs from harmful substances, possibly using the following drugs:

  1. Gedelix, Lasolvan, Acetylcysteine – drugs that contribute to the dilution of mucus on the walls of the lungs and its removal from cough. This process helps to clean the lungs of nicotine;
  2. Potassium orotate – helps all body tissues recover and cleanse. Provides a healthy blood formation process;
  3. Purification of the lungs after smoking at home often carried out with inhalation. The best tool for the inhaler – Chlorophyllipt, helps to disinfect the respiratory tract, cleanse the body as a whole. Cleaning the lungs and bronchi using inhalations with Chlorophyll it should be carried out by course – daily for 10 days according to the instructions;
  4. Cleaning the smoker’s lungs is faster if used in the complex ointment based on essential oils. You can use ointments with menthol, fir, camphor, tea tree. Essential oil clears the airways.

Breathing exercises for cleaning the lungs

To facilitate the process of quitting smoking, there is a breathing exercise for cleansing the lungs, and yoga also helps in this case.

The most elementary exercises are to take a deep breath through the nose into the open window and exhale with a sharp push through the mouth, take 30 breaths and exits 2 times a day. Such exercises for cleansing the lungs after smoking increase the volume of the lungs and thereby stimulate sputum discharge.

Light nicotine cleaning with bay leaf

Bay leaf can clean the air of harmful substances, so you can decompose the sheets of this plant throughout the house, especially to pay attention to the place where a person sleeps, after quitting smoking.

Next, from the dry bay leaf you need to prepare a decoction: pour 5-6 sheets of dry plants 200 ml of boiling water, hold on low heat for 7-10 minutes. Remove from heat, cool and take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. This decoction is contraindicated in pregnant women.

Honey to clean the lungs

For the preparation of a cleansing mixture will need 1 lemon and honey.

Lemon must be turned into a gruel using a meat grinder or blender, add honey to a lemon gruel in proportions of 1: 1. Take the mixture to 1 tablespoon before each meal.

Cleaning after taking this mixture course in a week is easier and faster, as honey contributes to intensive sputum discharge.

Inhalation for cleaning the lungs

For inhalation, usually used:

  • Sage,
  • Fir,
  • Pine
  • Chamomile,
  • mint leaves,
  • Oak bark,
  • Juniper,
  • Eucalyptus.

All of these plants can be used in the form of essential oils or the form of decoctions for inhalation. In the case of the use of esters, it is necessary to be very careful and observe all proportions, since by overdoing with the amount of oil it is possible to easily burn the mucous membrane.

All folk remedies help not only to clean the lungs, but also to bring the body into a state of rest, to improve the gastrointestinal system, kidneys and liver.

To effective folk methods of purification can be attributed to the bath and steam room, as hot steam quickly penetrates the respiratory system, diluting mucus on the walls of the bronchi and lungs.

It will be effective to steam the area of the bronchi and lungs from the back and the side of the chest, paying particular attention to these areas. It is worth knowing that diving in a cold pool and a snowdrift is contraindicated in this case!

When choosing what to clean your body after smoking, what to drink for expectoration of sputum, etc., you should pay attention to your daily diet and change it.

It is necessary to exclude alcohol, as it also increases cravings for cigarettes, fatty meat, fast food, sweet in large quantities – such food has a bad effect on the blood composition, on the gastrointestinal system, and the whole body needs to be approached for purification.

Products that help clean the respiratory system

  1. pineapple – soothes the nerves, which is important for psychological dependence on smoking, helps the discharge of sputum from the lungs, acts on the body rejuvenating;
  2. green tea is a natural antioxidant, which in itself is a cleansing agent for the body, it is good to remove toxins and carcinogens;
  3. apples and apple juice stimulates pulmonary activity;

To the above methods and recipes you need to add frequent walks in the fresh air, airing the premises at home and work, refusal from passive smoking (being close to smokers), introducing a healthy lifestyle into everyday life and increasing physical exertion, since a large amount of sweat goes through harmful substances from the body.

Choosing how to clean the lungs after smoking should be done with the doctor, after having passed all the necessary tests for this.

It is better to conduct a course of purification under the supervision of a physician, since any intervention in the body’s work, even under the guise of help, may have its contraindications.