How to Clean THC out of Your System Fast?

How to quickly cleanse the body of THC? The question of those who struggle with the harmful effects of marijuana on your body and others.

The detrimental effect of cannabinol, which is part of the herb, prevents the effective functioning of a person, which is reflected in poor performance, problems in the family and poor health.

How to Clean Thc out of Your System Fast

To solve the problem, you should use detoxification – the process of cleansing the body from harmful substances, including marijuana. But how to conduct quick detoxification and is it even possible?

Detoxification from herbs

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins, slags and other substances that have a negative effect on the body. Grass and its decay products have a negative effect on a person: they destroy brain cells, slow down mental processes, and cause a state of withdrawal syndrome (dependence). Therefore, detoxification should be applied in case of drug intoxication with grass.

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The speed of cleansing the body of grass does not pass quickly and takes about a month.

There are certain factors that affect the speed of detoxification:

  • A frequency of use;
  • Grass strength (percentage of cannabinol content);
  • The amount of excess fat;
  • Metabolism or metabolism.

For example: a person who once smoked marijuana, who has a fast metabolism and no excess fat, is completely cleaned 2-3 days after consumption. Whereas, an avid fat smoker of strong grass with metabolic disorders will recover 70-80 days.

The peculiarity of detoxification from the grass are the reasons that influenced the need for this procedure. In the context of a modern lifestyle, two circumstances stand out:

  • Testing for the detection of drugs from employees or drivers;
  • Direct complete cleansing of the body from marijuana.

To put it differently: to disguise and remove the appearance of traces of use, or to detoxify deliberately.

how to clean thc out of your system fast

Detoxification procedure

The procedure for detoxification of herbs is carried out in several ways, depending on the goals pursued.

Drug test preparation

The modern practice of identifying weeds is related to the spread of this type of drug and the relative ease of use.

Because using herbs is the cause of many problems, employers often take steps to identify marijuana.

Test methods are tests that include testing of urine, blood, saliva and hair:

  • The urine test – the most common option, gives good results, because it determines not only marijuana, but also its decay products, finds traces of 3 weeks old use;
  • The saliva test is not informative, does not give a 100% guarantee, is not common;
  • Blood test – not popular, blood displays grass for 2 days, convenient for getting quick results;
  • The hair test is extremely informative, gives a 100% guarantee, determines the possibility of using weed 4-6 months before the test.

It is not possible to quickly remove traces of cannabinol, and if you smoked yesterday, and even more so there is no chance, the test will definitely detect the fact of using marijuana.

If you know about the test in advance for 3-4 days, you should take a number of measures to avoid detection:

  • Drink more water. Water will remove toxins, dilute urine and lubricate the test result. Disguise the color of urine, so as not to get caught, so 3 days before the test you need: eat lots of red meat, take creatinine for 3 days (as a dietary supplement 1 time per day), and 3 hours before the test – take 75 g of vitamin B, washing down with a liter of water;
  • For 3 days, eat cabbage, spinach, cucumbers, 100g per day of each product;
  • You should not use milk and dairy products, as well as meat products – fats violate cleaning.

So simple recommendations will help you not to lose your job, get out of a difficult situation and cleanse the body.

The human body can withstand a lot, but the process of detoxification, especially in addiction, is complicated and extremely traumatic, but possible. It is conducted in two ways: at home and stationary.

In stationary conditions

The inpatient method is carried out with the help of medicines chosen by the doctor in each particular case. The effects of inpatient detoxification are more difficult than home effects, due to the use of a non-natural method of purification.

The body is cleared of cannabinol with the help of synthetic drugs and therefore reacts to their effects aggressively. The pain can be so severe that you may need an introduction to a drug coma to relieve a painful shock.

All the nuances of ways to clean the body of marijuana, discuss with the doctor who will choose the best option for your treatment.

how to clean thc out of your system fast


At home

Home detoxification of the weed should be carried out using some tips:

  1. Drink water, the more, the better – the water washes away marijuana, the body is cleansed, it is recommended to drink at least 4 liters daily for men, 3 liters for women.
  2. Visit the bath or sauna. Excessive sweating removes toxins and slags accumulated in fat cells, and the body speeds up the metabolism, which also helps cleanse. It is necessary to remember the observance of high norms of water consumption in order to avoid dehydration. Use bath procedures for 2 hours daily.
  3. Restore the acid-base balance. Drugs greatly oxidize the body, reducing the amount of alkali, in order to compensate for the loss, use such high-alkaline foods as cabbage, lime, spinach, cucumbers, celery, avocado, and lemon. The daily rate is 150-200g.
  4. Eliminate acidic foods. Acids form the basis of marijuana toxins, so additional feeding from other products will slow down the detoxification process. Avoid: animal fats, meat, meat products, milk, dairy products, confectionery, bakery products, soda, and trans fats.

how to clean thc out of your system fast

Do not resort to the help of various “miraculous” means of rapid detoxification from marijuana and its decay products – this is a hoax. The period of complete cleansing of the body is about 1 month, depending on the amount of weed in the body.

What is hemp?

how to clean thc out of your system fast

Sufficiently severe punishment entails the voluntary use of potentially dangerous psychotropic substances and cannabis, including.

Federal law on administrative offenses No. 195 provides for the imposition of a fine of up to 5,000 rubles and arrest for a period of at least 15 days. This applies to all without exception. And it doesn’t matter how hard the drugs were used.

Cannabis lost its agricultural value due to the presence of chemical compounds like cannabinoids. One of the main representatives of this group is the organic compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It provides such a psychotropic effect that is required for people with drug addiction, which is used in the manufacture of marijuana and hashish.

Consider the difference between these two concepts. Both marijuana and hashish are hemp-based drugs, but for the so-called weed they take the dry part of the plant without roots, and for hashish, a resin is needed. Unlike stems and leaves, which contain only 3% of THC, oily cannabis is more active.

How much do marijuana and hashish?

The effects of cannabinoid on the body is dangerous. A person smoking marijuana or a person who uses hashish, by his actions, causes tetrahydrocannabinol to penetrate first into the bloodstream and then into cells, tissues, vital organs and systems, and the brain.

Having all the properties of fat-soluble substances, cannabinoids easily interact with the cell membrane, interfere with metabolic processes, DNA synthesis and are deposited in adipose tissue, which significantly slows down the speed of their removal from the body. Usually, this process takes about 1.5 months.

Urinalysis will show cannabinoids with a single use for at least 3 days. Hashish and marijuana are kept in the blood for about 4 months, and in saliva secretions – 12 hours. Examination of hair for drugs allows you to determine cannabinoids within 3 months from the moment of even one dose. How long the drug is displayed depends on the amount of intake. It is important to take into account the state of human health.

How to remove hemp folk remedies?

how to clean thc out of your system fastFearing disclosure of personal information and registration at a drug treatment clinic, many decide to independently pursue the body and search for the most effective ways to remove residues from hashish, marijuana, and other dangerous and prohibited narcotic drugs.

Basically, cannabinoids are deposited in the liver and kidneys, deposited in fatty tissue. Therefore, to remove hemp from the blood, you have to drink plenty of water and actively move. Women need to consume about 2.7 liters per day, men – more than 3.5 liters. Along with sweat secretions, the body gets rid of THC. It is advisable to go to the sauna or gym.

Lemon can help clean marijuana. Vitamin C, which is found in large quantities in citrus, helps to eliminate toxins and enhance the immune system.

This also applies to the popular method with the use of garlic, which has gained popularity for its cleaning vessels and the ability to remove toxins, toxic substances from the body. To accept once a day on a glass of the crushed spice, to wash down with a brine or water.

Recommend to add to the diet and foods high in alkali. This will strengthen the protective functions of the body, resume cell regeneration processes, restore the functioning of the liver, lungs, heart and kidneys, intestines. It is better to eat radishes, celery, cucumbers, cabbage, avocados, carrots and greens. It is strictly forbidden to eat chocolate, add spices and condiments to food, drink mineral water and coffee. Cooking needs only light diet meals.

What drugs to remove marijuana?

How to Clean THC out of Your System Fast?After regular or one-time smoking, commercially available drugs will help cleanse the body. Just as alcohol residues are removed, it is possible, in most cases, to eliminate drugs. Activated carbon is recommended to drink 20-25 tablets per day 3 times. Inexpensive, but very effective sorbent.

Preparations like nicotinic and ascorbic acid, vitamin B, can speed up the process of removing THC from the body. Vitamin B3 accelerates the release of energy from fats, increases the activity of metabolic processes, restores the pancreas and blood circulation. Vitamin C will return the natural color of the urine, which is important when conducting the test.

Creatine, which is sold as an active biological supplement for athletes, accelerates protein synthesis, increases metabolic processes. Contains caffeine, which has a diuretic effect.

Other diuretic agents will also be engaged in removing excess fluid and cleansing the kidneys. For these purposes, ideal “Furosemide”, “Furadonin”, “Veroshpiron.” While taking diuretics, potassium-rich foods should be avoided. To prevent dehydration, do not forget to drink plenty of fluids.

Detoxification from drugs

how to clean thc out of your system fast

Even in the absence of traction or addiction to psychotropic chemical compounds, secret services like “Classical detoxification after marijuana” or ultra-fast opioid, AMLO can, anyone can. They offer almost all private drug treatment clinics.

Recently, the opportunity to call a psychiatrist at home. In this form of detoxification, the patient is offered under the supervision of specially trained medical personnel to undergo a course of infusion therapy with intravenous administration of saline, glucose, vitamins of groups B and C, and antidote if desired. The duration of treatment will not take 3-4 days.

Most often, a urine test is used to detect cannabinol and its breakdown products in the body. Sometimes they also analyze hair and saliva. There are two main urine tests:
• EMIT – involves the immediate detection of the THC metabolites (tetrahydrocannabinol) in the interaction of urine and reagent;
• GC / MS – Detailed laboratory analysis of urine.

Ways to remove THC from the body

Those who want to learn how to remove cannabinol from the body will have to be disappointed: if you have used a drug (especially systematically), the hair analysis will be quite eloquent and show the fact of using THC. Lack of hair also will not interfere with the test, because most often when checking it is required just to urinate.

First, an EMIT analysis is done, if there are abnormalities in it, the study of urine in the laboratory is continued using GC / MS analysis. A detailed study will show what and when you used.

Urinary THC can actually be reduced or completely neutralized, but this will take at least 4 weeks. If you have so much time, you can use the tips on how to remove cannabinol from the body. Tablets and drinks that allegedly remove THC instantly are obvious lies. Homemade products such as cranberry juice, fruit pectin, niacin or others are also used as disintoxicants.

None of them gives the desired effect. And laboratory tests have shown that such methods do not affect the body cannabinol at all. However, there is a program for the accelerated elimination of TGC, it will take 4-6 weeks.Its results will depend on the characteristics of the organism, metabolic processes, blood formation and digestion. In most cases, adherence to the rules below leads to 100% removal of THC from the body.

Preparation for the test for THC in the urine

The gradual elimination of cannabinol from the body implies an increase in metabolism within 4-6 weeks and the removal of THC metabolites. This will require daily physical exertion and eating high-calorie foods. Muscular tension will increase the excretion of cannabinol metabolites, reduce the period of their detection. But by the time the test is taken, such loads must be abandoned in order to stop the intense burning of fat, since urinalysis may be suspicious.

For the final neutralization of THC, it is necessary to increase the creatinine level before the test. 2-3 days before the analysis, go on a meat diet or the use of creatinine supplements. As a result, the level of creatine, whose creatin metabolite is, will increase to normal.

The breakdown of creatinine and its conversion to creatine lasts two to three days, so it is already meaningless to use it on the last day. A few hours before the test is to take 4 aspirin tablets, it will color the clear urine in a natural yellowish tint.

To pass the analysis in a normal amount, you can drink a couple of glasses of water 2–3 hours before visiting the laboratory. Trying to remove cannabinol using diuretics for several days before the test to no avail: the analysis will show that the urine is diluted, you have to take it again.

National craftsmen make a lot of all kinds of “drugs” from cannabis, in total they consist of more than 400 components, up to 15% of them are psychoactive substances, which are generally called cannabinoids. The most active ingredient of all hemp derivatives is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Speaking of successful testing, it is essential to remove it from the body.

Cannabis (THC) is a fat-soluble substance; when it enters the body, it is sent to adipose tissue and accumulates there, and it does not depend on how many times a drug has been used throughout its life.

Fat is the depot of THC, in which the process of its decomposition takes place. The substances (metabolites) formed as a result of such processing are eliminated through biological body fluids (urine, sweat).

The half-life of cannabis can take up to a week, but if we take into account that all this is “stored” in adipose tissue, and the metabolic processes in it occur very, very slowly, then the metabolites are also not rapidly removed. With a single use of cannabis even after two months, or even three, the test will show the presence of TGCs in the body.

Cannabinoid test

Two types of urine tests are used to detect the presence of THC, and its metabolites since most of them go through the urinary system.

  1. The most common rapid test EMIT – a special reagent in contact with the urine shows whether the body has decomposition products of THC. With a single use of the drug, a positive result will be even 5 days after.
  2. The second test, GC / MS, involves detailed urine testing in the laboratory.

how to clean thc out of your system fast

There are two more special types of testing; hair is used as test material. If once in the distant past there was buckwheat, and in the future, for a long time nothing was forbidden, the test will still be positive, even after more than 10 years.

Vegeto-resonant testing method will determine a single use of cannabis, how many years have passed after that. Even the events of thirty years ago will surface. This method is used only in the case of the passage of special commissions by employees of special services.

Cleansing program

Optimists note: with the systematic use of cannabis, completely remove its metabolites from the body will not work. The first test will be in any case with deviations from the norm, and then the second test will follow. By its result, it will be possible to determine exactly how many days (weeks, months) ago and what substance was used.

But still, it is possible to reduce the concentration of cannabinol breakdown products in the urine. It will take a lot of time for this – at least a month, and preferably two. Throughout this time, you will need to completely change your lifestyle – the mode of the day, the diet. The final result is greatly influenced by many factors, these are the individual characteristics of the organism:

  • general health;
  • the degree of slagging;
  • a rate of exchange processes;
  • the percentage of adipose tissue (relative to total weight);
  • a frequency of use and type of narcotic substance.

So, to help the body clear of THC, you need to follow a few simple rules for 1-2 months.

A sufficient amount of water entering the body will speed up the process of excretion of cannabis metabolites, namely, water in its pure form. You need to drink it up to 4 liters daily. The decay products of THC are excreted in the urine, so the more we drink, the more unnecessary substances are released, and every day their concentration becomes less and less.

Also, it is advisable to use herbal detox teas, which neutralize the negative effects and promote a gentle cleansing of the entire body from any toxins.

The diet will have to be completely revised. Particular attention should be paid to the pH balance, in humans it can fluctuate, but the ideal figure is 7.35-7.45. If the body’s pH is normal, then the purification process will be faster and more efficient. To speed up the process of excretion of TGC metabolites, it is necessary to include “alkaline” products in your daily menu:

  • cucumbers;
  • lime;
  • celery;
  • spinach;
  • avocado.

But the “acidic” products, by contrast, must be avoided in every way. Toxic substances are much more difficult to remove from the acidic environment; the purification process will be slow.

To determine the pH of the body, you can purchase a special test, it is sold in pharmacies. You can use it periodically for control, to know how many products you need to use. They need to be excluded from the diet. High content of acids is noted in:

  • all sweets;
  • bakery products;
  • dairy products;
  • fried and fatty foods.

The period of elimination of cannabis decomposition products also depends on how much time is devoted to physical exertion. To speed up the cleansing, you need to speed up the metabolism and try to get rid of fatty tissue, without fanaticism, of course. Intensive everyday loads, contributing to the “distilling” of adipose tissue, will reduce the number of depots for THC and reduce the period of their detection.

To completely neutralize THC, it is necessary to increase the creatinine level a few days before the intended testing. To do this, it is advisable to switch to a meat-containing diet and stop all workouts so that the process of intense burning of adipose tissue ends. Otherwise, the test results will be suspicious, and the further development of the script is already known.

And most importantly – the desire to cleanse is not a test for the sake of health, but for health, because there is no point in rushing only because of a negative result. It is not important how many times or years forbidden substances have been consumed, but that it is more harmful to yourself to continue, it is necessary to purify both the body and the mind.

How to remove toxins from the body?

If you listen to your body more closely, you will be able to determine when it is necessary to clean. These symptoms include severe and frequent headaches, fatigue. You get irritable, worried about constant fatigue, there is a possibility of fever and an allergic reaction, various skin diseases (inflammation, dryness, redness, etc.), mucosal lesions develop (for example, conjunctivitis or a runny nose).

O ne of the most effective methods of cleaning the human body from accumulated toxins is preventive measures. First of all, you need to completely stop smoking, do not drink strong tea and coffee, as well as alcoholic beverages. You should try not to overeat, do not eat large quantities of fatty foods and products, during the production of which non-natural dyes, flavors, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc. are used. “Chemistry”.

Accumulating in large quantities in the human body, slags begin to poison internal organs and systems. Experts recommend starting cleaning with the stomach, then the intestines, not forgetting to pay attention to the liver, as well as lungs.

Then you can begin to cleanse the kidneys, lymph, blood, blood vessels, and skin. After that cleansing of joints and connective tissues is allowed.

I f you have not done any cleaning before, it is recommended to start with simpler options, and you must first consult a doctor first. The fact is that for beginners, some methods can be really dangerous and, instead of being useful, will bring serious harm to the body.

Cleansing the stomach and intestines from toxins

Only with severe poisoning requires a separate cleansing of the stomach. And in other cases, it is required to conduct bowel cleansing, since slags stagnate in it.

To clean the intestines, you will need to take boiled water (2 liters) at room temperature and stir in it lemon juice (1 tablespoon) and table vinegar (1 tablespoon). The resulting mixture is poured into the Esmarch cup, and the tip is lubricated with a small amount of Vaseline and make an enema.

As soon as the first urge appears, it is necessary to stop injecting fluid and empty the intestines. This procedure should be carried out during the week 2 hours before bedtime, every day. Starting from the 2nd week of cleansing, an enema is done every other day. During the 3rd week in 2 days, on the 4th in 3 days, on the 5th time in 7 days. Such a course of purification may be held no more than 2 times a year.

Liver cleaning

  • 3 days before the start of the liver cleansing procedure, it is necessary to switch to a slag-free diet, during which only vegetable raw food (fruits, vegetables) is eaten.
  • An hour before the start of cleaning, a warm heating pad should be put on the liver. Prepare 2 cups – pour unrefined vegetable oil into one (preferably olive oil), and in 2nd lemon juice (cranberry juice or gooseberry juice will do). Each solution is heated until it reaches body temperature.
  • Every 10 minutes, drink 2 sips of juice and oil, provided that there is no feeling of nausea. For 5 hours you need to keep a heating pad on the liver. On the morning of the 2nd day, we do a cleansing enema, as described above. Throughout the 2nd day, you need to eat only plant food.

It is worth remembering that this method of cleaning is contraindicated for those who suffer from gallstones or kidneys, especially if they are large. If you ignore this warning, there is a chance to provoke exacerbation, severe pain.

How to remove toxins from the body?

  1. Bay leaf will help to remove toxins and toxins from the body, as well as salt deposits, helps strengthen bones, muscles and joints. In this case, you need to take a bay leaf and grind it (5 g), pour boiling water (300 g) and boil on a minimum fire for at least 10 minutes. Then pour the broth into a thermos, tightly close the lid, wrap a blanket and leave for 4 hours. For 3 days you need to take this broth 1 tbsp. l at regular intervals. Then a short break is taken for about 1 week and the course of purification is repeated.
  2. Simple melt water will help to remove accumulated slags in the body. By its composition, it is as close as possible to the fluid that is contained in the human body. You can make melted water yourself. To do this, pour simple tap water into the container, then put it in the freezer.
  3. As soon as thin and long icicles appear inside, you need to gently remove and remove them. The remaining water is poured into another container and again placed in the freezer. As soon as the water is divided into a cloudy suspension and clear ice, remove the 1st. And we defrost clear ice and drink it every day. However, it must be remembered that it is impossible to store the melted water for more than 3 days, it is best to make a small amount and periodically replenish supplies.
  4. Tibetan llamas used simple rice to cleanse the body of slags. For this purpose, only round variety can be used. This croup has a crystal lattice, so after soaking and draining the water, the starch is leaching, cells appear in the grains. Because of this, rice will not be digested, but enters the duodenum, in which the formed cells absorb accumulated slags.
  5. When using this method of cleaning, you need to take as much rice (in tablespoons) as you are. Then the croup is thoroughly washed and filled with boiled (cold) water, the container is covered with a lid and put in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning water is drained, 1 tbsp is taken. L rice (with a slide) and cooked without salt for 3-4 minutes. Ready rice porridge should be eaten on an empty stomach no later than 8.30 in the morning. Boiled water poured all the remaining rice and placed in the refrigerator. Thus, it is necessary to act every day until the group is finished.

How to remove cannabinol from the body: ways

Cannabinol is a narcotic substance found in cannabis leaves and inflorescences. It is used for medical purposes. Cannabinol cannot be removed quickly. In the case when the drug is used (especially systematically), then the hair analysis will give a rather eloquent result and will show the presence of cannabinol or THC in the body.

A serious obstacle to the test for the presence of cannabinol in the body can not be the absence of hair, as in this case, urine will be used for the analysis. First of all, an EMIT analysis is carried out, and if deviations are noticed in it, there is a need for further study of urine analysis in the laboratory. Through this study, it becomes clear what substance and when a person used.

However, there is a chance to reduce or completely neutralize THC in the urine, but in this case, it will take at least 4 weeks. Some of the most effective detoxiners today are fairly simple home remedies — for example, fruit pectin, cranberry juice, niacin, etc. They are not able to give the desired effect urgently, but slightly accelerate the output from the body of cannabinol.

For 4-6 weeks from the body, you can completely remove the narcotic substance with the help of a specially designed program. Its final results will directly depend on the characteristics of the human body: the processes of blood formation, metabolism, and digestion. It is best to take this program under the supervision of a physician who will tell you about all the subtleties of this body’s purification process from toxic substances.

The human body is a unique system that is capable of self-cleaning from almost any harmful substances. But there are situations, for example, during illness, when there are any failures, the elimination of toxins and slags is broken. In this case, it is necessary to carry out the purification procedure. It is advisable to do this on the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician.

To detect tetrahydrocannabinol, doctors use two methods, one of them is instantaneous, it detects THC metabolites, EMIT, and a more thorough urine test, GC / MC. Those who are interested in the question of how to quickly remove THC from the urine can immediately be disappointed, since this is impossible, the process takes a long time.

However, there are methods how to remove THC from the urine, even if it is not as fast as we would like, but compared with the natural process, it is still faster, and if there is some time left, then it is possible.

If it is necessary to donate hair for research, no measures will bring results, THC’s hair will be contained for a very long time, although there are special shampoos that can help, it is extremely difficult to find them. They will also have to be used for a long time, otherwise, the result will still be positive,

For THC in the body to be neutralized, a minimum of 4 weeks is necessary, the period depends on the person’s build, the strength of marijuana, and the frequency of its use.

Adipose tissue accumulates THC and is very difficult to remove from it, so overweight people will not be able to do it in a short time if marijuana is strong, then THC will be removed longer, or if the frequency of use is high. Under such conditions, it may even take several months to completely clean the body, and not just a few weeks, and this process is practically unrealistic to speed up.

Physical exertion can help, at this time there is a burning of fat, therefore, a decrease in the content of cannabinol in the body, but this should not be done before testing, because the result will seem suspicious to doctors, and more detailed research will be scheduled.

In order to completely neutralize THC, you can go to the bathhouse, to the sauna, steam it up to sweat, then some of it will go away, but the intensive elimination should end several days before the urine is given.

Blood creatinine should be increased to normal, for this you need to enter meat in the diet in 2-3 days, or to buy a dietary supplement containing creatine, creatinine is its metabolite, so that it returns to normal will need 2 or 3 days, therefore, it is necessary to use creatine urine does not make sense.

In order for the urine to have a natural yellowish color and to be transparent, aspirin should be taken 4 hours before delivery, 4 tablets are enough, and 500 ml of water should be drunk in a couple of hours.

If you take diuretic drugs for several days before the analysis, the result will be reversed, doctors will be alerted by diluted urine and they will force it to retake. If somewhere they are offering to buy pills or cannabinol neutralizing drink instantly, they lie to sell their drugs, those who offer to drink niacin, cranberry drink or fruit pectin are also cunning.

According to the results of research, these manipulations are meaningless, it takes quite a long time to remove TGCs, even an accelerated program lasts from one to one and a half months!

It all depends on the metabolic process of a particular person, the speed of his blood formation, the characteristics of digestion, but if the rules are followed, the process can be somewhat accelerated.

If employment is to be done, some companies oblige to undergo a test for THC, and they can force you to donate hair, it is removed very slowly from them, you should use shampoo, which removes traces of hemp from hair follicles and hairs, but it will take a long time to use this tool.

Fat food should not be consumed, it will slow down the process, and a proper diet with physical exertion will speed it up, but in any case, it will not be possible to quickly bring urine indicators to normal, so it is better to lead a healthy lifestyle in order not to create problems for yourself in the future.