How to Recover from a Binge Drinking?

Greetings to all readers! Today I want to talk with you about the recovery of the body after a binge because it is not enough just to overcome the disease. Intoxication delivers not just terrible feelings; it also causes irreparable harm to health.

Therefore, the body after a long binge requires full recovery. How to do it right and what should be taken, I will tell you in this article.

How does the body suffer from a binge?

To correctly identify some methods to restore the body, you should understand the full extent of the problem. What happens to your body and health during prolonged abstinence hangover?

Alcoholism is a severe disease that affects all vital organs. Booze usually occurs at the 3rd or 4th stage of alcoholism. At first, it appears with rare periodicity, but then breaks become less and less.

Recovery of the body after a long binge is a series of complex measures because excessive alcohol consumption affects the kidneys, liver, brain, cardiovascular system.

  1. The liver has the biggest hit. All its functions are violated, and over time it simply cannot perform its main task – to filter the poison entering the body. The man from this gets drunk even faster.
  2. Irreversible processes also occur with the brain. From the continuous use of alcoholic beverages, the cells die, the structure of the brain changes. As a result, epilepsy, delirium tremens, hallucinations may occur. Especially there is a risk of acute alcoholic psychosis with a sharp withdrawal of the patient from the stage of an abstinent hangover.
  3. The kidneys do not cope with a huge amount of toxins. As a result, puffiness appears on the face. Like the liver, they stop filtering the blood, clearing it of the poison that enters the body.
  4. Changes affect the nervous system. A person may experience acute psychological disorder, irritability, aggression, insomnia, anxiety, and fear.

How to restore the body?

Everyone knows that during a long bout, the patient is not interested in anything but alcohol. Cells of a brain die off, transfer of nervous impulses is broken. Gradually, social degradation begins, interest in work, family, and hobbies disappears. The consequences of a long bout lead to violations of a social nature.

Here are just a few of the consequences that will need to be restored after a binge.

  • Complete loss of appetite;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • the joints are destroyed;
  • muscles are atrophied;
  • there is a significant breakdown;
  • chills and fever;
  • reduced immunity;
  • lack of resistance to infections.

 Restoring health at home

  1. If you decide to think about the recovery after binge your body, then you should completely forget about alcoholic beverages. Even about low alcohol and even in small quantities. Any alcoholic drink is a poison that will only aggravate the situation. It will be enough to drink 50 grams of wine so that the booze will come back again, and with it a serious health risk.
  2. The body is now in a dehydrated state, so you need to make it a rule to drink at least 2.5-3 liters of fluid a day. Ideally – clean water, but at first, it will be difficult to do. Therefore, it is possible to include in this daily rate fruit drinks, compotes, fresh juices.
  3. Begin to take vitamin complexes, as, under the action of ethyl alcohol, the body is severely deficient in vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium.

 How and what to eat?

As a rule, all alcoholics lose their appetite during long periods of hard drinking. From here – dysfunctional digestive tract disorder, weight loss. Now you need to establish proper nutrition.

Observe it is not as difficult as it may se+em at first glance. Make it a rule:

  • Eat at least 5-6 times a day, eating food in small portions;
  • Discard the fried, salted, fatty and smoked;
  • Include in the diet up to 50% of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Every day you need to eat dairy products, replenishing stocks of vitamin C and calcium.

We treat with medication

If with folk remedies to restore the body after a binge, everything is clear, let’s see what pharmaceutical means can help a weakened body.

Activated carbon is a powerful assistant for any poisoning, alcohol, including. Asparkam is another effective remedy for body recovery after a binge.

It helps to restore heart rate, improves blood flow to the brain, helps insulin production in the blood. Also, doctors can attribute riboxin together with asparkam, which also aims to restore the body after a long binge.

It should be remembered that asparkam and riboxin in no case be combined with alcohol. This not only completely eliminates the therapeutic effect, but can also provoke some serious problems: heart attack, hypertension, fever, allergies, nausea, and vomiting.

The duration of the recovery of folk and drugs, as a rule, depends on the duration of abstinence hangover. If the booze itself lasted for 2-3 days, then it is quite possible to clean the body in a week.

If hard drinking and lasts more than a week, then it is not always possible to confine yourself to food and folk remedies. Here you will have to ask for help at the clinic, to clean the blood of toxins with the help of droppers and intravenous injections.

At the end of this article I want to recommend a wonderful school of health. Her experts will help you to restore your health after a binge and teach you how to clean the body properly.

I wish you all good health! Share the article on social networks and write in the comments if you have encountered similar problems and what means to restore your health.

About booze

Alcoholism is accompanied by some symptoms. The insignificant use of alcoholic drinks breaks state of health. If you take them for a long time begins severe intoxication.

Booze occurs to those who have a second or third stage of addiction. The liver is no longer able to process large doses, and the person quickly gets drunk.

Due to the prolonged use of alcohol, the work of many organs is disrupted:

  • the liver;
  • brain;
  • the kidneys;
  • pancreas.

Metabolic processes in body change, vitamins of group B, calcium, magnesium, and potassium are washed out. The nervous system suffers. You can not stop drinking sharply; it can lead to psychosis, delirium tremens or hallucinations. Immediately stop drinking alcohol only under the supervision of doctors in a rehabilitation clinic.

Necessary measures

In healthy people, alcohol intoxication causes poor health. This may be a headache, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, pain in the limbs, fever. To get them out of this state, you need to get rid of the decay products of ethanol:

  • We must take the sorbent; the most famous is activated carbon. Diuretic agents will be helpful. You can use watermelon, melon, cherry; they will help to clean the intestines and blood from toxins.
  • You need to drink a lot because together with alcohol, fluid and nutrients are excreted from alcohol.
  • After a long binge, you should try to organize the work of all organs. The treatment will take a long time; it can last up to a year. It will take much more time to restore mental health, and it is not always possible to achieve a positive effect. This is because alcohol destroys brain cells.

When you stop drinking, a person does not immediately feel the improvement. The work of the body will be adjusted, but to fix up quickly will not work.

We must go through 3 stages of recovery:

  1. In one week, the person improves skin condition. Discomfort in the stomach and heartburn disappears.
  2. For 2 weeks, the work of brain processes improves, thinking becomes clear.
  3. Dizziness disappears. Blood pressure is normalized. Headaches disappear, shortness of breath. Improved appetite.
  4. Within a month, the decay products of alcohol are finally eliminated from the brain. Emotional state improves. After this stage of recovery, an intimate life is established.

Main organs

To recover, each organ requires the fulfillment of mandatory purification conditions.


At the 2-3 stage of alcoholism, you can try to return it to work. The body has the property of regeneration.

To remove toxins, it is necessary to use large amounts of water. It is necessary to adhere to the diet. The diet should include foods that contain a lot of fiber and vitamins. You can not eat fried, smoked and spicy food. Products that contain preservatives, dyes and other chemicals should be excluded.


In the kidney remains a portion of toxins, which are bad for their work. There is sediment in the urine. There is a pain in the lower back.

If you completely stop drinking alcohol, the kidneys return to normal after 2-4 months. We must maintain a mobile lifestyle, a lot of walking in the fresh air.

Organs of the digestive tract

For heavy drinkers, food acts as a snack. Especially junk food consumed with beer. The pancreas suffers from this. Alcohol is bad for the stomach and intestinal mucosa. There are pains of a different nature, disturbed digestion. Drinking people are exposed to diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis.

You can quickly recover from a binge, if you follow some rules:

  • Half an hour before meals you need to drink a glass of water, you can get with honey.
  • It is necessary to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  • The diet must include soups, broths, cereals, vegetables, and fruits.
  • During the day you need to drink about 1.5-2 liters of water. A benefit will bring green tea, juice, mineral water.

Nervous system

After the cessation of alcohol use, symptoms such as unreasonable anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbance, and tremor begin to manifest. Memory and coordination of movements worsen. To improve your condition, you need to spend time in the fresh air. Positive emotions will benefit.

A warm bath or shower will eliminate internal shivering. When the body is restored, you can take Glycine, Afobazol, Finlepsin (Carbamazepine), Grandaxin, Mebicar. They will help overcome anxiety.

A depressive state may occur. His along with aggressiveness should not be treated with strong drugs. It is better to seek help from a psychologist. An experienced specialist will help you to recover quickly.

It is recommended to observe the daily regimen. Sleep should be full, about 7-8 hours, moderate labor. Heavy exercise is contraindicated.

Some features

In people who consume a lot of alcohol, the immune system becomes weak. We must beware of disease, drafts. You should not visit places of large crowds of people.

During the recovery period, you can improve the condition with the help of medications:

    • Karsil;
    • Essentiale;
    • Hepabene;
    • Energetic;
    • Milk thistle;
    • Vitamin complexes with a mandatory content of B1.


Getting out of binge is a difficult and long process. It requires a lot of effort, but you can bring back good health.

Recovery after hard drinking at home

After the examination, it is possible to conduct neurometabolic drug therapy and other procedures necessary in your condition. Therefore, it is important to restore health, organs, in particular – brain cells, liver, kidneys and clean them as quickly as possible. Bad becomes the whole body. But most of all brain cells and liver are affected. Because the brain is affected sometime after binge drinking and poisoning, a person’s memory, attention, and consciousness become diffused.

After giving up alcohol, the liver will “cope” with toxins, they will be removed, the brain will be rehabilitated. In this case, brain cells are affected, and the consequences can be unpredictable, even fatal. Toxins that get with alcohol during binge and smoking, especially with prolonged use, the liver is simply not able to process.

After giving up alcohol and taking various decoctions, it will be much easier for the body to recover and resume its normal work. Rehabilitation is carried out with the help of drugs that completely remove toxic elements and the remaining ethanol molecules from the body.

Many people, especially those in the stage of binge drinking, “fear” the state that awaits them upon awakening. If in the morning a person is bad, the memory is broken, the brain is “heavy,” then the body should be allowed to rest as much as possible. Drink More! After giving up alcohol and drinking large amounts of water, blood circulation and metabolic processes will be restored. Toxins will be removed faster, brain cells and other organs will be restored.

For recovery after hard drinking and excessive smoking decoctions of medicinal herbs are perfect. It is desirable diuretic and sedative to restore the nervous system. Alcohol removes potassium salts from the body. That is why many after a hangover want something salty. Therefore, the brine is relevant for the recovery of the body.

They will help to compensate for the lack of vitamins and restore the body. Sauna or Russian bath. A great way to restore the body after poisoning and excessive smoking is to visit the steam room. But only if there are no problems with pressure and cardiovascular diseases. That is why it is useful to bathe after the holiday.

Stomach pain and a feeling of nausea during alcoholism or alcohol intoxication will help reduce the drug Alka-Seltzer. The basic rules for recovering from smoking and quitting alcohol are consuming large amounts of fluid, saturating the diet with foods that contain vitamins.

Acceptance of alcohol over a long period has a devastating effect on the body. The recovery of the body after alcoholism should be directed to normalize the work of the peripheral and central nervous system, impaired by prolonged exposure to alcoholic toxins. Of the drugs used to restore the liver after a binge, during the treatment of alcoholism, it is mandatory to prescribe essential phospholipids.

Recovery after the binge is impossible without the normal functioning of the digestive system since it is its proper functioning that ensures the cleansing of the body from unnecessary decay products. As part of rehabilitation measures to normalize the work of the nervous system, the main task is to restore the brain after alcoholism.

The first positive results can be seen at least a month after the start of treatment – of course, subject to complete abstinence from alcohol. Booze is a condition that, in principle, cannot pass without a trace and gives rise to a lot of problems. The general condition of a person after leaving a bout can be simply terrible. However, hard drinking in any form is an extremely severe intoxication of the whole body with the decay products of ethanol.

How can you restore the body at home after drinking, especially lingering? Here we need active help: psychological support in the desire to stop hard drinking, control of nutrition and procedures, in general, truly health-promoting assistance.

Gastrointestinal system after binge

How to stop vomiting after binge if the stomach is already completely free? After the stomach calms down, it’s time to restore the water-salt balance. After the first events, you can move on to more thorough healing of the body.

After lightening your physical condition, it’s time to think about your psychological well-being. After excessive drinking alcohol, alcohol-addicted people are prone to absolute insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, they often have dreams with auditory and visual hallucinations. How to return quality sleep after a binge? Exclude annoying factors: computer games, watching action movies and “horror films.”

Narcologist Maxim Kirsanov tells how to restore the body after a long binge: it tells separately about the stage of abstinence syndrome, and separately about the next stage – asthenic. The medicines are listed, the remedy and separately indicated what should not be done during treatment, so as not to harm the body.

The most frequent problems after getting out of a long binge are high blood pressure, increased heart rate (tachycardia).

It can be assumed that toxic encephalopathy has arisen as a result of the toxic effect of alcohol, but the degree of organic damage is unknown. No “toxic encephalopathy” (G92) as a result of the toxic effect of alcohol can arise: this nosological term has completely different content. Recommendations for the survey should also be given the most specific (for example, “expanded hormonal blood test” – is that, and sex hormones?

Usually, after a binge, there is practically no feeling of hunger and appetite. Methods of removing from the binge and restoring the body in a medical facility are very effective, but not all within their means. Full recovery of health after a long bout depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, the duration of treatment. Alcohol-dependent people ask dozens of questions about their condition: how to gain strength again, how to restore sleep after a binge, free the body from toxins, and many others.

What happens after giving up alcohol

After the cessation of alcohol consumption in the body will cease to fall harmful substances that have a psychoattack on brain cells. As a result, the processes of purification of the internal organs of the products of ethyl decay will start. With alcoholics “with experience” begins withdrawal syndrome, which requires medical care.

While cleaning the body of toxins, the patient fully feels all the consequences of a hangover: dizzy, hallucinations appear, heart aches, body temperature rises, anxiety level, high pressure, frequent heartbeat, tremors, diarrhea, sleep disturbances, convulsions, sudden mood changes hand tremor. In some cases, feet hurt, vomiting begins, barking cough.

How long is this condition?

It all depends on the degree of addiction to alcohol and the individual characteristics of the organism. In other words, the longer the binge lasts, and the dependence is more developed, the longer and harder the consequences will be. However, do not despair. Over time, the symptoms will pass, sleep normalizes, and the emotional and physical states will improve.

Depression after giving up alcohol

Anticipatory AnxietyWhen the body ceases to receive the next dose of alcohol, a psychological crisis occurs in a latent form. As a rule, it comes on the second day. This depression is not a passing mood swing, it is the loss of the meaning of life and the complete loss of positive emotions. In this state, the world is seen only in a bad light.

A depressive disorder is a frequent companion of alcoholism. The patient feels weakness, irritability, appetite is lost, his “envelop” feelings of guilt, remorse, strong nightmares, he becomes more conflict, aggressive. Often there is a psychosis. As a rule, these symptoms last a short period and disappear in 3-5 days. However, after a long period of alcohol intake, prolonged depression often develops (up to six months). This is a dangerous state of a hidden threat to human health.

After getting out of a protracted binge, the alcoholic returns to a normal lifestyle starts working, his relatives watch positive changes, but this does not cancel the psychological crisis that is going on in the shower. Most often, a person begins to drink, to get away from the gray days of everyday life, to get rid of annoying problems that seem unsolvable. As a result, the world loses color again, negative emotions once again experienced again, a feeling of peace disappears, dissatisfaction with one’s life recurs. At this point, a person may seem outwardly happy and healthy but experience the strongest psychological discomfort.

Prolonged depression rarely resolves on its own, in most cases, it leaves a deep imprint on the person, and may cause irreversible effects in the body. The nervous system of the dependent is loosened, the brain activity is disturbed, the human psyche is affected. With regular use of ethyl drinks, nerve cells wear out and die. Often develops alcoholic polyneuritis. These processes do not pass without a trace. The dependent loses sensitivity in the limbs, weakness in the legs increases, muscular strength decreases, coordination, and speech are disturbed, severe dizziness appears, seizures of hysteria and epilepsy may occur. Such cases require strict monitoring and medical intervention. It is during this period of mental suffering that suicides are most committed.

If a person is not able to overcome the psychological crisis, depression after a bout will end up with the addict returning to alcohol. At the same time, the bitter experience will remind him that going out of this state will bring only mental suffering, so there is no point in “tying” to drink.

To alleviate the condition of the patient, drug therapy is prescribed, including the administration of antidepressants, as well as a course of psychotherapy. The main thing at this stage is to provide moral support to the alcoholic and show the positive colors of the world around him.

The benefits of avoiding spirits

People who suffer from alcohol addiction often feel that refusing to drink alcohol means not to celebrate holidays, not to rest on weekends, but to sit with a stone face among friends and be considered a bore. However, this is not the case. It all depends on the choice of the person. You can relax and have fun at the right time without alcohol or take a small dose in the evening (up to 150 ml). To do this, it is not necessary to fill up and test the waste in the morning.

The choice of the side of sobriety has a beneficial effect on the human body:

      1. Immunity increases, the probability of developing alcoholic gastritis, ulcers, sexual and renal dysfunction, and diseases of the cardiovascular system decreases.
      2. Mental state normalizes. A person becomes calmer, anxiety, irritability, aggression goes away, the risk of being subjected to stress is reduced, depressed, working capacity increases, strength appears.
      3. Save time and money. First of all, after being freed from alcohol addiction, a person begins to realize that now he has “extra” 3-5 hours, which can be devoted to hobbies, improvement, and success. There was time for self-development, which was not there before.

The expenses of the family budget for alcohol, which is an expensive pleasure, are decreasing.

      1. Well-being, recuperation. According to statistics, 5% of marriages worldwide destroy alcohol. And this is more than 15 million unions. By drunkenness, problems arise in relationships, conflicts, and sometimes violence. Only by overcoming the painful craving for alcoholic beverages can you save a family, raise happy children.
      2. Increase life expectancy, improve its quality. Certainly, refusal from alcohol will not make anyone immortal. However, it will help to avoid diseases that are caused by alcohol intoxication and prolonged hard drinking. Drunkenness takes the health and meaning of life, deprives the bright moments, memories. As a result, the patient is in a state of so-called vacuum. And only after breaking the vicious circle, he begins to live.
      3. Improves the quality of metabolism. Already after a week-long binge, the alcoholic ceases to control the feeling of hunger. As a result, he misses meals or, on the contrary, overeats much. This leads to poor absorption of nutrients, the delay of slags and metabolic products in the human body longer than the allotted time.

Chaotic meals are fraught with a lack of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients in the body, which contributes to metabolic disorders, intoxication, insufficient nutrition of internal organs with nutrients, exhaustion. And only after a complete rejection of alcohol, the mechanisms of natural recovery of metabolism are triggered.

      1. Improved appearance. Drinking a person is easy to identify among people, he has a puffy red face and sunken, red eyes, the frontal muscle is always in tension, noticeable folds form at the inner corner of the eyes, the nostrils dilate, the lips become thicker, the neck muscles are hypertrophied, the hair condition worsens, teeth deteriorate . It emanates a sour smell, which is caused by acetaldehyde, a component that alcohol is decomposed into. Intensive aging processes are launched. To bring a person in order, you must clean the body of the decay products of ethyl.

Thus, getting rid of alcohol addiction has several advantages. Man ceases to live a life of idling. He has free time, which can be devoted to hobbies, work, family, his health improves, his health is restored. In other words, after eliminating a bad habit, a person begins to lead an active full life.

Stages of recovery. What’s happening?

After a person has decided to tie up his body with a drink, which he has pretty much spent until now, he has to go through several stages of natural purification and recovery. During this period, there is a dramatic change in all systems and internal organs.

Stages of normalization of the patient’s condition:

      1. A week. For 7 days of abstinence from alcohol, a strong drinker (in the past) will receive a charge of vitality; sleep, skin condition will improve, the stomach will not bother, heartburn will go away.
      2. Two weeks. At this stage, the clarity is restored, the productivity of thinking processes, shortness of breath goes away, the head does not hurt, the heart rhythm and pressure indicators are normalized.
      3. Month. After 30 days of a sober lifestyle, products of ethyl decay are derived from the brain, thereby improving its functioning. The emotional mood is restored, intimate life improves.

Among the negative aspects of this period, you can highlight a significant loss in weight, since alcoholic beverages have a high caloric content (more than 200 kcal per 100 g) and if you do not replenish their energy value with other products, then a person will begin to lose weight rapidly.

Currently, it is believed that beer, unlike vodka, does not cause dependence. It is not true. The intoxicating drink is more addictive than alcohol.

After abandoning strong drinks, alcohol can leave the blood in 3 days, while it leaves the brain only after 4 weeks. It is established that when ingested, ethyl is absorbed in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, concentrated in the nervous system. Interestingly, different amounts of alcohol accumulate in different organs. If we assume that 100% of ethyl is concentrated in the blood, then in the cerebrospinal fluid and liver its level is 150% and 148%, respectively, and in the brain reaches a maximum of 175%. Thus, under the influence of intoxicating drinks, the cerebral cortex suffers most, the nervous tissue is reborn, the membranes lose their transparency. In addition, the brain of alcoholics varies in volume and weight in a smaller way.

Comprehensive recovery

Normalization of the health of an alcoholic is a long process that depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. At the same time, the recovery of each organ proceeds at different speeds. After abandoning alcohol, the well-being and appearance of the addict are improved already in 2-4 months. To restore the brain will take at least one year. And the lost liver cells can never be returned, but their further degradation can be stopped.

To maintain the body and eliminate avitaminosis, the patient is prescribed vitamins, mineral preparations.

Remember, the exclusion of alcoholic beverages from life – it is stressful for a person who drinks. It is during this period that it is very important to provide the dependent with medical assistance and psychological support, without which he cannot cope.

Refusal of alcohol: what happens to the internal organs?

      1. Recovery of the liver. Surprisingly, this organ is capable of regeneration. After abandoning ethyl drinks, the liver will eventually begin to recover on its own. To speed up the process, it is recommended to take a set of measures that are aimed at relaxing, cleansing the body. The first thing to change is nutrition: eliminate fatty, fried foods from the diet, eating foods containing chemical additives (flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes, stabilizers). The diet is based on foods rich in vitamin elements, fiber (vegetables, fruits). They will help nourish the body with nutrients and cleanse the liver.

During this period, it is recommended to take hepatoprotectors: Essentially, Karsil, Ursofalk, Hofitol, Gepabene, Liv 52.

      1. Restoration of the kidneys. Prolonged alcoholic hard drinking disrupts the organs of the urinary system. As a result, a person has painful sensations in the lumbar region, sediment is detected in the urine, kidney failure and degeneration, pyelonephritis, chronic glomeru-nephritis develop, stones and malignant tumors form. This phenomenon occurs due to the accumulation of toxic decomposition products of alcohol in them, and in the case of non-treatment leads to a lethal outcome.

What to take to restore the body?

First of all, emphasis must be placed on an active lifestyle. To speed up the recovery of renal processes, the patient is recommended to move more. In addition, special attention should be paid to the diet. It excludes products that irritate the renal tubules, contributing to the formation of stones. These include onions, garlic, legumes, alcohol, smoked meats, chocolate, strong coffee, canned food, fatty meats, pickles. It is necessary to eat fractionally, saturate the diet with vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Special attention should be paid to pumpkin, apples, plums, cranberries, cod, wild rose, bran, asparagus, parsley.

To cleanse the kidneys from alcohol toxins, it is recommended to take decoctions of herbs: black elderberry, oregano, juniper, dill, sage, birch leaves, nettle. And to dissolve stones and remove sand, brew parsley, knotweed, woolly hervoo, half-palu.

      1. Brain repair. Regeneration processes are started only after 20 days of alcohol rejection and last for years. The brain suffers more from alcohol than the liver. If you do not start timely treatment, the cells of the body are destroyed, coordination of movements, cerebral circulation is disturbed, the behavior becomes unleashed, intellectual ability decreases, memory lapses appear, clouding of consciousness. As a result, alcohol dullness, amnesia, the stroke may develop.

After drinking alcohol comes oxygen starvation, causing the death of neurons. Only 100 ml of vodka can destroy up to 8,000 human brain cells.

The restoration of intellectual activity is a long process during which the patient is prescribed a complex therapy aimed at the fortification of the body, the normalization of blood flow to the vessels, the relief of pain.

To improve brain performance, nootropics, antidepressants, and sedatives are prescribed to the patient (Melaxen, Mexidol, Neuromultivitis, Glycine).

      1. Restoration of the pancreas. First of all, it is impossible to overload the damaged organ. To do this, you should not combine sour with fatty, proteins with carbohydrates, sweet with meat. Eat small meals, but more often. Include healthy vegetable fats (olive oil) in the diet, drink a glass of water 30 minutes before the meal. If you follow the dietary regime, the pancreas will gradually begin to regenerate.
      2. Restoration of potency (in men). Ethanol, which is part of all alcoholic beverages – a real poison for the human body. Alcohol reduces nerve reactions, causes damage to the brain, which controls the formation, maturation of sperm.

Under the influence of alcohol, many pathological changes occur in the male reproductive system: receptor activity is dulled, causing agitation, inflammation occurs in the tissues of the prostate, an erection starts to disappear, semen quality changes, and the chance of fertilizing an egg decreases, infertility develops. To restore sexual abilities, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the consumption of alcohol, stop smoking, begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, move more, use fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts.

Should I use “Viagra” or “Cialis”?

hydrocodone acetaminophenThese drugs cause arousal, but they are one-time use. Funds do not have any therapeutic effect. They only help cause an erection before sexual intercourse.

The human body is designed in such a way as to self-cure. Most of the internal organs are capable of regeneration. The recovery process starts within 5-30 days after the cessation of alcohol use. To maintain the body and accelerate the normalization of the state of internal organs and systems, drug therapy is prescribed, which is individual. The treatment regimen is determined by the narcologist by clinical history.

Recovery of the nervous system

After a long drink, a person cannot recover for a long time. The peripheral and central nervous system suffers. Excessive nervousness, irritability are observed, the concentration of attention is disturbed, memory deteriorates. Rehabilitation includes adequate detoxification (to clear the blood) and treatment with vascular, nootropic drugs (to improve blood flow in brain cells).

To speed up the elimination of alcohol from the body, it is necessary to take a lot of non-carbonated water, since alcoholic drinks give a diuretic effect, which leads to dehydration. In addition, the liquid evaporates when you sweat. As a result, the kidneys hurt, the food is poorly absorbed, the urine darkens, its amount decreases, the skin becomes dry, constant fatigue, drowsiness arise, and the heart load increases. Together with the liquid, vitamins, mineral compounds (potassium, sodium) are removed.

To prevent dehydration, it is recommended to drink daily at least 2 liters of pure water, as well as cucumber, cabbage pickle. To replenish the vitamin balance, it is useful to take fresh citrus juices: tangerine, lemon, orange, grapefruit. To avoid excitation of the nervous system, you should stop drinking carbonated drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino.

To remove diarrhea, remove toxins, stop body poisoning, the patient should drink activated charcoal: 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. In addition, to restore the nervous system, improve the condition of an alcoholic, you need to give up smoking, eat properly, stay fresher, relax more often and sleep at least 8 hours a day, do sports.

The first time after giving up alcohol, the patient experiences severe irritability, a panic attack, aggression is possible. Neuroleptics and sedatives are used to calm the nervous system: motherwort, valerian, Donormil, Reslip, Fenazepam, Novo-Passit, Tyapid, Phenibut, Haloperidol, Corvalol, ” Dikarbin.

If these conditions are met, you can achieve a positive result at home. However, one should not forget that it is not always possible to overcome the hangover and its consequences on its own if alcohol dependence is long (lasting for years), hospitalization and coding is indispensable. In this case, the help of specialists is required.

Frequently asked Questions

Why does alcohol hiccup occur?

Involuntary contraction of the muscles of the larynx with a sharp closing of the vocal cords is toxic and appears as a result of general poisoning of the body.

Why does liver hurt?

The digestive gland is a kind of filter in the human body, without which life is impossible. It neutralizes toxins, slags, all kinds of harmful compounds that come with drinks, food. Therefore you should not be surprised if your right side hurts. Alcohol slowly kills the liver, causing hepatitis, hepatosis, and cirrhosis with possible complications (increased portal pressure, development of encephalopathy, cancers).

What does the black stool of a patient say (not after taking activated carbon)?

On the violation of the digestive tract, possible bleeding from the upper sections.

How to avoid delirium tremens after giving up alcohol?

With a strong alcohol dependence can not sharply interrupt the binge. The patient has prescribed droppers against intoxication of the body (“Metadoxil”) and psychosis (saline with panangin, include large doses of ascorbic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine).

If it was not possible to avoid delirium tremens, ambulance doctors give an alcoholic an intramuscular injection of 10-20 ml of Diazepam.

After how much can be encoded after a binge?

To achieve a lasting effect, the addict must refrain from taking alcohol for 1 month.

Why did the alcoholic fail his legs?

Regular intake of alcohol leads to disruption of normal blood circulation in the extremities. As a result, there may be a strong expansion of the veins, which is dangerous by immobilization. Often the “foreshadowing” of this condition is swelling of the legs, severe pain, and convulsive sensations.


How to recover from binge drinking? Self-detoxification consists of 3 procedures: setting a cleansing enema, gastric lavage, taking diuretics. In order to avoid the absorption of alcohol in the blood and organ poisoning, these activities are recommended for the first 2 hours after drinking alcohol. However, this method is only suitable if the person has taken a large dose of liquor one-time.

It is much more difficult to remove a hangover after binge drinking and minimize the effects of intoxication. What is needed for this? The patient has prescribed an infusion therapy with vitamins of group B and glucose, potassium, magnesium, calcium preparations, hepatoprotectors, drugs that improve the nutrition of the heart muscle.

What is dug?

Glucose-saline droppers are used to thin the blood, 4% sodium bicarbonate solution is used to restore the acid-base balance, Reamberin and Mafusol detoxify the body, Essential supports the liver.

Folk remedies for a hangover after a binge: drink more liquid, broth hips, drinks containing fructose (pomegranate, orange, apple juice), eat dairy products, sauerkraut. Low-fat broth will help relieve heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, nausea, vomiting. You can reduce the pressure with the help of beet juice with honey, decoction of viburnum berries. Soak up the inflammatory reactions in the esophagus and stop vomiting will help decoctions of rose hips, chamomile, calendula and antiemetics drugs (“Metoclopramide,” “Ondansetron”). However, they are given after cleansing the stomach.

Remember, vomiting of blood – an alarming signal indicating damage to the stomach, bleeding, aggravation of gastritis, cirrhosis of the liver. In this case, you can not hesitate — an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Full restoration of work of all organs depends on the scale of violations, literacy of treatment and takes from 1 to 5 years. During the entire period of rehabilitation, psychological support to the patient is important.

In order not to experience all the horrors of a hangover, the best cure for alcoholism is never to start drinking.

How long does the body recover after binge

Recovery after binge can be divided into two stages:

      • Stage abstinence syndrome due to the abolition of ethanol. Alcoholic withdrawal can last up to two weeks. Usually, the acute phase of a hangover lasts 2 to 3 days, after which it gradually subsides over the next few days. In the period of withdrawal, the nervous system and internal organs return to normal operation without exposure to alcohol.
      • Asthenic syndrome. The next stage after withdrawal symptoms is when alcohol withdrawal is over, but the general condition of the body is still far from the norm. There is general weakness, low performance, fast fatigue, and emotional irritability. This period takes from two weeks to several months, depending on how quickly a person is physically recovering, on the length of hard drinking and other circumstances.

The general order of measures taken to restore the body after a binge

After hard drinking behind, it is necessary to pay special attention to health and recovery procedures after a long intake of alcohol. Most of the toxins remain in the human body for a long time. The recovery of the body after binge requires an integrated approach and some therapeutic procedures. On the first day of a hangover, you need to rest, physical and mental stress should be minimal.

Restoration work should be carried out in the following directions:

      1. Removal of toxic substances from the body and cleansing from the decay products of ethyl alcohol.
      2. Taking medicines and vitamin complexes to restore the work of the internal organs, brain, and nervous system, as well as align the electrolyte balance in the body.
      3. Diet after a binge to restore the health of internal organs. It is necessary to remove toxins from the body and fill the deficiency of nutrients and nutrients.
      4. Restoration of a normal and healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to identify and eliminate destructive factors pushing a person to receive alcohol. In parallel with this, you need to instill in its true priorities, such as socializing with your family, playing sports, walking in the fresh air and any healthy hobbies and hobbies.

Restoration of the cardiovascular system

Drinking alcohol has a strong load on the heart and blood vessels. Long binges contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Initially, arrhythmia appears, which subsequently develops into severe pain. Alcohol abuse can lead to cardiac arrest. The main therapeutic factor for the heart is a complete rejection of ethanol.

The systematic use of ethanol leads to a deficiency of minerals, vitamins and other substances necessary for the heart. The heart needs vitamins after the binge, as well as potassium, magnesium, calcium — the most popular preparations containing the necessary microelements: Panangin and Asparkam. The drugs are available in tablets, the course of treatment is designed for 3 weeks.

The positive effects are drugs that improve the metabolic processes in the heart muscles, such as Cytochrome C, Neoton, Mildronate. Verapamil is prescribed for the treatment of arrhythmias. Parmidin and Essentiale are used to restore the cell membrane of the heart muscle. To saturate the cardiac tissue with oxygen, antihypoxants are additionally prescribed.

Restoration of the gastrointestinal tract and what to eat

In the case of alcohol abuse, the liver and the digestive system bear great damage. Against the background of chronic drunkenness, ulcers, gastritis, and other gastrointestinal pathologies may develop.

Food after a binge with alcoholism should be dietary and balanced. Avoid fatty, fried and spicy foods, and at the same time eat more vegetables, protein, and slow-acting carbohydrates. Soups, porridges, dairy products will help to cure constipation after a binge. Doctors usually prescribe therapeutic diet number 7. It is necessary to eat small portions, several times during the day and drink enough liquid.

In addition to the diet, drugs are prescribed to reduce the level of acidity in the stomach (Renny, Gastal and others), gastroprotectors (Misoprostol, Enprostil, Vikalin), as well as antispasmodic pain reducing drugs such as No-spa, Dibazol, Neobutin, Papaverin, and others.

A good way to clean the body after a binge is to drink a course of Enterosgel, or activated carbon.

It is also recommended to drink away digestive enzymes and multivitamin complexes.

Recovery of the nervous system

An important part of rehabilitation after a binge at home is the normalization of the brain and nervous system, which undergo severe stress and deformities against the background of a binge. For the nerves to return to normal, it is very important to establish the right regimen and a healthy lifestyle. Pharmaceutical preparations of various actions can stabilize the emotional state. These include:

      • Glycine and glutamic acid. These amino acids are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the body. It is recommended to take before meals, three times a day for two months. Amino acids help improve sleep, relieve anxiety and increase stress resistance.
      • Soothing remedies based on plant complexes (Valerian extract, St. John’s wort, motherwort tincture, peony, and others). Medicinal herbs help to level an emotional state, to return a healthy dream.
      • Nootropics help restore the brain, memory, help to increase concentration and performance. These drugs include Fenotropil, Nootropil, Piracetam, and others.
      • Antidepressants. Used in severe cases for the treatment of depression and depression. Amitriptyline, Fluoxetine, and other antidepressants are used to treat withdrawal symptoms. Drugs of this type can be taken only on prescription.

Further recovery

Rehabilitation after a long bout requires compliance with a healthy therapeutic regimen. It is necessary to introduce, as a rule, regular walks, sports, a mobile lifestyle and the rejection of bad habits. To strengthen the cardiovascular system is recommended daily to take a cool shower. This is an effective way to restore the body after a binge.

An important role in the treatment of alcohol dependence is played by sports and physical training. A person who has established a stable training regime and a healthy diet stop drinking almost painlessly, gradually forgetting about his pernicious addiction. You can do anything, including yoga, swimming, football, and training in the hall.

For a person not to be attracted to a bottle, it is necessary to inculcate as many healthy and healthy habits or a hobby as possible, which helps to distract from addictions by any means. Need to take leisure useful things. As soon as a person adjusts the balance of life and the correct prioritization, he will no longer have enough incentive to go into the bout.

What can not be done in the recovery, so as not to harm the body

First of all, you can not get out of the binge abruptly, since the abolition of ethyl alcohol after prolonged use can lead to a state of delirium tremens. It is best to reduce the dosage gradually, for three days, reducing it to zero. This will leave the bout relatively safe.

Do not overdo it with physical exertion, in the period of withdrawal and asthenic syndrome. It is necessary to preserve strength and health, while the body is weakened.

In no case can not drink even small doses of alcohol during the recovery period. For a drunken alcoholic, even a small amount of alcohol can provoke a breakdown, which will cancel all spent work.

Categorically you can not engage in self-medicinal drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Key recommendations

On the second day after binge should take a contrast shower. It is necessary to turn on cold water for a start, then hot water. The procedure should be carried out carefully. Beginners in this business should start with cool water, and as they are hardened – with cold.

Next is to overcome dehydration caused by hard drinking. When drinking alcohol, sodium and potassium salts, which are important for the normal functioning of the muscle and nervous system, are flushed out of the body, causing body aches and headache. You need to drink plenty of water to replenish moisture: 1 cup every 15 minutes. The best option, in this case, would be the use of brines and mineral (non-carbonated) water, which will compensate for the loss of salts.

If you suffer from weakness, headache, nausea, and vomiting, then you need to prepare the infusion of peppermint or salted tomato juice. It is recommended to prepare a regenerating cocktail: take freshly squeezed orange juice and add lemon peel, raw egg yolk, honey to it. All components are well whipped in a blender.

It is recommended to eat a handful of frozen berries of lingonberry, currant, cranberry, which will weaken the toxic effect of alcohol.

If you suffer from severe nausea and weakness, then a cinnamon decoction will help. Preparation: Half a teaspoon of cinnamon is diluted in a glass of hot water. Take worth 1 glass, until the symptoms disappear.

How to cleanse the body after drinking? You can drink some sweet drink, as sugar promotes urination, thereby removing the products of intoxication.

You can recover with the help of an enema. In one liter of water dilute a weak solution of potassium permanganate or the juice of half a lemon.

There are biological supplements that can help bring the body more in order: bee royal jelly, kudzu extract. They reduce craving for alcohol and restore normal metabolism. This further improves the performance and overall well-being of the patient.

To alleviate suffering, you can use public methods. The most effective – sleep after a binge and walk in the fresh air.

Power after binge

You can restore the body after drinking with the help of a certain diet. Random snacks are completely excluded. Eat should be porridge, soup, soup, hot chicken or beef broth.

To compensate for the potassium deficiency, you should eat a few bananas. For these purposes, suitable bee products. Honey is considered the most important product in the fight against this problem.

B vitamins and ascorbic acid will compensate for the lack of vitamins.

How to restore the body after the binge.

What to do after binge for the speedy recovery of the body? The attending physician who can put a “double drip” knows this. The method of “fast sobering up” is also used, but it is not suitable for eliminating prolonged binge drinking but is intended for recovery after a heavy one-time libation.

After 2-4 hours, the addiction specialist will bring the patient to a normal state. The procedure is carried out with the help of certain medications that can quickly restore the body after drinking. This dropper helps to overcome the possible consequences of hard drinking, to restore the body functions, to return the patient to work. It uses injections of neurostimulators, vitamins, drugs that normalize the cardiovascular system.

To restore health after drinking is quite difficult. The correct exit from binge drinking determines the length of the remission period. People who quit drinking may face the same problems again.

Dependency problems

There are two problems with alcohol addiction:

      • That occurs when drinking alcohol. This is the physical condition of the person abusing alcohol. The more he drinks, the worse his body becomes;
      • disguised as alcohol.

As a rule, on the second day after a binge, an emotional breakdown occurs. A person feels various life troubles, emptiness, discomfort, nerves become more shaken.

The duration of the next abstention from alcohol depends on the proper organization of getting out of a binge.

Recommendations to stop the bout

      1. As previously mentioned, it is necessary to organize a certain food, which is based on an uncomplicated diet. Excludes coffee and other energy drinks.
      2. For the body, you need to create physical activity. It is she who removes emotional stress and allows you to relax.
      3. To get rid of stress, various activities are welcome, for example yoga, qigong. Will benefit: hiking, weaving baskets, fishing. To quickly restore your depressed moral state, it is recommended to visit massage, phototherapy, acupuncture.

Prolonged drinking causes absolute alcohol-induced insomnia, which is a short-term and alert sleep with hallucinations. The patient sees various calls, hails, feelings of falling. To restore sleep after the binge, you have to take the vascular, sedative and psychotropic drugs, which are prescribed by the doctor. Independently choose them is prohibited.

In order not to fall into this situation, you should be distracted. The ideal option is to go on a long journey to where alcohol is forbidden or difficult to get. It is necessary to make new acquaintances who are not related to alcohol, visit a good psychotherapist or psychiatrist who will help take the right path. The main thing is to have a desire to end alcohol because without it all efforts are in vain.

ATTENTION! The information published in the article is for informational purposes only and is not an instruction manual. Be sure to consult with your doctor!-