How to stop someone from swearing?

Mat refers to bad habits, rude and ugly. Foul language in our country is banned in public places, and the fighter-foul-mouthed person can expect administrative liability and various fines.

Why do people start foul language? And what pleasure do they get from it? Some are so ruled by obscene words that they do not even notice their peculiarities. How to stop foul language and clear your speech from abuse?

Such a habit repels many people, especially unpleasant when dirty words fly out of the mouth of modern emancipated girls.

Why do people swear?

This habit is peculiar to all, without exception, people, even the most educated and cultural. The mat can be found in any culture and almost every language. Mainly famous for the passion for the mother of the personality of creative professions.

Why is foul language so common?

Stressful situation. Doctors found that when a person is under stress, the level of his intellectual abilities drops sharply. Verbal-logical comprehension of what has been said is stopped. The body automatically launches barriers of psychological protection, which is expressed in the pronunciation of expletives.

Protection of the psyche. Sometimes the body has to save the vulnerable psyche of people experiencing an emotional outburst. It is especially characteristic of many representatives of working professions.
People swear, referring to animals, nature, inanimate objects as if impersonating them and expressing their discontent with something. At the same time, a sharp splash of negative emotions occurs in the body. Man gets rid of them and does not save in the psyche. Consequently, in some way protecting yourself.

How to stop swearing?


How to stop someone from swearing

To get rid of the habit of obscene, you should recognize this problem
It turns out that obscenities are good for health? But do not forget about society – surrounded by people with whom we are in contact. Mat, if he is necessary, must be present, not contrary to the established rules of ethics and morality.

For example, belching, emitting gases, blowing in – this is also necessary for health, but no one does these actions in public.

Mat and abusive language

Psychologists distinguish situations when people swear at times, and when they continuously communicate in the obscene language.

It’s one thing when a person swears while being stressed and quite another when a person uses obscene words all the time, even in a calm mood. Such addiction testifies to the following qualities:

  • infantilism
  • lack of culture
  • psychological weakness
  • contempt for both yourself and others
  • the presence of a neurotic or mental disorder.

Coprolalia – the need to swear

Before you choose the most appropriate methods for yourself, how to stop cursing, you should find out if this habit is not a mental disorder? In medicine, there is the concept of “coprolalia,” meaning a person’s craving is constantly swearing.

Coprolalia is derived from the Greek language, and in translation, this word sounds like “scat” – excrement, “lalia” – speech. This disorder is often observed in people who have schizophrenia, Tourette syndrome and some other serious diseases. In this case, the person automatically and unconsciously pulls obscenities. One of the symptoms of these disorders is a robust and progressive degradation of the individual.

Where did the swear words come from?

How to stop someone from swearing

We all know very well that when we want to use foul language, we use words that reflect the essence of the reproductive process and the reproductive organs themselves.

Why is the mat based on these words? Because people have been brought up in the traditions of Puritanism for centuries and millennia when it was believed that intimacy and organs of the reproductive system are something shameful, shameful and dirty.

What purpose does the person pursue? Desire is more painful and stronger to offend and humiliate an opponent. In moments when a stressful situation overrides literate lexicon, a person automatically uses words and phrases that are considered the most offensive.

Useful reminder when dealing with your bad language
And It makes a big mistake. After offending other people, a person, first of all, humiliates himself. To consider that in case of obscene curses the fierce one seems to rise above the rest – a great self-deception.

Own reeducation

This method is especially advised to the fair sex. How to stop foul girl – adopt this technique. It consists of several steps.

Help friends. Friends and proven friends become the first assistants in this challenging task. Ask them to continually remind them that they should not swear and are prohibited.

Let friends/girlfriends monitor the purity of speech and pull you down every time you break.

Determine the provocateur. To disaccustom the girl to swear, it is necessary to reveal the provoking factor. That irritant, which activates the desire to use foul language.

What exactly is annoying? The slowness of the second half, traffic jams, queues in the markets or even the inability to go online? All interesting situations that lead to mate should be avoided.

Instead of mat money. Take a large container and turn it into a piggy bank. There should be added a certain amount each time you pronounce the next expletive.

Accumulated money cannot be spent on yourself – after all, this is one of the methods of punishment. To give the “abusive” amount, determine for yourself.

For every mate pain. No need to torture yourself with whips. There is a way more humane. Put the stationery rubber on your wrist. And now, with each broken words, pull off the gum and struck yourself on the arm. Soon a conditioned reflex will be developed in the brain, that pain will follow to every offensive word.

Soon, the brain receptors will begin to block the consciousness of the person themselves for another abuse.

Turn on the fantasy. It is unlikely that you would like to swear in front of an old and beloved grandmother or little brother/sister (son/daughter).

Every time you want to curse hard, imagine that they are next to each other. The desire to use foul language will immediately fade into the background, and soon will completely stop visiting a person.

Behavioral change

To get rid of addiction constantly swearing, you must convince yourself that this is something disgusting. Mat is not the most successful and useful habit. First of all, surrounding people create an impression about the fighters as a person of the low level of development, with the absence of any education.

How to unlearn swear?

What slogans can be used to combat the habit
Mat has an adverse effect on career growth and personal success. Psychologists have long proved this fact.

What steps should be taken for this?

Identify the origins of this problem. Since when did you start to swear? Is this a habit from childhood or did you try to imitate someone?

Recognize and acknowledge unpleasant habits. The essential condition is to understand that this problem exists and must be dealt with. And at the same time, you can never blame other people – no one forced you to use obscenities forcibly – this is entirely your expenses.

Go for positive thinking. Mat and humor are incompatible. Learn to think about everyone and perceive any situation, even very unpleasant from a positive and funny angle. In any problem and annoying misunderstanding, first of all, look for funny moments.

At first, it is not easy, but over time, humor, the irony will go along with you and turn into excellent assistants. After all, the ability to ironicize themselves, the presence of a subtle sense of humor and attract most people.

Arm yourself with patience. Sometimes it is tough for someone and something to wait long or toil in a queue for a slow-moving person. I want to push, swear. Stop. To disaccustom themselves to foul language, one must become patient and stress-resistant. There are different methods for this: from the ability to relax to the usual internal mathematical calculation to the appearance of a sense of calm.

Find motivation. Decide what you need to achieve, why do you need to unlearn the mat? Maybe a decent upbringing of children, acquiring the necessary and useful acquaintances, a promotion or a desire to get acquainted with a pretty woman? Or perhaps you should surround yourself with an aura of an intelligent and cultured person? Especially at the new duty station? Be defined and set yourself a goal.

Speech Substitution

The first step in clearing your ability to talk is becoming aware of this habit. Are there any favorite words that are used all the time? It is necessary to find the relationship between the “favorite” mat and the source-stimulus, in which you want to swear.

Then try to understand how unpleasant sound obscene words from the side. Listen to the speech of other people who use foul language. Can it be considered attractive and smart? Listen to your perception of what emotions a matter of identity makes you feel. Not very positive.

It is these emotions that you provoke about yourself among the people around you. Do you need this? As soon as you realize that the mat sounds unattractive and repulsive, gradually remove obscene words from your vocabulary. This will help in the preparation of a preliminary list of the most frequently exploring swear words.

Psychologists are advised to look for an alternative to other abusive words, starting with the same letter or having a similar sound. For example: “arctic fox,” “main,” “eshkina cat,” “herb”, “yokanny Babai”. These meaningless and ridiculous words can help a person to abandon the use of the mat completely.

You can replace this “baby talk” with smarter and brighter-sounding words. To do this, merely enrich your vocabulary. Arm yourself with a dictionary and for every offensive word pick a worthy replacement for you.

Useful tips

Psychologists, relying on some studies, argue that, on average, a healthy person lasts about 20-22 days to reshape his speech habits and keep his mother off of himself. The following helpful tips will help:

Celebrate in the calendar every day that has passed without a mat. If during 2-3 days you manage never to utter a swear word, reward yourself for this with some pleasant purchase.

Do not forget about the children. Small imitators will surely use your mate, enriching their young lexicon. So that you do not have to blush in front of a teacher or teacher, save the children from their swearing.

As soon as you feel a surge of irritation and negativity – run to the gym. Or buy a homemade pear, which ensures all the blows during a bad mood of the owner. This is much better than to pollute the surrounding air with a selective mat.

When you want to swear – close your eyes and slowly calculate internally to 10. Make a smooth account, taking deep breaths. As soon as it is over, you will understand that in principle you no longer want to swear.
But still, do not think that the mat – it is something terrible and disgusting. Sometimes even geniuses and respected by all people swear.

It is essential to know the measure and place. Remember that the primary goal – is to abandon the regular use of expletives in all situations, to forget precisely the mat, which has become an integral part of his personality and behavior. Good luck!