Psychic Empath: What Are the Signs and How to Know If You Are One?

What are the signs of being a psychic empath?

As the name suggests, the psychic empath is one who can feel and pick up on the emotions and feelings of others around them.

That is the basic premise, though it is very much more than that. An empath is often psychic on many levels, too.

We are all psychic and empathic, though many have chosen to disconnect from that ability to experience what it is like not to be one with all that is.

There are many signs that one may be psychic empathic. It’s more than picking up on the feelings of others, much, much more.

Let us look at some of the signs.

1: Losing Your Sense of Self

A major one is a loss of your sense of self.  It is when you don’t know where you end and others begin. The psychic empath will typically take on the fear and pain of others and make it their own.

They hear a sad tale, and empathize with it, feeling that somehow there is strength in solidarity. They notice someone in pain, and they wish to make them feel better. Their heart goes out to the person, and they feel bad for them.

They read, hear, and see all the terrible and insane events of this world and feel obliged to feel bad about it.


  • An Empath can lose their sense of self in other people, world events, or strong energies.
  • The sponge absorbs water and dirt like this Psychic empath absorbs negative energies.
  1. Sensitivity to Light and Noise

This is something that non-empaths may experience, too. So just because you have such experiences, it does not mean you are a psychic empath.

Empaths typically experience such sensitivities when they are exhausted and feeling very ungrounded.

Their soul tends to expand beyond their body, to try and keep the body functioning. When that occurs, the energies around them tend to impact them to a greater level. It’s like leaving a darkened room and walking into the bright light. It takes a while to adjust.


  • When an empath exhausted, then he is more sensitive to light and noise.
  • Their personal space will enlarge past their normal boundaries.
  1. Sensitivity to Crowds and Parties

The next sign that one is an empath is that they find it hard to tolerate parties, nightclubs,

overcrowded venues, or shopping plazas, to name just a few.

How well they cope will often depend on who is around, how noisy it is, and what type of energies and substances are being consumed.

Being grounded is a large part of coping with such things. If you feel like an intruder or that you do not belong, or that you don’t fit in for whatever reason, you become ungrounded, which makes it much worse for you.

When lacking confidence and assurance that you should be somewhere, you attempt to escape, and as you can’t leave with your body, your spirit does the next best thing and attempts to move to a happier place.

Your body is there, but you are no longer fully present. This makes it hard to function in any setting. Self-confidence is the key to ground. If you believe you have the right to be somewhere, and it’s somewhere you wish to be, you will become grounded. Even ungrounded people will become grounded when they are in their element.


  • In crowed and parties if they don’t feel they belong or fit in they are struggling to be comfortable.
  • Self-confidence is the key to ground.
  • Physical activity can help ground you.

psychic empath

4. Anxiety

Okay, the next sign I wrote about is that you may experience anxiety for no clear reason and You’re not able to resolve it or get over it.

Yes, anxiety is the hardest thing on psychic empath. It normally has to do with vague fears and worries, and the sense that something is amiss, but you do not know what.


  • Why Empaths tend to feel anxious without knowing.
  • This is due to a lack of belief that all is as it should be.
  • They also may be picked up feelings from others.

psychic empath

5.Clinical Depression

The next sign of being psychic Empath is clinical depression. It’s the type of depression that no matter how strong your willpower is, you can’t “get over it’’, and every day is a new struggle. Having suffered from such depression for around twenty or so years, I know how hard it is.

Clinical depression isn’t exclusive to empaths, but you will find that many psychic imports suffer from it. There are several reasons for such depression, and taking antidepressants can do more harm than good, as they tend to block empathy, but not in a good way.


  • Psychic Empaths tend to be prone to clinical depression.
  • In this case, it is not possible to defeat with just willpower.
  • You should be looked at its causes and deal with.
  1. Guilt

Another sign of being an empath is guilt. It seems that many empaths carry guilt for others, even if they have nothing to feel guilty about. As you’ve often stated, guilt is the great destroyer, and it can bring lives to a standstill, make people fall into depression, and even make them suicidal.

The empath experiences guilt on a more intense level because their natural state is to want others to be happy. And when something goes wrong, they felt they should have somehow foreseen this and prevented it.

They also feel that if someone has taken their advice, or done something for them, which didn’t work out the way they expected, then it’s their fault. As a self-defense mechanism, many empaths tend to be incredible cynics.

However, being cynical tends to manifest the situations that make them cynical, thus bringing about self-fulfilling prophecies.

They say: I wouldn’t be so cynical if I weren’t right all the time. But the reason they are right is that they are creating the circumstances for them to be right.


  • Psychic Empaths are suffering from guilt.
  • They take on guilt that they are not responsible for.
  • Guilt can bring lives to a standstill and lead to depression or even suicide.
  • You cannot control how others react. Only how you react. As long as what you have done is with the best intention, then the rest is up to the other parties.
  1. Oversensitivity

The next sign of being psychic empath is that you feel oversensitive to whether people want you around them or not. If you weren’t good at sports, for instance, or felt you weren’t good looking enough, or part of the in-group, then this tends to carry through.

Empaths can have a challenging time in regards to this. A high-level psychic empath will easily pick up any negative energies and thoughts directed towards them, and often will put the blame on themselves, and carry the guilt for that, too.

They will feel that it’s a failing on their part, and they should have done, or not have done something to make the others like them. It is a twisted type of logic, that not only is very unhealthy but leads to depression, of cumulating in a meltdown.


  • An empath may be very sensitive to how others feel. If they feel others don’t want them around, they will remove themselves.
  • They will often assume that any negative energy is because it’s something they have done and will blame themselves for it.
  • Its can lead to depression.
  • It is important for the psychic empath not to compromise themselves by trying to fit in by and not change for others a desire to help others.
  1. Feeling Overwhelmed

The next sign is you may have an overwhelming desire to help and save others from themselves. That occurs with many types of people. Psychic Empaths certainly do fall into that category. A high-level empath can go several ways.

They can be self-destructive, that is, they try to hurt themselves by hurting others, they can want to save the world because they cannot abide pain and suffering, and they wish for all to be happy.

People, and especially the media, tend to use the word ‘suffering’ very loosely. Suffering is often a matter of perspective, and while someone may be in pain, it does not mean they are suffering. Things are often sensationalized because people love their dramas.


  • Empaths often have an overwhelming desire to help others.
  • Empaths often receive soul calls, which is a call for help from one soul to another.
  1. Ability to Heal Others

The next sign is that many psychic empaths are natural healers. They can heal others by tuning in to what they need and sending healing energies. Sometimes they can even lay hands and help heal that way.

Healing energies are normally very high-level abilities. While we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves and others. We tend not to do so because we are too busy trying to take energy rather than letting it flow through us.

The first rule of healing is: You can’t heal another; you can only enable them to heal themselves. We are not talking about temporary healing here; we are talking about permanent healing.

It’s easy to heal someone’s pain, stop a condition from flaring up, and so forth, but unless the lifestyle and causes are deal with, it is no more than a temporary stop-gap at best.


  • High-level Empaths tend to be natural healers.
  • They can heal remotely. Distance is often no barrier.

There are some more signs of a psychic empath

  1. Picking up on other people’s feelings
  2. Giving others the benefits of the doubt
  3. Feeling the pain and suffering of other
  4. Ability to sense and deception
  5. Being a highly sensitive person
  6. Buzzing in the ears
  7. Changing the energy
  8. Energizing food
  9. Putting your needs last
  10. Shyness

General types of a psychic Empath

  1. Physical Empaths You are especially attuned to other people physical symptoms and absorb them into your body. You also can become energized by someone sense of well-being.
  2. Emotional Empaths You mainly pick up other people emotions and can become a sponge for their feelings, both happy and sad.
  3. Telepathic Empaths receive intuitive information about others in the present time.
  4. Precognitive Empaths have premonitions about the future while awake or dreaming.
  5. Dream Empaths are avid dreamers and can receive automatic information from dreams that help others and guides them in their own lives.
  6. Plant Empaths can feel the requirements of plants.
  7. Earth Empaths are aware of changes in our solar system, and the weather.
  8. Animal Empaths can feel the needs of animals and communicate with them.

Advantages of being a psychic empath

The psychic empaths have many fabulous traits. They have big hearts and help others people. Psychic empath is dreamers and optimist.

Psychic empath is also passionate, deep, creative, in touch with our emotions and can see the big picture. They can appreciate other feelings and become loyal friends and mates.

Empaths are intuitive, spiritual, and they can feel the energy. They sound with nature, its plants, forests, and gardens, and they love water. Also, psychic empath may feel a strong intuitive bond with our animal companions.

Resource: The empath guidebook by Gary R Leigh