Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatment in the World

After a long day or a tired week, your body longs for a little comfort. How much will you spend in your pocket and enjoy yourself? The 10 most expensive spa treatment below may inspire you and may scare you.

Whether it is simple massage, beauty or body scrub, everyone has their favorite spa. Once they have found the perfect service, they will come back often. This is why the spa has always been a promising business income.

It is closely related to luxury hotels and resorts. Today, it is no secret that so many luxury spas spoil us. In fact, they are so good that celebrities and other public figures have spas as one of their beauty secrets.

So let’s take a look at these fantastic spa treatment and their fantastic prices. By the end of this article, you will understand what makes them better than other spas regarding quality and exclusivity.

10. Thai Yoga Experience – Mandarin Oriental, New York ($705)

Thai Yoga Experience – Mandarin Oriental, New York

We are in the top 10 on the list, and you may begin to think of New York as the birthplace of many luxury spa services. In fact, this Thai yoga experience also comes from a city’s best service, Mandarin Oriental.

If you are not an expert, you will also believe who will give you the best Thai massage. The Hong Kong-based Mandarin Oriental Hotel assures you that you will be the best spa in Asia.

This is one of them. In two and a half hours, you will receive Thai yoga trips in a Thai yoga room. They started using authentic Thai herbal creams. Next is a Thai massage. Your therapist will perform some unique massage techniques focused on stretching and compressing a series of assisted yoga postures.

Once you reach a more balanced meditation state, you will enjoy a Japanese herbal bath, and your therapist will compress your head and face. They complete it with a cool foot massage and cool fresh lemongrass. There are several other similar treatments available at the same price, such as Ayurvedic religious ceremonies.

9. Luxury Facial Spa, San Francisco ($750)

Luxury Facial Spa, San Francisco

We left New York for a while to see this luxury spa, San Francisco. They claim to be the most respected skin care, massage and beauty resources in San Francisco. However, their efficient treatment methods come at a price. Luxury masks priced at $750 are their most expensive treatment. Within three hours, you will receive a variety of treatments to restore your facial skin to the deepest level.

Their goal is one thing: make you look younger. They begin with meticulous cleaning and the peel of the diamond. Even in the beginning, they used luxury goods to hit you. Then, a lymphatic drainage massage is performed after the use of non-surgical facial lifts for bi-sex microcurrents.

This is the highlight of the facial: rich caviar mask. Even facials, your hands, and feet will get a soothing massage. So you will get satisfactory results from your skin care treatment and a satisfying feeling in a comfortable spa treatment.

8. Vampires facelift ($750)

Vampire cosmetic surgery

Let me tell you that this spa therapy is as scary as it sounds. Vampires have a close relationship with blood. This vampire cosmetic surgery used human blood during the treatment. Treatment begins with two tablespoons of their blood.

Then, extract a gel-like material from your blood, platelet-rich fibrin matrix. This is the focus of this non-surgical orthopedic treatment. This substance in the blood is reinjected into multiple areas of your facial skin. It will help to treat wrinkles and restore your face. Many celebrities accept this spa treatment.

When Kim Kardashian introduced this unique spa treatment on her home television reality show, its price soared. At the time, this therapy costs thousands of dollars. But over time, it becomes less expensive because it can be bought in many parts of the United States. The cheapest treatment cost is $750. In other countries, it may be more affordable. However, these more affordable treatments may not be approved by the official vampire cosmetic specialist.

7. Oriental Harmony – Mandarin Oriental, New York (US$870)

Oriental Harmony – Mandarin Oriental, New York

We returned to New York and received another treatment from Mandarin Oriental. This picture is called Oriental Harmony. Just like their other treatments, this one is designed specifically for you, allowing you to relax and recover from head to toe as you reach the balance of your mind, body, and soul.

To achieve this goal in one hour and 50 minutes of treatment, you will not only get one but also get treatment from two therapists. Before this, you will get a soothing foot bath and a private therapist consultation. The two therapists work together in time and exercise.

They will give you a warm body scrub to smooth your skin. Then they will make a harmonious massage shoulder to shoulder. After that, you will provide you with a head massage, and the other side will do the same thing on the other end of your feet.

Once your body reaches balance and harmony, relax in the Spa Oriental Tea Room and wrap your day with a cup of hot tea. Or you can choose a rejuvenating tea to start your afternoon tea. Anything worth $870 on the spa treatment package is worth it.

6. Settlement Factor – Mandarin Oriental, New York ($985)

Settlement Factor – Mandarin Oriental, New York

The Thai yoga experience provides you with a deep tissue balance massage while the oriental harmony is all the balance. The removal factor focuses on detoxification. Yes, Mandarin Oriental not only provides you with luxurious spa services but also offers different methods to meet your needs and preferences. In this spa treatment, they will begin with full body exfoliation.

For $985, hopefully, it is not like an ordinary scrub. They use a fresh blend of Dead Sea salts in massage oils. Then, your therapist will use a soft touch technique to perform lymphatic drainage therapy. This is to make your body open and ready for cleaning. After the Swedish massage.

Then, traditional cupping jars are used on your back to remove impurities and bring them to the surface. Cupping is an ancient method of body purification. After nearly four hours of treatment is over, your body will be wrapped in antioxidant clay to soothe the skin. Then moisturize your skin with a mild moisturizer. Pack things with fresh detoxifying juice to optimize cleaning.

5. Escape from the City – New York Peninsula (US$990)

Escape the City – New York Peninsula

Entering the world’s most expensive 5 spas, we returned to the New York peninsula. It seems that they are competing with Mandarin Oriental to provide the most luxurious spa services for Big Apple. Escape from the city is the exact cure you are looking for in this urban oasis.

Take a 4-hour break from your busy city life and let yourself enjoy the extra luxury of $990. First of all, you need to start with an hour of body and remove the toxic substances from your body. Then take another one-and-a-half hour massage to release your stress.

Once again, an hour and a half of treatment ended this luxurious experience. This is a result-driven creature lifting the face. Like the iconic treatment of most peninsulas, you can also access the fitness center, swimming pool and sun deck. Before you choose the challenge of the city again, be sure to enjoy a delicious, healthy peninsula spa lunch.

4. Red Carpet Ready – New York Peninsula, New York ($1065)

Red Carpet Ready – New York Peninsula, New York

What we see now is the most extravagant treatment on the New York peninsula. With this red Caber spa treatment, you will be brought to the next level of health and glamour. Once you are done, you will look (or at least feel like) one of the actresses on the Academy Awards red carpet. This head-to-toe treatment takes four and a half hours to complete.

It begins with a treatment called “forever young,” followed by a study of biological psychologists for the treatment of healthy glowing face, and the necessary nail art. After a long period of treatment, they will prepare for your red carpet activities. Professional hair and makeup artists will take care of you from this moment. First of all, they will wash your hair. Then they will pack it according to your needs.

Don’t worry about stopping for lunch before stepping on the red carpet. Because the Korean Peninsula has prepared a special spa lunch, it is both healthy and delicious. Also, it also comes with a glass of champagne. Cheers for your new charm!

3. White Caviar Illuminates Facials – Lay Penny, New York ($1,250)

White Caviar Illuminates Facial – Lay Penny, New York

Although Mandarin Oriental and the peninsula are competing with each other, the Swiss Grand Prairie has swept the globe with this luxurious spa treatment. The Ritz-Carlton, New York offers facials with white caviar. This luxurious hotel provides a wealth of spa services, the best dining, and elegant surroundings to make your visit memorable.

When other treatments last for several hours, this course only takes 90 minutes. Even without this treatment, La Perni’s beauty products have endorsed its luxury goods. This white caviar lighting cream is no exception. It helps moisturizes, brightens, and brightens the skin.

Add gold caviar and pearl powder to the cream, which makes your skin hard, hydrated, and illuminated. Say goodbye to fading and dark skin! Reserving $1,250 facials means you will get more help from the therapist than you would apply this cream to your face. In addition to facials, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage on the hands and feet.

2. Spa Bath – Victor Hotel, Miami (US$5,000)

Spa Bath – Victor Hotel, Miami

If one of the world’s best and wealthiest tennis players said that a spa treatment is the best, the world would follow. Evian Bath Spa is Serena Williams’ choice, keeping her skin and body fresh and vibrant. If you play tennis, you will know how cold it is to take a bath after a long tennis game.

Mineral water is the key to a healthy life. It’s like drinking is not enough, this therapy can make you soak yourself in the world’s most expensive mineral water. The bathtub looks simple, but Evian Water is really expensive mineral water from France. Each 330 ml bottle costs approximately $25.

In this bathtub, at least 100 are needed. In addition to the valuable minerals, they also added orange and pink Gerbera flowers to the mix. In addition to this luxurious bathroom, you can choose from two other services. Also, you can enjoy your favorite dessert while enjoying the best champagne. This spa can be purchased for $5,000 at the Miami hotel. Or you can buy 100 bottles of Evian mineral water yourself at home.

1.HD Diamond and Ruby Peel ($7,000)

HD Diamond and Ruby Peel

Even from its name, you can see why this is on our list of the most expensive spa services. The masks of HD diamonds and ruby peels are indeed extravagant for most people. This unique treatment is considered the ultimate secret of Mira’s beauty. This news first leaked in the London Daily Post.

After that, other publications followed, and the entire world became crazy. This is not only because of the precious gems that it uses in its treatment, but also because it costs up to $7,000 per treatment. This treated peel is one of the best skin care products from Borba.

Inside the skin is crushed diamonds and rubies. They are skin antioxidants. The skin of lactic acid is gradually applied to the face, exposing a layer of glowing skin. Vincent Brinpa, the CEO of Borba, applied this therapy to Mehna Kunis himself. This reminds me that most of the $ 7,000 price is for valuable gems or the exclusive treatment of the CEO? Therefore, this is the 10 most expensive spa treatments in the world.

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