Withdrawal from cocaine, what to do — the Treatment of cocaine addiction

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a powder of white crystals resembling fallen snow. The raw material for the production of Coca leaves is having a strong impact on the psyche. Causes almost immediately drug addiction. It is also made in the form of tiny crystals.

Cocaine use

The main method is inhalation through the nose, penetrating through the mucous tissue into the blood. Sometimes swallowed or rubbed into the gum. Due to the good solubility in water used for injection. In mixtures with other components as a cigarette smoke. Insidiousness manifests itself in the development of instant dependence, from which it is difficult to get rid of. Exposure to a small dose stimulates the activity of the brain, responsible for monitoring the body. Accompanied by euphoria, but its appearance is associated with a constant increase in dose.

The danger of the use

The high price of the drug makes it affordable for people from” high ” society. However, there is a chance to purchase at a lower cost as a sample.

Hard to find in a pure form, like drug dealers sell a mixture of different sugars and means for anesthesia, for example, lidocaine. Are the cause of numbness of the mucous membrane. Inexperienced addicts believe the influence of cocaine without impurities.

Add in a mixture of inexpensive tranquilizers. Often sold packages contain only 10-40% of the total weight of Coca. It’s about drug addicts in America. Imagine that serves local merchants white death. Statistics are not able to provide data because of the” uniqueness and uniqueness ” of the proportions and additives. Plague and Jolly, Refined sugar and Ball, Toxic and Paradise – and how it is just not called!

How cocaine works

Intoxication with cocaine raises a person’s mood, there is enthusiasm. It is characterized by unprecedented sociability, sociability, festive mood. Able to tell everyone in detail about his private life. Feel freedom in the body, energy flow, and bio-energy. Different vigor. Sluggish, sleepy and apathetic-it’s not about him. A man with infinite possibilities.

In fact, the opposite is true. In the presence of illusory feelings of self. Movement disorder, low punctuality. No control solution admits numerous errors.

The cocainist believes in the aggravation of intellectual activity, rapid memorization, and expansion of the boundaries of memory. I am sure that any information is immediately deposited in the mind, so it is easy and simple to solve any problem.

Sober, stunned, puzzled, and opens a new page of memory. Lives conviction about the necessity of taking again the portions of the crack in order to bring back memories. In such a trap were many drug addicts. Learned by a person under the influence of the drug is able to remember only by taking the same drug. There is as if a split personality and each has its own, separately taken memory.

Under the influence of psychotropic drugs, imaginary wit and memory will not help a person in solving complex problems if you want to rely on logic and analytical mind.

When cocaine stupor, the addict has to increases arrogance. He does not doubt his actions. I am convinced of the ideal performance of the task. But the started business, as a rule, does not complete, because it does not doubt the efforts and aspirations. There is no ability to be critical of your actions and yourself. There are arrogance and impertinence. Often this situation leads to obsessions, insanity or recklessness.

When the intoxication from cocaine significantly exacerbated sensations and feelings. The person more expressively separates visual and acoustic images. He sees the environment as if falling out of the frame because rapidly reduced pathos perception of the world.

Acute susceptibility of the skin generates repulsive impressions when touching different people and visions, ghosts: as if worms or insects crawling on the skin. That’s why cocaine addicts refuse to have sex.

Harmful effects of cocaine

The drug has a detrimental effect on the human body. By acquiring the ultimate feelings from the dose, the dependent loses the chance to establish relationships with other people, to develop and improve himself, to solve the tasks.

As a result-partial or complete inability of a person to adapt to the surrounding reality, the development of changes in the mental plan, leading to degradation and isolation in society. The ability of cocaine to increase the release of cortisol, prolactin, and adrenaline – stress hormones-is the cause of hypertensive crises, strokes, heart attacks, often leading to sudden death. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and early development of atherosclerosis – effects of the use of psychostimulant.

Cocaine destroys the septum of the nose. Pneumonitis and pneumothorax, a pulmonary bleeding-the result of the negative impact on the lungs.

Similarly, the drug affects the gastrointestinal tract, serves as a source of bleeding of the stomach and intestines, vascular thrombosis.

If the expectant mother resorts to doping, it is fraught with miscarriage, fetal death, malformations in newborns, up to a stroke.

Cocaine addiction

If there is a psychological addiction, it means that a person is sick and needs treatment for drug addiction.

Novice cocaine users, trying not to get used to the substance, limit spending on the drug, setting a certain monthly amount. The promise to use once a month or two weeks is also constantly broken and not respected. Soon mental addiction to cocaine stimulates compromise with a conscience, causing more frequent use. Finally, cocaine fever is repeated with renewed vigor.

Cocaine withdrawal

The duration of the drug varies from 20 to 60 minutes, a maximum of 2 hours. Cocaine withdrawal usually occurs after “cocaine intoxication”. It is typical for anxiety disorders, depression, thoughts of suicide.

After a certain time, a pronounced subservience to Psychoanaleptics is formed, which turns into a frenzy from cocaine and can last a couple of days continuously. The dependent is not able to eat or sleep. Exhausted, the body

goes off. After a restless sleep there is a dejected state of health, and also inexhaustible impatience to receive a portion of euphoria.

Euphoria gives way to depression. When cocaine addicts are withdrawal lethargy, irritability, and depression. The mood is directly associated with the ability to produce or not to produce a portion of the crack.

It’s hard for a patient to control his emotions. Often he is not able to do it.

The most common cause of death of drug addicts during withdrawal is suicide.

Poisoning the body with a cocaine-the cause of delusional disorders, symptoms of Manyan, convulsive seizures. There is often a clear physical exhaustion.

Treatment of cocaine addiction

Not an easy task. Treatment of cocaine addiction, like any other addiction, begins with the fact that the patient is aware of the problem and wants to get rid of it. The next step in the fight against drugs is to appeal to the competent specialists of the rehabilitation center “Sniper”, who have accumulated a wealth of positive experience of drug-dependent patients. Not only health problems but also difficulties in family life, difficulties at work lead to our center.

Cocaine addiction treatment qualified doctors will do their best to help overcome addiction and teach you how to live a new life.

The treatment program is not standard. It is based on the uniqueness of the individual uniqueness of the patients. Experienced professionals working in our clinic take into account the characteristics of each individual. The course includes comprehensive programs, focusing on three components: the soul, mind, and body.

We only offer anonymous treatment. Position, post, material well-being do not matter. We are responsible for the results of our activities, ensuring the confidentiality of your stay in the clinic and treatment.

We guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Equipping with the latest equipment and the use of reliable drugs has a positive impact on the quality of the results. We build the work of the center on the positive practices and responses of our customers.

Rehabilitation programs are constantly being improved, because medicine, as well as scientific and technical progress, is developing and persistently moving forward. A prosperous life without drugs will be the main gift to our customers and their families.

The unique treatment of cocaine addiction will allow the client to get rid of the addiction, motivates the refusal to use deadly means, prepares for the realities of modern life. Coding is not our treatment. We are setting a goal to activate the internal reserves and a successful return to an active and healthy lifestyle. Providing tutoring to patients, becoming their mentor.

There are excellent conditions for rehabilitation for patients who are under constant supervision and are not deprived of attention. Professionals realize that it is very difficult and sometimes unsafe to cope with the disaster alone. For customers all amenities: comfortable bedrooms, comfortable rest rooms.

Modern massage rooms are available. Gyms will provide conditions for recreation with health benefits. Competitions in volleyball and football, training will cause a lot of pleasant emotions in patients and improve health.

Why is it important to resort to the services of the rehabilitation center “Sniper”?

How many centers, so many opinions. Many believe that it is difficult to get rid of a long-term habit that did not allow to live and work quietly. There are cases when the client, returning to real life, breaks down again. However, the main trouble here – former acquaintances and friends.

Experienced specialists of the center “Sniper” are able to change the perception of the world, where there is no place for cocaine slavery. Graduates will stop communicating with people who benefit from their disease. However, customers do not take up the old: too high a price is given to them to win. Victory over yourself – the hardest daily work that requires incredible effort and cost. They walk straight, without turning, on the road of hope and success.